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Challenge #02630-G073: A Questionable Survival Mechanism

As the Galactic, not a deathworlder, but not a delicate havenworlder either, looked down at the infant human, they had to wonder...

"How does something so small and delicate grow into something so dangerous?"

The infant, seemingly in answer, smiled, then reached up and gently hugged the sentient holding it. Before releasing a truly noxious fart. -- Anon Guest

Every species not equal to a Deathworlder tends to look a lot like a Havenworlder to the Deathworlder in question. Some Deathworlders are even aware of this. Like Human Lyn, who was sharing her infant with her Galactic coworkers aboard the Valiant Seeker. The child no longer needed help supporting their head and had been cleared for social interaction at a skin-to-skin level with the rest of the crew.

To Keryx, the wobbling creature before him was next to helpless, and almost Havenworlder levels of squishiness. Though not as small as a newly-birthed Human, this small being was still less than a quarter of Human Lyn's total body mass. The smaller Human treated the sight of Keryx, a saur-avian cogniscent, the same way they treated anything new. They reached out for him and cooed.

Keryx took the precaution to wipe the much smaller Human hand free of their perpetual slobber before accepting temporary custody of the child. This was how Humans pack-bonded at the most basic level. Touch and accustomisation with socialisation. Keryx quickly learned that even a small Human could become incredibly heavy in a very short amount of time, even with their alleged assistance by clinging to his neck.

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Challenge #02629-G072: Impossible Consequences

Human Dave was an interesting individual. His pack bonding ability is astounding even among his fellow Humans. The downside being where ever Dave goes chaos ensues. Even humans with high restraints have hard time controlling themselves. There are few Humans around Dave that are able to, in human terms “keep a tight leash on him”. I was able to ask one of them about more information about Dave. Saying that him and two other take shifts restraining Dave but whenever the day

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Challenge #02628-G071: The Last Lie

The "Last Lie" is a recurring trend and well-known trait in the Amalgam universe. Yet, I haven't yet read a story where the "Last Lie" has come true. It seems that our human protagonists always manage to cheat death.

That being said, I think it would be interesting to see a (or a group of) Havenworlder(s) discovering what the Last Lie is the

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Challenge #02627-G070: When You Assume...

Considering the cultural difference between western people and eastern people, how would aliens react to someone from Asia?

Asian people tend to be less touchy-feely, more reserved and quiet than someone from America for example.

How would aliens react when the shy-looking, timid Japanese girl, who joined their ship as a chef, turns out to be a master of martial arts and make dinner from the would-be pirates because they belittled her? Or how loud she gets when she's properly drunk... --

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Challenge #02626-G069: Patient Persistence

Elephants can paint. It is adorable. They also enjoy music. Also: good at snuggles. -- Anon Guest

Humanity has doubted the intelligence of Elephants in the same way that they doubted the intelligence of Cetaceans. The same is true for the Elephants doubting the Humans for similar reasons to the Cetaceans. However, when the communication barrier was finally surmounted, Humanity was unimpressed.

Some of them had been literally talking to dolphins for subjective centuries[1], and in the dolphins' own language. Getting

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Challenge #02625-G068: Toxic Under Certain Circumstances

Alien and Human conversation:

A: And Humans keep drinking these?

H: Jup.

A: Even though it can dissolve Rats?

H: Jup, in Moderation.

A: Why?

H: It tastes good.

(/TIL The Mouse-Mountaindew-Case) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the mouse in the Mountain Dew. Food adulteration implications therein.]

Humans are Deathworlders. It should therefore be little shock that they can enjoy consuming toxic substances. Some Humans claim they cannot continue to exist without their daily

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Challenge #02624-G067: Seasonal Invasion

Aka. Ep. 54 "Havenworlder discover Christmas Beetles" -- Mike

[AN: "despite being Australian" is an entire mood NGL]

"It's November," said the guide. "It's Christmas Beetle season." This, seemingly apropos of nothing, was a warning to be taken seriously, since it did come from an Australian about Australian wildlife.

"Are they toxic?" worried Frip. "Venomous, poisonous, or attack-minded?" Frip had learned a lot from their trip to Australia so far. Going to see Australia

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Challenge #02623-G066: Occupational Hazards

A: Human, why are you eating with your off hand?

B: Oh, I sprained my dominant hand. It should be better in a few days, maybe a week.


B: Cleaning the walls.

A: What.

B: Well, the kids left hand prints on the walls.

A: Just use the auto-cleaner.

B: Auto-cleaner's not rated for bio-hazardous materials.


B: Their own feces. It was disgusting. They did it while I was

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Challenge #02622-G065: One More Lesson

The Great Chinese Famine (from Wikipedia)

"I went to one village and saw 100 corpses, then another village and another 100 corpses. No one paid attention to them. People said that dogs were eating the bodies. Not true, I said. The dogs had long ago been eaten by the people."

(Yu Dehong, secretary of a party official in Xinyang in 1959 and 1960)

It is widely believed that the government seriously under-reported death tolls: Lu Baoguo, a Xinhua reporter in Xinyang, told

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Challenge #02621-G064: Reach Out And...

Born without the ability to speak, the human wrote or use signed language to communicate, though they could speak mind to mind, most did not like that at all, it gave them headaches. But as they worked on the havenworlder's ship, their first assignment, they heard something. But it was in their head. They went to the gravity drive and realized... that is who they were hearing. They spoke back, one mind to another, and in doing so the two ended up

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Challenge #02620-G063: To Become Human

The memorial ceremony was solemn. As their crewmate was laid to rest, the family given the posthumus honors the crewperson had earned for their heroism, their crewmates and captain were stunned by what had happened. The human marines that had been invited to attend stood at attention and saluted the grave of this small, fluffy, Havenworlder one last time with all the respect a human could give for someone who'd shown such courage.

The crew had razzed their crewmate calling them human

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Challenge #02619-G062: Sizzlin'

The support snag, AKA sausage inna slice of bread. You find them everywhere here in Auz, raising money for good causes, local footy teams. Volunteers cooking sausages and buttering bread, and selling bulk buy soft drinks at retail prices. The backbone of the country. -- Knitnan

It was a N'Ozzie thing. Of course it was a N'Ozzie thing. It made minimal sense, therefore it had to come from N'Oz. The entire planet, except for one reasonably large and relatively idyllic[1] island,

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Challenge #02618-G061: Adjusting the Recovery Plan

Their legs were broken, their lower back was damaged, and they were bruised all to hell. Still, havenworlders were safe, so while uncomfortable, they were not too upset about the situation. A scaffold some workers has been on had given way and they'd shoved the havenworlders out of the way quickly just as it collapsed pinning them beneath. Security had to come rescue them as the havenworlders were too small to get them out. Still, being stuck in the chair, in casts

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Challenge #02617-G060: Bonding Through Irritation

The humans teach some havenworlders how to play an infamous board game known as monopoly. -- Anon Guest

Competition is innate in Humans. Without some form of competition in their lives or society, Humans tend to... wither. A society without competition goes retrograde. A Human without competition becomes bored. There are few forces in the universe more destructive than a bored Human.

Fortunately for Havenworlders, Humans tend to bring along entertainment. This may be some kind of survival instinct at work or

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Challenge #02616-G059: Vital Education

A: Why is your baby so happy and well behaved? I've tried everything with mine!

Baby A: shriiieeeeek!!!

B: I just listen to them.

Baby B: happy cooing -- Anon Guest

Parenting classes did not exist, once. People were expected to pick up parenting from their own parents. This was not always the best model. Child psychology and psychology in general began with one simple step: listening. The instant people began to learn that their infants attempt communication from birth, is the

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