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Challenge #04041-K023: The View From the Bottom

The king was cruel and bitter, his heir, was gaining a hard heart. The heir got lost, was badly hurt, and and yet tried to boss around the person who found them. But soon learned the life of that "peasant". When the heir returned, they realized, under their reign, kindness and warmth needed to rule, or they'd never survive. -- Anon Guest

It hurt to be alive. The prince Tarabaya couldn't move without more pain. After the fall from the upper highway. After the bandits rolled him for everything he had on him, he was lucky to still be breathing. He did not feel so lucky.

Alone. Unattended. He could die here, unremarked. Unburied. Food for the scavengers.

He couldn't even form the words to pray to the gods for their mercy. All that came out of him was an unintelligible garble. At a volume he could barely hear above his own rasping breaths. He could not bemoan his fate. Only moan weakly.

That was why it was such a miracle that Dawn found him.

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Challenge #03075-H152: Life Unlike Your Own

Edda Nebulae tries to chase down Healer Allie and had confronted her trying to get her to work only for Mx Nebulae alone. Now that the person has learned Allie's demand, in order to get better access to her healing ability, Edda decides to try to do what Allie has demanded and finds just how rewarding such actions can be. -- Anon Guest

At first, ze was offended by Allie's hubris. How dare that little junk

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Challenge #01796-D335: Freedom of Choice

Humans' ability to fight on a microscopic level is widely known throughout the Galactic Alliance. They call it their “Immune System.” But it comes as a shock to their allies that the humans readily seek out microscopic organisms to strengthen their Immune Systems. Probiotics. Apparently de-activated viruses known to be deadly. -- Anon Guest

Humans are toxic. Their skin contains microbiota that many Havenworlders find to be deadly. Some of their allegedly harmless skin diseases have become the accidental ruin of worlds.

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So I've been intermittent with taking my readings. I admit that. What I'm trying to do from this Saturday onwards is take a comprehensive reading of everything I can measure, and noting it down in a log.

For my "defaults", I'm using some measurements I already have. Mid-January, before I was going to go to Tucson and see my best band in the world. Which, because my memory from that time, I am calling the 15th of January, 2016.

On the 15th

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Another rant for another time #2: Vegetarians can do just as much harm as omnivores

I do like vegans and vegetarians. They have their reasons for their diet and lifestyle [Note to the right-wingers - veganism is a lifestyle choice; homosexuality is not. Learn the difference] ranging from “my body won’t let me eat meat” to “I think it’s morally wrong to eat anything that had a face”.

That’s fine.

I understand and accept you have your reasons and I am never so crass as to enforce

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