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I've been watching All in Together a few dozen times...

And I’m loving watching SPG and their character walks.

Rabbit’s like, “Yeah, I figured this out ages back and BTW I’m the Queen of y'all”.

Spine’s trying to be polite and nodding along.

And Hatchworth’s in the background with an invisible tray, apparently bussing invisible teacups.

…which only adds fuel to my theory that the Walters used Hatchy as a sort of household servant for however many decades…

…and sort of spawned the headcannon that Hatchy’s a Charlie Chaplin fan [IDK, it’s the bowlegged walk he has]…

Comments? Opinions? Arguments?

Another rant for another time #2: Vegetarians can do just as much harm as omnivores

I do like vegans and vegetarians. They have their reasons for their diet and lifestyle [Note to the right-wingers - veganism is a lifestyle choice; homosexuality is not. Learn the difference] ranging from “my body won’t let me eat meat” to “I think it’s morally wrong to eat anything that had a face”.

That’s fine.

I understand and accept you have your reasons and I am never so crass as to enforce

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