Proof in the absence of pudding

This is my fourth day of doing the Ketogenic Diet and I have some fantastic news: I now weigh 87.4 kilos. My previous lowest record, recorded in 2012, was 87.7 kilos.

In four days, I have gone to my lowest recorded weight.

I feel energetic and happy and Beloved and I have gone on our 15-minute walk and not felt drained or strained as a direct result.

Hell, I even put on a load of washing before I was desperate to do so.

These are big strides for me.

Though I did cursory housework, yesterday, it was because I feared draining my spoons to zero. Today, I am a great deal more confident that my energy will remain and, therefore, I'll be sweeping the house after I'm done with my writing.

I've stopped taking my supplements since Saturday and I've yet to notice a dip in my overall health.

And all this is despite accidentally consuming too many carbs via the packaged veggies that were part of dinner, last night. I'm still learning how this all goes, of course.

Thanks to the carbs, I was hungrier earlier than normal1 so I broke my fast with a boiled egg and a healthy helping of hollandaise sauce. Powers, I love this diet!

Alas, the diet triangle has three parts, which are "cheap", "easy" and "delicious". You get to pick two. This diet is easy and delicious, but it sure as flakk ain't cheap. Fresh meat and veg co$t, and fruit is hardly better.

On the other hand, I gotta say it's totally worth it.

  1. Normal for me is long about 9AM