Challenge #04193-K175: Pride in Presentation

A toy maker goes to a cavern where a large nest of dragon eggs are about to hatch. The entire village were giving the dragon congratulations gifts, and this person made effigies of knights holding flowers and fireproof, claw-resistant, stuffies. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Considering the semi-feral nature of infant Dragons, they're better off with chew toys]

Legend tells that the world was made for Dragons. They were very upset when other species turned up and made it less for Dragons than previously. There were millennia of war and battle and xenophobia on all sides, but the Dragons eventually realised that co-operation was a better idea than attempted genocide.

In that, they were far in advance of the other intelligent species on Alfarell.

Untold thousands of years after the intitial conflicts, people largely welcomed Dragons in their neighbourhood. Well. Local area. So when Braikynedd the Gleaming announced that her clutch was hatching, those who could do so made the journey to gift them in celebration.

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