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Challenge #03410-I122: From the Mouths of Babes

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the air is much warmer now. So... WHY does our village run the ice festival NOW instead of in the coldest part of winter where everything would've remained more solid? -- Anon Guest

"But this is the middle of winter," insisted the grownup. "It says so on the calendar."

"We're tobogganing down mud," insisted Galiena. "The crocuses are out. Birds are returning from the south. It's not winter."

The officious officer Thoralf Rutsk sneered down his nose at her. "You don't know anything from anything, little child. You're not even ten."

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Challenge #03409-I121: Curse-grown Blessings

I curse you with ten thousand years of life! Sounds like a blessing doesn't it? But I'm not done yet. You are now incapable of doing any harm to ANYONE ever again except under two conditions. You are actively defending your OWN life, you are actively defending an innocent's life. Good luck. -- Anon Guest

Year One:

Sword and dagger alike failed to hit. Fists stopped short of their intended victims. Arrows missed their target. Even words meant to injure pride failed

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Challenge #03408-I120: Solid, Scientific, Documented Evidence

They say that whenever people have to choose between doing what's right, and doing what's easy, they choose what's easy. But what of those times where doing what's right is easy, and doing what's wrong is more difficult? Why is it so many choose what's wrong anyhow? Especially those who struggle to continue to deny basic scientific fact, and deny what's, quite literally, staring them in the face? -- Lessons

Humans are, as a species, considered insane. They do many, many things

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Challenge #03407-I119: Strained Benefit

A level two Deathworlder barrels toward Mr. Sunshine at full bore and slams into him, knocking him to the ground and landing on top of Sunshine, just as a large part of a scaffold falls. The Deathworlder is harmed though not fatally, but is glad they saved the Human from serious harm. -- Anon Guest

Humans are bizarre creatures to begin with. Members of Pax Humanis are what Humans consider abnormal psychology. In this case, it meant dismissing quite a lot of

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Challenge #03406-I118: Cracks Before a Breakthrough

The man who once "owned" his wife with an iron fist now finds himself in jail for violating no-contact. He HAD been warned, and now, much to the frustration of the therapists trying to work with him, is resisting the idea of change. -- DaniAndShali

"It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!" Maazdon Brandon was throwing his umpteenth tantrum of the day. It was nothing new. He'd been doing the same thing

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Challenge #03405-I117: With Two Kind Hands

"You are rubber, they are glue...." Normally it was the other way around, but not for THIS spell. The wizard, in secret back alley-ways and run-down shacks found the downtrodden, child Tieflings, child Kobolds, and other such children, and did a spell that ensured, if anyone should physically try to harm them and be cruel, it rebounded upon their abusers. But there's a catch, if THEY were to act in a cruel manner, they were the ones struck instead -- Fighting Fit

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Challenge #03404-I116: A Palpable Hit

The very motley crew, with a woman who seemed to want to take everyone under her wing with a kind heart beneath that gruff exterior begins to enter the realm of danger. The "Old Fool" rather glad for the help with clothing gets helplessly damaged, and the ones that were once lonely, bereft of friends or family, find the warmth, even in facing a deadly foe, that comes with being loved. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Also

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Challenge #03403-I115: They Call the Room Jim

A human starts up an exercise studio aboard one of the much larger stations. This place is reinforced to ensure humans can do their full exercise without harming the infrastructure, but its main focus is teaching isometric exercise routines to everyone, humans and galactics alike.

Here are some small examples of isometric training. But there are tons of others. -- Anon Guest

The Humans were

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Challenge #03402-I114: One to Grow On

The being is trying to be the most evil SoB in the entire Deregger polity. Problem is, they're so damn incompetent, they keep making things BETTER for their people, not worse! So how in the hell are they turning such huge profits?? -- Fighting Fit

Howlon Farmaul had inherited quite the region. Owning shareholder claim of a solar system within the Greater Pecuniary Empire of Fiduciary Expansion. Better known amongst those evil Alliance scum as Greater Deregulation Upper Northeast. The news filtered

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Challenge #03401-I113: Sudden Onset Godliness

Everyone assumes once you gain enough power to be considered one of the Gods, you become omnipotent and know everything. But you don't. Almost none of us have such a thing. We have power, true, but we still have our hearts. -- Lessons

Deification is one hell of a drug. Do something that the world remembers, and your name and soul become immortal. Do something truly awesome, and you become worshipped. Which is something of a shock when you started life as

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Challenge #03400-I112: Taking Them Out

They sold the Dereggers what they CLAIMED was a disintegration weapon. Shoot it at an enemy, the enemy vanished, often screaming in fear. In fact, they sold many. Imagine the people's shocked faces when they found they "reappeared" aboard one of many pods hidden in that system's massive asteroid belts, being taken, carefully, to safety. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I decided a long time ago that my Amalgam Universe did not have teleportation devices, so this is Amalgam Adjacent. One universe over,

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Challenge #03399-I111: Pulled Out a Plum

If saving you is a sin I’ll gladly become a sinner -- Anon Guest

The crying infant had roused him from his bed, and when he saw what was crying, he almost thought it a mercy to smother the newborn beast. As a cleric of the Divine Light, that was close to heresy. Except for what lay on the town's midden.

Skin the colour of a ripe plum, a lashing tail with a spaded tip. The kicking legs had cloven hooves

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Challenge #03398-I110: Earned Trust

A colony of Phloran peoples that are a break-away from their normal polity are more open to strangers, albeit very carefully to avoid being eaten. They invite Xue to bring the child to the colony to learn to care for the child. -- Anon Guest

Sprout wore Toxic Colours, as well as a patch that was their family crest. A Masked Lapwing, rampant[1], and the words, Death to All Threats on the scrolling underneath. Black

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Challenge #03397-I109: PEBKAC

I love my job, really I do. But these cats will not stop trying to nap on my workstation. I love them too, but I really need to get back to work. -- Anon Guest

"Aw come on, guys. Not again. Off! Off! Pssst!"

Companion Zan watched as her assigned human shooed a cluster of Skitties[1] off of their workstation console. The Skitties that didn't immediately scurry off to their corners were lifted gently off and placed on the floor. Which

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Challenge #03396-I108: Are You Sure They're Deathworlders?

A human brings their two beloved pets, a pair of gentle capybaras, aboard station with them. And their antics are just too adorable! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have only witnessed capybaras being chill and hanging out like they have no flakks to give]

They were on leashes, so they had to be pets. Everything else was a matter of debate, especially among the Designated Companions who were watching them board. There was Human Gene and the two... creatures placidly following in

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