Challenge #04191-K173: One Good Turn...

They helped the poor farmer who, after a time, made a mostly full recovery. In addition to giving them the rock that nearly killed him, he made very sure everyone knew these two were life-savers. He might be poor, but he was well liked by those around that area. -- The New Guy

The operation took most of a day, careful work, and specialised tools to extract the starmetal fragments from Farmer Ansley's head, and all the problems it caused. They put new parts into his skull and sewed his skin back together. There was a wicker helmet to guard his head while the bone healed.

Farmer Ansley had to spend three days in his bed. In those three days, Vigor and Draco kept up with the farm maintenance. Feeding the animals. Tending the crops. Performing various maintenance that the buildings needed. Hiding whenever anyone normal passed by.

Even when Farmer Ansley got back on his feet, he was still slow and very fragile about it. He gave directions more than help.

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