Catching Up

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Saturday, More Catching Up

I should get a chamber or a void done. I should get some more chapters summarised. I should also spend some time with my Beloved because quality time is important.

I shall work at what I can work at whilst my Beloved sleeps.

After that, my schedule is filled with a huge question mark. Hopefully with some R&R but you never know.

I think five chapters per diem is being kinder on myself and letting me have more mental health/more time for everything else, so I'll go with that.

Capt. S has made some final decisions and we may farewell her soon. Sad, I know, but it's her choice. She's not having a fun time. Wanting out of that is a rational decision.

Sucks for everyone else. Life is unfair in that direction.

I do what little I can, and hope it helps.

Thursday, Game Night, Catching Up

It's been a week of it. Monday was too dang tired, Tuesday was tech support, Wednesday was running about for some interesting things...

For those who are interested, getting my hair done and checking out Miss Chaos' school's job expo. Then we had date night.

Today's the first chance I've had to sit down and work on things. I refuse to feel guilty about it, other people needed my time, presence, and muscle. I am only one bean, and I have my

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Friday, Catching up?

Beloved is off to work. The fam does not expect much of me, so today - energy willing - I shall be doing the "normal" routine.

Starting with a chamber of dungeon, since I've not done any of that for a significant time. I shall then clean out the catio since that also needs to be done and then either filter ten more publishers (quick) or edit ten more chapters of Adapting (bloody slow).

Between those two writing processes, I shall make

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Catching up

I forgot to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Assorted nonsense with entire habitat unfucking got in the way. I am an easily-distracted gremlin.

The house is starting to look nicer in very specific areas. Shame about the piles of boxes and wrapping stuff. We'll deal with those anon.

Today, my PLNs include more set dressing for the dungeon and an evening at home because the movie we want to see is only on tomorrow.

Beloved stayed up all night to do housework

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Thursday, Catching Up and Shoulder

I didn't do my Wordpress, yesterday. I was out having fun. So I write it today. Huzzah.

If I have the energy, I shall take a garbage bag and whirlwind all of the tissues out of my room. If not, no loss.

I have to remember to be kind with me.

Beloved and I spent a lovely spa day. It came with profiterole mice. Imagine a profiterole with white icing on top. One part has been deliberately drizzled to represent a muzzle.

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Thursday, Day 0, Catching Up

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. Eighteen total active cases, ten are in hospital. Australia's at 77% first vax, and 53% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 46% fully vaxxed. Pull the lead out...

I am doing all the things I have neglected this week because I have been hepped up about DM'ing all week so far. So... finances, buying a few last books, commenting on and voting for at least two other stories in the Foundry... and setting up potential encounters

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Challenge #00791-B060: One Fine Afternoon Constitutional

Image prompt!
The story of two birds, Numidids optional.

[AN: Image shows two long-necked birds(possibly egrets) facing each other on opposite sides of what looks to be a canal. One bird is white, the other is grey. I also have no idea why the image won’t get quoted any more. Another stuff-up from staff?]

This is Earth. It now prides itself on the strange, the bizarre, and the unusual. Its citizens, for a modest fee, will gleefully exhibit some

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Challenge #00788-90 - B057-59: The Human Answer

“What the Heck are they doing?”
“They’re having Fun.”
This is a line from a Very old Movie called The Boatnicks„ See what you can do with it, not necessarily to do with boats, could be anything us humans think of as fun.
2. .  Jam, treacle, puffed rice. Who would have thought it could be used as a weapon.
3. “Once you open a can of worms, it takes two cans to get them back.” have fun.
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