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Challenge #01624-D163: Brass Goggles

[Person #1]: Oh dear, [Designation] just went from automaton to a child that just did something new. Progress.

[Person #2]: And a complication for [Name]. Better to have an absolutely loyal Automaton than someone who may have a conscience. -- RecklessPrudence

Colonel Peter A. Walter's design for the Babbage Brain seemed sound on paper, but things that worked on paper had a way of leaving him without eyebrows for a few days. Now that he'd built it and installed the thing inside the copper skull, he simply had to test it and its learning algorithms.

He hooked it up to the power core and fed the dictionary punch-cards through its processors. The resulting paroxysms were disturbing to watch and took hours of cranking. Next time, he would have a motorised feeder. Finally, at the stroke of noon, the mechanical head chirped a slightly more complicated tune in response to the clocks. It blinked. Its eyes tracked a moving object. It seemed wont to look everywhere around it.

Peter held up the rabbit he kept for testing his Blue Matter on. "Recognise. What is it?"

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Challenge #01622-D161: An Unlikely Misadventure

“I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?” -- RecklessPrudence

"We're on a steam-powered space ship," said the Doctor. "Something has to be on fire or it wouldn't be working." He didn't look at Kev. He was more interested in the pipes and valves that seemed to make up a majority of the corridor decor. He was busy trying to work out what they were for and

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Last full day in Morgan

There's nothing planned for today, but I would like to pop over to the museum, later on. I, for one, will be very glad to get back home to a bed that's actually comfortable to sleep in. Beloved will also be glad of that respite, I am sure.

Tomorrow, we pack everything up and get ready to exit Morgan, head to Adelaide airport, and do the whole hurry-up-and-wait noise all over again. All so we can return to our home so late

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Your fave is human

There's been some... noise... on Tumblr lately, concerning my favourite band and... well. It's not good noise.

Steve Negrete, the band's sound engineer, made some regrettable choices in regards to how he treated a few younger fans. As far as touching them goes, he kissed one or more fans who were on the very cusp of the age of consent, without getting their permission. I know not where the kisses went.

This has been magnified into rumours of Mr Negrete being a

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Foam, foam, I'm deranged

If you sung that title, then you might be capable of sharing my headspace right now. Because I have my digital copy of Quintessential by Steam Powered Giraffe. Get your copy today!

I am feeling the love today. This one album of 12 songs is going to be my soundtrack for quite a bit because I'm one of those nerds who listens to one album until it makes everyone else's ears bleed.

The band has continued the fine tradition of creating songs

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Today's the Day!

I am a happy, bouncing, frothing little fanbot this morning, because the best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe, are releasing their newest album, Quintessential in less than six and a half hours.

I have already tuned in to the pending livestream. Where a bunch of like-minded nerds fanmily are also lying in wait and foaming at each other.

I will once again be totally incorrigible. Playing the album over and over and over, often at full blast, until everyone begs

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Fan-frothing Commence...

Anyone who follows this blog knows that the best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe is bringing out another album, Quintessential, around Septemberish.

Part of the hype includes little sneak peeks that the members release just to hear us make interesting squeaking noises. I'm sure that's their motivation.

And I now have permanent tabs open to listen to said sneak peeks whenever I'm feeling particularly unmotivated. Look:

[Shown here: Screen shot of a window on my compy featuring three tabs. One

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I'm so stoked :D

Steam Powered Giraffe is up to their usual New Album Steamboat Shenanigans and posting a teaser video.


How could you not love a band that does this to for their fans?

I am an excited little Nutter as you might guess, and if I haven't already watched this a squidillion times, then I'm probably going to.

Hatchy's little voice hitch at "You can make mine obsolete" already has me by the heart strings. I can't help it. I'm in

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Challenge #01229-C134: One Random Encounter Inside Walter Manor.

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology.

... and then there's that thing in the corner. -- Anon Guest

"Bonjour," said the thing. It seemed cheerful enough. It seemed human enough, provided that one was sufficiently myopic and without their glasses. It's heart was definitely not in the right place, given that it was both outside its clothing and sparkling with its own inner lights.

"What is it doing here?" said Lorraine. The Walter Worker assigned

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Challenge #01204-C109: Family Comfort

Pick a squad pose -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is very much not my strong area. And I'm not drawing anything, I'm writing it. I chose pose #9]

The Spine preferred to malfunction in private. He didn't like his robotic siblings see him fail. He was the sensible one. Their guardian, when things got strange. He kept Rabbit from flying off into her fantasies... mostly... and introduced Hatchy to the world that had changed around

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Challenge #01201-C106: It'll Be All Right on the Night

The issues of having a head that is not technically attached to one's body -- Gallifreya

Walter Workers were scrambling around like mad things. Lots of boxes were being searched. And Hatchworth was stumbling around without his head.

"This always happens, every time we t-travel by freight!" Rabbit complained. She wasn't so much helping as contributing to the overall mess by throwing the rejects over her shoulder.

"Shut up, it was cheaper." Steve was rapidly working on his phone like he wished

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Challenge #01192-C097: She Looks Up to Him

Little and Large is a great dynamic. -- Gallifreya

[AN: I really had enough of Lewis and Vivi for now, so... ROBOTS!And for the sake of clarity, I am emphasising some height differences]

She was small, for a robot. The first one in Walter Manor who Hatchy had to look down at in order to meet her eyes. Not that there was much of a chance at that. She was painfully shy. And equally

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Challenge #01184-C089: They're Not Nearly Giants

I can't even begin to understand your bizarre chain of thought. Its almost as if you're suggesting that avoiding the creation of giant robots is a valid course of action. -- RecklessPrudence

Iris dared look up at her master. Tall, dishevelled, underfed, devastatingly handsome, and so pure of heart that it made her soul hurt with wanting to kiss him. And so unworldly that he never cared to reprimand her for any of her multiple impertinences.

"Forgive me, Colonel," she murmured. "But.

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Rare Stream!

I'm not doing very much of my own stuff right now because David Michael "The Spine" Bennett is streaming.

He usually streams on Periscope, which I can NOT make work for me. So this is a supremely rare treat.

And even better, he's working on one of my favourites, Photographic Memories [which I have bootlegged the demo of for my collection].

I am dead from teh luvs.

Story later. MUCH later.

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Challenge #01161-C066: Unemployable

:Interview transcript segment:

Interviewee: Why am I the right fit for this job? Well, I'm not sure I'm the right fit for ANY job. I was at a cheap store, and there was this cheesy 'magic wand' lying there. It was out of its wrapper, and I was feeling silly, so I picked it up and said some nonsense. NOW look at me!

:Interviewee appears to be no longer human. Has antennae, three large multifaceted eyes spread equidistant around their head, a

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