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Challenge #02613-G056: Trash to Treasure

She lived in the United States circa 2020. Well, it was New Year's. The first day of that year. Deep in debt, stressed, tired, her entire body hurt, she laid back on her recliner to sleep praying for something to help her. She'd ended up in debt because she'd bent over backward to save family members and they'd left her with their bills. But, before that, she'd drained her bank accounts nearly dry saving other people who were homeless, taking them into her home and helping them get back to their feet. Those debts, and a steep student loan, she just couldn't keep up.

Then there was that flash, so bright she could see it through her eyelids. A voice whispering "you've saved so many, now we will save you". When she awakened, she found herself sitting up in her recliner, but it was encased in crystal, her two cats asleep in her lap and she was in some sort of tent with odd.... bird people looking in on her. She was confused, dizzy, and other than her flute, her clothes, and her cats, she had nothing else with her. Then one of the bird people spoke gently telling her she was save, they were archeologists, they'd found her crystal and it'd opened to set her free. She and her pets, now safe, been asleep for 600 years. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Obviously this doesn't happen in my Amalgam Universe, but let's call this a close neighbour.]

They had, according to the archives, called it the Deadbeat Bomb. Technology given to the powerful and fearsome by aliens who had been observing Earth from a hidden base on the far side of the moon. Being students of Human nature and the ways of the rich and powerful, they had expected exactly what happened next. The aliens told Terran's powerful that they could encapsulate all the unworthy, as many times as necessary. Setting the parameters according to their whims.

Of course, the powerful defined the unworthy by fiscal bars to clear. They targeted the welfare queens, and were angry when the firing fizzled for finding none. They targeted welfare cheats, and were similarly annoyed when so few wound up in the encapsulating crystals. They refined the search once more, and hit what they thought was the jackpot. Those who had little, and wasted what little they had on others who similarly had little.

Luann had always joked that she only needed her cats and her flute. Those were her essentials. She paid for her little extras -mostly cat food- by busking at thoroughfares and life was... tolerable. Barely tolerable. At least she was used to it. Too tired at the end of the day to binge-watch anything, she usually fell asleep to whatever podcast she was listening to on her phone, with her cats for company and some kind of slightly-enhanced ramen in her belly. Her apartment was small and had cardboard walls and she shared one tiny bathroom with six neighbours. It was better than nothing, which was the only alternative. Just as she was wishing her cats goodnight, there was a bright flash of light...

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Challenge #02330-F140: Take Art

it is not hard to tell the difference between a human run ship and one that is run by others, for humans love color, ships run by humans often have painted walls and images everywhere, for ships that have a 'ships human' it is often best to allow them to decorate their living spaces to avoid agitation from staring at monochrome walls all the time (humans that don't decorate generally enjoy music, writing or other creative acts) -- Anon Guest

Every species

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Challenge #02187-E358: Mechanics of Recovery

The sheer existence of the various characters Jim Henson and his protégés created, both Muppets and Creatures. From highly stylised characters in a children's television show that still stand up today and whose show is still at the forefront of teaching children decency and tolerance, as it has been since its first season, but were never meant to pass as flesh-and-blood beings (no matter what so many children know in their hearts to be true, that despite not being flesh and blood,

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Challenge #01925-E101: Tragedy Tomorrow

Today's program consists of the Men's choirs, Poetry reading, original, Poetry reading from one of the set poems, and children's dance. (See The Goodies, "Eisteddfod from the Welsh. Eistedd, bored. Fod, stiff.") -- Anon Guest

Colony worlds, once cut off from their progenitor planet, have to deal with what they've got. B'Nar took everything nerd-related with them owing to the fact that it was settled by genetic engineering companies and their nerdy, nerdy staff. And their equally nerdy families. The assembled Greater

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Challenge #01886-E062: All in the Manual

If you're tired, sleep. If you're hungry, eat something. Take care of yourself. Self Care Haiku, found on the internet. -- Anon Guest

It was a decorative plaque, almost in the style of the Ten Commandments in the way they were arranged.

If you are tired, sleep, it read. And onwards into other rules.

If you are hungry, eat something. If you are thirsty, drink. If you are ill, take medicine. If you are dirty, bathe. If it is broken, get it

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Struggle to juggle

I think I should probably try to do a "head space" comic per day. As well as the other stuff. I've learned I can only handle animation in small doses, so maybe five frames a go is my limit. And I still haven't posted the progress pix for the latest art piece I'm working on.

I know that it looks like a bag of suck at the moment, which is why I haven't posted it.

Bag of suck or not, I feel

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Getting into the swing of it

It's taken us a few weeks, but we're getting there. Even with the recent gastric distress, there's a rhythm to things.

Get up, ablute, take my weight - I'm still below 80 kilos despite bouncing back from the bug. Rouse the kids, get dressed, chase my little darlings into getting ready for the day. Chaos packs a three course meal, Mayhem packs a boiled egg or two. Make sure they're both groomed, and then try and get Beloved going for the day.

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Challenge #01401-C306: Give it All You Got

They were her audience, and she was always gracious towards them. -- Anon Guest

The performance had been draining. Of course it was. She had sweat pooling in places no polite person ever spoke of in mixed company. She had worn her skin thin in other, unmentionable places.

But, because she was the star, people insisted on meeting her after the show. Some to talk, some to embrace or kiss, some to criticise. Some to appreciate what hard work she had done,

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peppermintmonster: Friendly reminder to all working artists or (especially) aspiring artists. If a client says they can't afford to pay you...


Friendly reminder to all working artists or (especially) aspiring artists.

If a client says they can’t afford to pay you but you’ll get good exposure, one of two things is happening:

1. They are lying. They can afford to pay you, but they are choosing not to. They will pay the printer to print the books, they will pay the mail service to deliver them, and you’d better believe they’re going to pay themselves for sending you

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The Vice of Music Artists


This seems like a good time to remind folks of a pretty controversial subject.

Whether or not to pay for the art we create.

We have an album coming up soon, and we’re excited for you to get your hands on it. But, we also need people to buy it. Otherwise, well. We can’t do what we do. :)

The Vice Quadrant is 28 tracks, and just a few seconds short of 2 hours long. It is a two disc

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marshmallowmaurice: alriandi: marshmallowmaurice: dust-bite: kakimari: qnq: jurartsic: kirstendoodles: craftinglindsey: ALERT...












They are selling artwork they have found randomly online without permission from the artist.
Today I found out I was a victim of their scheme and have since reported my works demanding they be taken down. [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Many other artist both known and unknown have become victims of these thieves [x]. Fellow artist please

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