Cyclone Headache

A 11-post collection

Tuesday, OW...

Day two of my firkin cyclone headache and I am on hold with the council. About a bill notice I got on email.

Apparently, I'm liveblogging this because I have now found out this biz is genuine and I have to call the recovery agency to verify the payment plan that I'm already using independently.

Isn't red tape FUN?

I've told the recovery people I'm already doing payments on the rates to the best of my ability. So now they're checking with the council to see if that's okay.

Even though I already checked that it's okay. So to recap:

  1. Talked to the council about my payments of the rates
  2. Told to talk to the debt recovery people about the payments I'm already making
  3. Did that
  4. Now they have to talk to the council and make sure the payments I've already cleared are fine and dandy.
  5. I will be getting an email about that at some point

Not certain it's worth the worsening of my headache.

I'll be farting around with things I've learned on Stencyl and making sure I have the assets in place for the Pseuducku game. Maybe even attempting a behaviour or two.

But first - offerings while sneezing my fool head off.

Monday, Backup Reads and Cyclone Headache

I can feel the weather in my face, this morning. I have taken painkillers for it, but they're not being effective today. I might not be doing the stream because looking into a bright light is not my favourite idea right now.

Fingers crossed, they actually work before stream time. I don't like having to cancel for all my assortment of reasons.

My head hurts. I just want to sleep it off.

I have Beloved's company tomorrow, and it looks like I

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Tuesday, Patreon and Cyclone Headache

My head does not like me today. I was up at 1 in the morning because PAIN.

I need to make an appointment to get a prescription for the super painkillers since I'm out. Meanwhile, I make do with ibuprofen and paracetamol.

We got ourselves some crowded days ahead, so that time window is currently eluding me.

I have some things to share with Patreon, hooray. Some plns coming through, too. The rest of the fam is going to meet the QPP

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Tuesday, Patreon and Head Hurty

I woke up at Fuckoff AM with yet another fucking cyclone migraine drilling through my left eye orbit. Rather than suffer until the daylight hours, I took some of the Mondo Painkillers and the pain kept me up for another hour or so.

...and most of a page of A Devil's Tale so there's some win in all of this horseshit.

My priorities shall be the offerings for today, followed by whatever I can stand to do thereafter. Not easily anticipating going

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Monday, ...ow

The cyclone headache of yesterday is still being a pain in my anatomy. Some low pressure system on a radius between me and Rockhampton is being a real beast.

So my PLNs are therefore very quiet and hoping the painkillers kick in THIS time.

If I get to any behind-the-curtain stuff, it will be pure bonus. Obviously, head hurty things make writing a problem.

I can try, but I'm not going to force it.

Let's get going with the good stuff. Creating

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Thursday, Catching Up PLN

I usually watch the Critrole VOD on Tuesday. Tuesday was full of Other Stuff. So today I shall be watching at last. Yay. Just as the next episode comes out live.


I have a cyclone headache so I've taken the HEFTY meds and hoping they work.

I have a system of escalation regarding my pain management. Step one was last night.

So let's sketch it out for the worrywarts who read this [Hi, Mum!]:

  1. Panadol and Ibuprofen, two of each. I
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Wednesday, Cyclone Headache -_-

There must be a low pressure system somewhere between me and Rockhampton. Or between me and Coffs Harbour. I am feeling it in my face :P

Not fun.

Today, Beloved and I are getting our hair done. Then we wend our way to the job expo to have a look at potential occupations for Miss Chaos. Such fun.

I have no idea when we're going to get a date going, but... something may crop up.

We might get onto fixing my sand

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Tuesday, Patreon and Dungeon building

I have a cyclone headache and the painkillers have done JACK SQUAT this morning. I shall be doing all computer things with sunnies on. Blargh.

The good news is that I'm nearly done with creating Level 10 of 23. If I make it to level 12, I can call myself halfway done with building the entire dang dungeon.

But I won't relax until I am DONE done with it all.

Today's the day I put Patreon rewards up for everyone. No new

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Tuesday, Patreon, and screw this headache

I have pain on the left side of my head. Mostly in the cheekbone, and up on the brow. What I refer to as the upper left quadrant of my head. If you can call an eighth of a head a "quadrant".

I have: Upper/Lower, Left/Right, Forward/Back.

And the weird part is that I now have an achey bit in the lower back part of my head. No connecting nerves.

Sometimes I wish I had not spent $3K to

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Sunday, Cyclone Headache Funtimes

There are no low pressure systems within my range. There are, however, two high pressure systems and the oncoming cold of winter. It still hurts my face like a an absolute barbarian.

I am digging up my sunnies so I can function with life as I know it.

I have already done some Chambering in TaleSpire [back to the wibbly wobbly walls again :P ] and am waiting for any streaming to happen when one of my fave streamers has come down with

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Thursday, Day 0, FUCKIN KNOMIRAS!

Plague News: Two absolute FUCKWITS from Victoria left lockdown and fucking DROVE to the SUNSHINE COAST to stay with family. Fucking NONGS. GD Knomiras causing another firkin lockdown, I hope they have a terrible time.

Also two new cases [guess firkin who], with eleven active and eight in hospital.

What glorious news to wake up to.

Anyway, I don't have any new scams to report, so that leaves the rest of my day free to catch up on my novel writing. Because

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