Raising Pib

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Challenge #03024-H101: Mostly Harmless You Say

Pib's parents are on a station for a while as the ship they normally work on was in for repairs, and these repairs were going to take some time. The instructor at the primary school reads the transcripts of young Pib from aboard the ship and sees the injury / kill count of the child and their jaw drops. Some of the pirates wounded, or killed, by this larval human were not exactly amateurs, or small-fry. The parents just smile. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The last time we saw Human Pib was here. You're welcome]

Understandably, the Jaunty Merchant had to pull into drydock. Even without the pirate attacks, it was more than a little overdue. Contrary to shipboard opinion, Human Pib was not responsible for a majority of that necessity. Some still joked that it was a close thing.

Now aboard Working Holiday Station, Pib was now obligated to attend the station's education facility. Socialisation and some elementary learning was important for Humans. Which was why the Ships' Humans of the Jaunty Merchant were talking with the administration for the Early Education Unit.

Educator Vees was going through the file. "Nice to see they're up with the immunoflu... that's generally a problem with far-roaming families." Flick, they turned a page on their datareader. The eyes bugged. "Oh sweet Powers That Be..."

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Challenge #02977-H054: Fight Fire With...?

I love your stories of young Pib and the family that's living and working on a ship full of havenworlders. I've decided that Pib's naughty could be useful sometimes. Which is why the havenworlders take a large portion of it in good humor while the child is so young.

Oh, I know by some of your stories you like us to put the prompts in so here you go.


The pirate ship had them captured and

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