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Monday, Plague Day 7, Quirblies

I've got some internal nonsense happening related to the plague. Or it could be related to the antibiotics. I don't know. Either way, staying hydrated is a priority of sorts.

Might be looking up how to make Miso soup in the home with the stuff I have to hand. I'll need all of that. Not that I feel too tremendously terrible. Yet.

I'm trying to stay far away from civilisation whilst I still have symptoms. I shall be re-establishing a normal soon. It looks like I have my voice back, but I think I'll take another week off of streaming just to be safe.

No throwing up, just some acidic burps. The other way... well at least it's not painful.

Taking things very easily, and also taking frequent bathroom breaks, I shall get today's tale done.

And then probably nap again.

Easing up

Beloved informed me on our morning walk that we had been hitting the Ketogenic diet hard. It's why I've been having difficulties the way I have been.

So we're easing up. We're no longer fasting for 16 hours. We're going back to 12 hours and allowing some fruity sugars in as well as the carbs that come in the veggies.

Both Beloved and I have been waking up earlier and I forwarded the idea that it would be an ideal time to

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The down side

Every diet has a down side. Slowly rationing fruit to small amounts so I get just the right kind of carbs in the correct amount is just one of them.

And I've discovered what fellow dieters are calling the "Keto flu". As the body gets used to not having carbs around, it goes into carb panic and starts trying to conserve energy. The result is a listlessness and a lack of energy that gets some people swarming back to carbs.

But what

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Proof in the absence of pudding

This is my fourth day of doing the Ketogenic Diet and I have some fantastic news: I now weigh 87.4 kilos. My previous lowest record, recorded in 2012, was 87.7 kilos.

In four days, I have gone to my lowest recorded weight.

I feel energetic and happy and Beloved and I have gone on our 15-minute walk and not felt drained or strained as a direct result.

Hell, I even put on a load of washing before I was desperate

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Another rant for another time #2: Vegetarians can do just as much harm as omnivores

I do like vegans and vegetarians. They have their reasons for their diet and lifestyle [Note to the right-wingers - veganism is a lifestyle choice; homosexuality is not. Learn the difference] ranging from “my body won’t let me eat meat” to “I think it’s morally wrong to eat anything that had a face”.

That’s fine.

I understand and accept you have your reasons and I am never so crass as to enforce

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Essential Trace Element(s)

Doesn’t it sound so scientific? It sounds like it comes with a free Guy/Gal in a Labcoat to explain in big words and complicated sentences why they are essential and how you can sign up for a special blind trial.

But really, today, I’m talking about silver.

Specifically, colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is water with a tiny bit of silver in it. You can wiki it if you want to. And it can slowly improve your health

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