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Challenge #04098-K080: Kids on a Field Trip

The pirate captain ordered the ship to head straight for the prey ship in their sights.

The pirate crew reported a sign painted on the hull: Human Toddlers on Board.

The pirate captain ordered the ship to turn around and go after something... safer. -- DaniAndShali

It was a reconditioned space yacht, not an uncommon sight in the Alliance shipping lanes. Deregger liquidations lead to a lot of spacious vehicles that were re-purposed from luxury to utility. Someone had painted this one Banana Yellow.

Captain Haa checked with their Ships' Crow[1]. "Anything interesting on board?"

"She's not a cargo ship," said Loch. "Lots of life-signs. Checking visual... Uh oh." Ze put a visual feed on the main screen.

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Challenge #04097-K079: Help in All Forms

Several humans, in their early teens, had been Master Twii's students. Having graduated from Twii's classes as they entered their late 20's, now went to a Gyiik temple. Their goal? To learn to cook as well as the Gyiiks and the portions they cooked. These humans wanted to start an all-around service where not only did they physically protect others, but also made sure no one ever went hungry. -- Anon Guest

There's one advantage that Gyiik's have as Heavyworlders[1] inside

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Challenge #04096-K078: Isekai Choice

Inside you there are two wolves:

One whispers into your ear the fact that you been isekai'd; and the laws of the old world does not apply to this one.

The other begs you not to turn the Geneva convention into the Geneva suggestion. -- Anon Guest

One of the easiest dead giveaways that you're not in the reality you were born to is the continuing existence of dirigibles. A slightly more alarming one might be an Elf or a Kobold looting

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Challenge #04095-K077: Dead or Alive...

"What's with the bag?"

"It's my target."

"You were told to bring them in alive."

"They are alive."

"But... the bag...?"

"They said the only way I'd get them out of their office is in a body bag so...."

"Ok, fair enough, cell's over there, I'll unzip 'em after." -- Anon Guest

In all the inalienable truths of the universe, one of the better ones is they can't learn when they're dead.

It therefore follows that when the Galactic Alliance wishes to

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Challenge #04094-K076: Act Like a Child...

You know, I always find it so shocking how some people can make such a massive upset over something so small. The way they're screaming you'd think I just told them their world was about to end. All I did was tell them that they cannot come aboard my ship because I've already a full complement of passengers. I refuse to to be unkind by making someone sit uncomfortably simply because this individual is throwing a temper-tantrum. -- DaniAndShali

Pilot Paz stared

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Challenge #04093-K075: Three Little Words

The man has recovered and is traveling with his two Pax Humanis friends. It's surprising how many jobs one can get with these two lovelies at one's side. Sure the jobs are dangerous, but yanno, this is kinda fun. -- Anon Guest

Ren eventually named them the Dangerous Beef Trio. He'd worked on his physique before the meet cute incident; primarily to look good and scare off the wrong kind of people. Now he worked on

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Challenge #04092-K074: Comfort and Succour

They awakened in an ICU drawer after a major accident required surgical intervention. However, they suffered claustrophobia. Their panicked, albeit weak, cries immediately alerted the medics. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Setting this in the early days of the ICU drawers, because systems are in place to detect distress before full consciousness is established]

For every problem, there is not a solution until it very much becomes a problem. Some solutions contain problems that can't be detected until somebody starts having one. Starting

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Challenge #04091-K073: Problems in the Testing Phase

Companion Ty, and eventually the entire crew, become very attached to the human's massive canines. The animals don't mind letting the light havenworlders ride them, they're very gentle, and the fur's warm and fantastic for laying against when troubled or exhausted. -- Anon Guest

They really were big softies. Emphasis on the 'big' part. With the help of some weeks' worth of training and a significant amount of bacon bits, the Havenworlder crew could ride Bear

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Challenge #04090-K072: Festival of Change

Gyiiks open massive kitchen / temples on the Thranityr homeworld. They are delighted in being able to produce, along with their human counterparts, feasts for all the castes of this species. And teach them how to create such feasts themselves. -- Anon Guest

[AN: It'd have to be A Thranityr homeworld. They have several by now.]

They didn't exactly come in peace. They came in generosity, which is marginally better. Every Gyiik ship was both kitchen and larder, which honestly saved a great

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Challenge #04089-K071: Overwhelmed, Undervalued, and in Need

A young teen comes up to the meditating Wraithvine, sits down, and leans on hir. They just need a comforting presence right now, as they sniffle and sob softly to themselves. This person seemed to radiate peace, and they badly needed to feel that, at least for a little while. -- Anon Guest

Elves did not originate in the mortal plane, or Mundis Mortalidae as it is also known. They started in Nanogh, and were brought into the world by both accident

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Challenge #04088-K070: How the Sausage Gets Made

A non pax humanis world filled with game to be hunted. Deer, rabbits, squirrels many varieties of birds, large boars, buffalo, etc. The hunting was absolutely necessary as there was few predators for such prey. This world freely taught those who wanted to hunt how to do so humanely, and how to clean and process the meat. Not all who want to hunt are vicious killers. -- Anon Guest

Speculation abounded about the world. It was full of herbivores. The only thing

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Challenge #04087-K069: Safe With a Monster

Mr. Human, I'm scared, what if the scary ones catch us?

Mr. Sunshine looks calmly to the child.

"Don't worry, I will teach them how to be.... nicer, later. I won't let them ever hurt you again." -- Anon Guest

Pax Humanis doesn't always go after humans. There are cogniscent rights violations amongst all species. And some interventions include... rescues.

Mr Sunshine wasn't entirely cleared for a Parenting license, but he did have special permission under exigent circumstances to be a temporary

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Challenge #04086-K068: Gifts According to Skill

Un fabricante de muñecas hace muñecas Wraithvine y amigos como regalos. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated - A doll maker makes Wraithvine and friends dolls as gifts.]

The good news was... the village was saved. The bad news was that the heroes who did it had to be dragged back on stretchers. Well. Mostly stretchers. One had to be hauled back on a cart.

Things were much easier when the potion of Giant's Force wore off and Zygorguk returned to their normal

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Challenge #04085-K067: A Calming Argument

Two of their older siblings are members of Pax Humanis. They, however, became a well-trained therapist. One of the best protected therapists in the galaxy. -- Anon Guest

Therapist Pien had a reputation for being the eye of calm in any storm. Some quietly nicknamed them "Capybara" for their ability to be chill no matter what. Even in the face of a screaming Knomira[1], they refused to turn a hair.

Even when they turned violent, Therapist Pien would simply move to

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Challenge #04084-K066: Essential Parenting Duties

No matter how old you are, or how tough you are, when a little child asks you to sit down and have tea with them, you sit down and have tea. -- Anon Guest

It's easy to have a... Reputation when one is both devilborn and the leader of a realm. Kosh had earned his. Elipsis, italics, and all. Though most of the rumours about him were greatly exaggerated. He had become a leader to fear over half the continent. People called

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