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After two weeks of staying on the wagon and losing weight by the gram, I can break out and get some naughty foods.

I'm working in a new phrase in regards to my HAM plans and agenda to conquer my gaseous dreams, and that is: "and that's okay."

Like this:

  • I didn't make any headway on conquering boxes for Idle Game Maker... and that's okay.
  • I needed an afternoon's degaussing from my stress... and that's okay.
  • I spend the evening scheduling episodes of my Let's Play... and that's okay.

There's days when I can't keep to my self-imposed schedule (and that's okay) because other things interfere. There's an impending time period where I will have to re-order literally everything (and that's okay) which means I will likely forget things, not do them at all, or otherwise fuck up (and that's okay). I am a flawed human being and that's okay.

Allowing oneself to make mistakes is a huge hurdle for those with the depression/anxiety double whammy. Not punishing myself for being a flawed human is a huge step and I'm already getting some mild panics about that... and that's okay. This is part of my brain rigging and it's my job to deal with it. I'm tricking myself with my new mantra and hoping it works.

There are some things I just can't do yet, and that's okay. Learning is a process. Sometimes, the process involves taking a breather.

I have Java I can learn. I have my prototype in RPG Maker to finesse. I have a membership in a helpful(?) forum that could aid me in unriddling my potential clicker game. I have an iPad Pro I could be making arts on.

There's lots for me to do. Starting with my usual writing regime. Best to get rattling on that one.

Bad news

My computer is dying.

It’s limping along for about twenty minutes or so before it crashes and has to cool down.

Which means I have just enough time to write in my blog before it’s out of commission again.

30 March. Sic transit gloria mundi.

And since we’re saving our shekels so I can have a holiday, blogging is going to be low priority. As is Facebook and minecraft. All my projects are officially on hold

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Between projects

I’m currently between projects and feeling a little doldrum-ish. So I figured some inspiration might help.

My options are:

(1) A new pony fic featuring a species from another fictional continuity (ds9). (2) Finally starting some work on the draw blog I gassed about a while back. (3) Moar fids, damnit!
Or (4) Something different (suggestions please)

I appreciate your responses?

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