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Incoming Adventures in Tech Support

It's a long weekend for my little darlings, so Beloved is planning on taking them for an adventure to the ocean, the second-deadliest thing about Australia. The first-deadliest is, of course, Australia itself.

Meanwhile, I'm doing something a little more risky.

Tech support for MeMum.

Her old computer has gone to silicone heaven [I plan on taking it home to see if it's really, most sincerely dead] and she now has spanking new compy that will not get online and probably has Windoze 10 on it.

And I'm a Mac Person. My experiences with Windoze usually end in the Blue Screen of Death, anguished screaming, and the intense desire to punch the shit out of a really expensive monitor.

And this was before Windoze 10, the OS that is trying too hard to make your desktop compy look like a tablet.

My primary method of tech support goes thusly: Check that all the plugs are really in [MeMum has arthritis and can't always secure them with the unplug-it-and-plug-it-back-in method] then noodle around in the OS and see what happens when I mess around with various settings.

Including using the diagnostics. Always fun.

And, in the event of repetitive BSOD's, I dream of having a Bippy Hammer ready to vent my frustrations safely. You know Bippy Hammers. Those squeaky ones you give to babies so they can annoy the fuck out of their parents. Excessively useful. At least when it comes to wanting to smash the fuck out of a computer with a real hammer.

If only there was a tool or tools to help arthritic people ensure that their compy plugs were still plugged in.

The bonus with tech support for MeMum is that it comes with Fuel Money. My next tank is, essentially, free. And I kinda need that because it's a four-hour round trip to MeMum's place and back.

And -personal bonus- I get to listen to The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera twice :D Gotta love a band who can use a theremin in rock music and make it sound dramatic.

Also, because I wake up hellishly early, I still have two more hours to do today's Instant before I think of toddling off to MeMum's. Or breakfast, for that matter.

Oh - and for the lovely people worried about our financial situation, I have about AUD$30 heading towards my bank from Paypal. Thank you, you wonderful people who contributed. (Kiss)Mwah. It's not enough to pay for the cat, nor any of the other expensive things, but it should keep us afloat for a little while longer. Lasting until next payday is just as important to me as seeing through all the things that need handling. Thank you.

It's self-shill saturday!

You, my dear followers, are about to get bombarded with reminders that I still have books for sale.

Please share that knowledge with your friends and followers. Not only am I extremely Indie, I am also nigh-perpetually broke. If more people bought more of my books, I might be able to afford a few more things, now and again.

…like a decent cover for my next book - Kung Fu Zombies. [Yes! I am that broke that I can no longer

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Merry Halloween! Fifty-four peeps have downloaded my free story [And a few of you have sampled the others available] so here’s a...

Merry Halloween!

Fifty-four peeps have downloaded my free story [And a few of you have sampled the others available] so here’s a thank-you pic of sorts. The Oshit in all its fuzzy, cuddly glory… as rendered by Xotxot.

Of course, when I’m finally a famous author, I’ll be giving these darlings away as toys :D What say you all to ‘Orrible 'Airy Oshit onna stick? Plush cuddly Oshit pillow dolls?

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