Don't Lose Your Head

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Challenge #01201-C106: It'll Be All Right on the Night

The issues of having a head that is not technically attached to one's body -- Gallifreya

Walter Workers were scrambling around like mad things. Lots of boxes were being searched. And Hatchworth was stumbling around without his head.

"This always happens, every time we t-travel by freight!" Rabbit complained. She wasn't so much helping as contributing to the overall mess by throwing the rejects over her shoulder.

"Shut up, it was cheaper." Steve was rapidly working on his phone like he wished he could smash it into a million pieces. "Stay cool, okay? I'm trying to track where it went."

The Spine, busily sorting Rabbit's rejections as fast as she could throw them, muttered, "Don't you make me slap him, come the concert. He's clearly been through enough."

"Well don't slip a cog and go into Japanese mode, then." Tap tap tap tap tap tap "FUCK!"

One of the Walter Workers stopped in her tracks. "Bad news?"

"Is there any other k-kind?" smirked Rabbit.

"Uh," said Steve. "How do you feel about Hatchworth... performing without his head."

The other two robots looked at each other.

"We c-could do it," said Rabbit. "It'd c-c-cut down on a lot of our b-banter."

"Can't talk about life on the range," said The Spine. "I can't hang Hatchy if he doesn't have a head."

"Lotsa gag p-potential. Could say he's g-gotta snuggle-buddy?"

"How's that, Rabbit?"

"He's obviously lost his head over s-s-somebody."

Even without his head, Hatchworth managed to glare at his clockwork sibling.

Rabbit opened the next box. "Why's this one full'a books?"

There was a distant scream from the merchant's room.

"Found it," chorused the robots.

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