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Challenge #04113-K095: Truce With Benefits

They were the leader of an enormous pack of kobolds. All of them had found a gold vein. All of their burrows were very well defended. The humans seemed to treat them politely enough to their faces, because they had gold, but also talked hatefully behind their backs due to being kobolds. Then, when potentially deadly dangers arose, the humans realize it's not the gold that's the true value of having a kobold's friendship. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, Gobelliin, and occasionally Gnomes are often viewed as pests. They get everywhere, or they keep turning up. They have a knack for being in placed where other beings are unlikely to go. They exist, more or less, in the cracks where civilisation often doesn't look.

Haddercleft had excellent territory for goats, but shit for anything else. They eked out an existence from people passing through their mountains, and was generally another little place where heroes came from. Until someone put their foot in the wrong place and discovered the Kobold burrow.

Some might say they made the mistake of giving the cluster of Kobolds some of their cheese. Or... they would have at the time. Kindness to the Unwelcome is generally repaid by the kind of undying loyalty that becomes socially inconvenient.

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Challenge #04112-K094: Data for the Experiments

They enter a swampy area where biting bugs are a real nuisance. The bridges keep people out of the waters, so people can stay dry, at least, but ergh, all the BUGS!! But this is a good test for the enchanted repellants, they were asked to test them after all. -- Anon Guest

It was fascinating to watch, and Wraithvine watched it intensely. Biting bugs and midges approached hir and hir party, and veered away once

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Challenge #04111-K093: Consider This...

Could we have the trio meet up again and work together? -- Fighting Fit

The ones who hold their employees in stables with no beds. I've got them on my list. The ones who play psychotic games with any servant's heads. I've got them on my list, they never will be missed.

What continues to surprise me is the lists I receive.

It's disturbing for multiple reasons. One: the CRC knows about me. Two: They know

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Challenge #04110-K092: The Important Points

I run a school to teach new pilots how to fly their ships, how to work with the Gravy Drives and their caretakers, and all the ins, outs, and laws of owning and flying a ship here in the Alliance. I get to travel a lot so I really love my job, it's never boring! -- Anon Guest

The controls and simulator teach pilots the essentials. All the variants of controls available and how to interact with them properly. That can only

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Challenge #04109-K091: A Long Time Waiting

A being cursed, or blessed depending on whom you ask, with immortality. They want to join their family in the next world and, despite multiple tries cannot. They spend days and nights in sorrow. Then they meet Wraithvine and friends. -- Anon Guest

One thing they never mention about undying immortality, it's that recovering from otherwise fatal injuries really, really hurts. And if there's nobody to help you, you end up healing wrong, and it hurts worse.

Asking a healer to help

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Challenge #04108-K090: Go Forth in All Your Beliefs

While Wraithvine and hir companions are guests at a noble's mansion, the noble's mate asks if they will watch the children for an hour. Why there? There'd been a major out-wash of several roads, and they had kindly invited all travelers to stay in their mansion until it was fixed. They were ones that fully believed the gods blessed those who showed true kindness. -- Anon Guest

It was, indeed, a dark and stormy night. The wind howled so loudly that it

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Challenge #04107-K089: Truth and Consequences

An egotistical heir to a throne was lying to everyone about how they were "best friends with Wraithvine hirself!" and using that as a threat to get people to listen. Wraithvine finds out about the loose-tongued young teen and decides to make it so they have to be more....honest, whether they want to speak honestly or not. -- Anon Guest

It's technically well-acknowledged that an heir to the crown can take charge of their nation at the age of twelve. It's

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Challenge #04106-K088: The Most Difficult Choice

They abused the being sorely in their first life and left them for dead, but they didn't truly die. Now in this new chance, the being got revenge on them, but did not kill them. Instead, they got to learn what the being went through, and then, got to learn what compassion felt like. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This sounds like a follow-up to a past tale of mine, but this prompt was gifted to me in early December, last year. It's

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Challenge #04105-K087: Family Fireside

Young Vindication, now almost a grown adult speaks to his friends of when he first met his older brothers. His mother who sat with them, adding in bits and pieces as they all sit around a fire enjoying a peaceful family camping trip. -- Anon Guest

With a family name like Merrimine, there's a reputation. The young Viceroy had grown up steeped in it. He had to keep it, alas, since the name also came with

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Challenge #04104-K086: One Life's Worth of Change

I was a pickpocket, a thief. I didn't want to be, but when you're starving, and alone, you do what you have to do to survive. Then I met this odd wizard, and hir friends, and my life completely changed.

I WAS a pickpocket, now I'm an adult, and the building they helped me found in this forsaken city has ensured there are very, very few in this city that are as I was, and I have many loved ones to care

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Challenge #04103-K085: Returning to Kindness

A family whose parentals were once foster children of Fosterhaus visit to offer their assistance. They get to introduce their own children to Wraithvine and hir friends as well, who was there helping with some repairs after a storm had rolled through. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possible reference to ]

Isolated villages in the middle of nowhere are places to come from. Adventurers come from tiny flyspecks on the map with names like Bendihollow, North Haverbrook, and,

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Challenge #04102-K084: Truth Hurts

"My dear, I'm sorry, but while I care for you, I cannot, and will not, lie to you and say that I want to be with you in THAT manner. Your summons hurt. Please, stop calling me. I'm willing to be friends, but nothing more." -- Anon Guest

"Aren't you the demon of pain and anguish?" Cosima protested, tears already ruining her mascara. "You're the living embodiment of everything I love."

"Sweetheart," sighed Bolvoth. "You love

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Challenge #04101-K083: Take Their Place

A Knomira not only berates Tol for giving up his position to live as he does in the Alliance, but physically slaps him. They scream about what an idiot he is being and demands he return to his polity and family, and TAKE BACK his folio. The Alliance are, according to the knomira, "ruining things".

He dares them to live his life for one month, and see for themselves. -- Anon Guest

There was never any

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Challenge #04100-K082: Weapon of Choice

I won't talk no matter what you do, human!

"You sure about that?"

I'm tough as nails, mind, body, and soul, do your worst!


The human takes out their violin, and their lesson book, and begins to practice. The violin screeches, plunks, and makes ungodly noises, the person IS just a novice after all...

Alright, alright enough!

"You'll talk?"

Yes! And you need more lessons! -- Anon Guest

Interrogator Lyle smirked as he bowed the investigators into the room. They would

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Challenge #04099-K081: To Flourish and Grow

The real Wraithvine meets the fake, the mummer. And confronts them about the prisoner.

The real Waithvine sits with the prisoner to tell the truth of what happened, of their situation, of who their jailer was. And helps them to truly begin to heal. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think the details of what Wraithvine did to the false one are left up to the imagination. It's way more terrifying that way.]

The water was cool

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