Cyclone Headache

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Thursday, Day 0, FUCKIN KNOMIRAS!

Plague News: Two absolute FUCKWITS from Victoria left lockdown and fucking DROVE to the SUNSHINE COAST to stay with family. Fucking NONGS. GD Knomiras causing another firkin lockdown, I hope they have a terrible time.

Also two new cases [guess firkin who], with eleven active and eight in hospital.

What glorious news to wake up to.

Anyway, I don't have any new scams to report, so that leaves the rest of my day free to catch up on my novel writing. Because my life is chaos and I forgot to make sure my word count was complete yesterday. I blame the cyclone headache.

...which I still have.

All in all, today has been fabulous, thanks for asking.

Yesterday, I learned that the function I went to the trouble of coding myself (a) could have worked, but (b) was entirely superfluous because there was an existing thing for that that I didn't know about.

All around loss today.

In the news:

  • The aforementioned fuckwits purposely chose their country road route so they would not get snared in the border control web. Now all of Eastern Australia hates them even more
  • China threatens to cut $81 Billion from our budget. Bet it's going to backfire
  • Kanye West dating another supermodel
  • ANOTHER Victorian band of fuckwits caught trying to fly to NZ. You're the reason we can't have nice things, Knomiras
  • People are having concerns about Kim Jong-Un's weight loss
  • Banks warn the economy could collapse because.. ::checks notes:: inflation
  • Crypto allegedly plummeting
  • US Expat amusingly forgets we only have tomato sauce and not ketchup when getting a Bunnings Snag Inna Slice
  • US Mum poses as her 13YO daughter to expose flaws in school security. Dermatologists hate her
  • List of high-function anxiety signs prove that I'm at least safe from that
  • Coldest day in 37 years anticipated, and it's only the start of winter

Today, I try more coding. Maybe. Going to make sure I do all of my writing first.

ADDENDUM: Turns out I wasn't as behind as I thought I was in my novel. Only have to worry about today's 500. Yay.