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Saturday, Catching up, and Blobbing

We have bade a final farewell to Capt. S yesterday. Thanks to that and some close calls on the road; I am frayed, worn out, and feeling very much like a sad lump of blob that's washed up on the tide-mark of life.

Having a night of rest that was a loose clump of intermittent naps did not help this. At all.

I know that I still have to clean the catio, feed my Starters, and manage the Bikkie. But what I want most to do is just be an inanimate blob and take a lengthy mental health day.

Which I will be doing a lot of after I get today's stories up and posted.

I want a lot of hugs. I would like a lot of sweet things. But I am off the sugar and too many sugar-free lollies will give me digestive issues.

I shall at least blob for a little bit. Until I have to move.

I lack a lot of energy for anything at all right now.

Understandable, given everything.

Thursday, The Blargles

For the second day in a row, I was up late last night. The only difference betwixt last night and the night before was that I was up late having way too much fun. I am very tired today and something I ingested is disagreeing with me.

Hence, blargles.

Argh blargh I want to curl up and blob, today.

Nevertheless, I should at least try to stay conscious for the day so my sleep isn't messed up for tomorrow.

I may be

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It's Lurgi

It seems like everything hit me at once, and my semi-annual lung trouble decided that this was a fine time to team up with Keto Flu and whatever was going around and make beautiful mucous together.

Translated: I have a bacterial infection in my bronchii.

So I've made an appointment to see a doctor today about getting some antibiotics to make that fuck off. Meanwhile, Beloved and I are making plans to get all the calories we need because our current stomach

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