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Challenge #03142-H233: Watch Out For the Little Ones

A crew of tough-as-nails space marines finds the lone survivor of a shipwreck that had been sending out distress signals. The planet itself was utterly uninhabitable, it was shocking the kid survived. The child, barely two years of age, became their mascot, and guarded treasure. This little child, a level 2 Deathworlder, would grow up with a large family, and space marines are a bit fierce about protecting those they love. -- Anon Guest

Trouble barely remembered life before they joined up with Grissom's Grunts. The troop of freelance Space Marines were mostly big and tough and covered in scars. The last people anyone would trust with a small child, at first glance. Yet they were also the fiercest protectors and kindest parentals anyone could care to meet.

They didn't greet monsters under the bed with ordinance, and that was a good thing. They put up anti-monster traps and showed Trouble that there wasn't anything in the dark that wasn't there when the lights were on. Sometimes, the toughest and meanest of them would take up a guard post on the basis of, "Now I'm the scariest thing in the room."

They tried to keep Trouble safe. At least one of the GG's would have Nanny Duty to keep the kid under adult supervision. However, as the name may suggest, Trouble had ways of getting into adventures and finding problems before they were lost. Like right now, when a troop of bandits thought that picking on a Marine Transport when it had minimum crew was a good idea.

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Challenge #02977-H054: Fight Fire With...?

I love your stories of young Pib and the family that's living and working on a ship full of havenworlders. I've decided that Pib's naughty could be useful sometimes. Which is why the havenworlders take a large portion of it in good humor while the child is so young.

Oh, I know by some of your stories you like us to put the prompts in so here you go.

The pirate ship had them captured and

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I need to brain

I tried getting up early, but it was too late to stream, so not a lot got done on the whole podcast front I have a LOT of editing to do and streaming kept me on task, but now I'm sleeping through my streaming time and I have no idea what to do.

What I can do is keep trying anyway. I could stream on Saturdays and get the same work done. It's not as if there was anyone following my streams

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Bad news

My computer is dying.

It’s limping along for about twenty minutes or so before it crashes and has to cool down.

Which means I have just enough time to write in my blog before it’s out of commission again.

30 March. Sic transit gloria mundi.

And since we’re saving our shekels so I can have a holiday, blogging is going to be low priority. As is Facebook and minecraft. All my projects are officially on hold

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