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Challenge #04013-J360: An Unusual Affliction

Wraithvine, Gikka, and Bibrid disguised as a a small imp enter a kingdom where runners are swiftly going through the cities looking for a strong healer to heal the princess. Unfortunately, the situation is dire as her injuries from the animal attack are infected and getting worse. Sadly, dealing with royals is something that terrifies the immortal healer.]( -- Anon Guest

Legends told of a magical Gnome who could keep a living body frozen in time. The iconography was horrifyingly close to Bibrid's chosen form. Which was why he had chosen another. One guaranteed to cause people to take caution and keep their distance.

Bibrid looked like an Imp. An unusual choice, but an Imp in the company of a Wizard, generally with some variety of electrum chain on their body, was automatically assumed to be a tame, summoned creature. It also helped that Bibrid kept himself within flinching reach of Wraithvine.

People who saw them together assumed that Wraithvine held him on a leash, and then were surprised that it wasn't there. They were also a little shocked to see a Kobold so close to an Imp. The assumption being that Dragons and Dragonkindred didn't get along with any creature that entered the mortal plane from another. People assume incredibly wrong things more often than not.

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Challenge #03206-H297: The One That Matters

An aged, wizened man. He wishes he could follow his wife, and his kids, and his grandkids into the great beyond. But, when he was young, and on guard duty, he had fallen asleep at his post, failing to raise the alarm when invaders got inside, and a thousand within the city perished as a result. Now, his gods won't let him die, until he has saved one thousand lives. One life for each that had been lost. Marking his arms and

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Bad news, good news

Seems to be the way whenever I'm working on KFZ, that things gang aft agley.

This time, MeMum's compy has decided to do its impersonation of a second-hand lawnmower and play up. Or break down. Which means that she calls in instead of sending an email.

On the same weekend that I am potentially available to help with that, my Beloveds parentals are planning to pop over and celebrate the marking of Mayhem's trip around the sun.

Chaos is still crook, so

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Challenge #01217-C122: Curses!

:when a person who has been living with their curse for some time decides to stand up for the abused, and Sanctioned Mages try to put them down:

Spell slinging against a cursed one and a legendary sword. How hard can it be? -- RecklessPrudence

The words had come in anger and magic. Latching onto her soul. Devouring her destiny with simple words, "You will fail at every one of your stated goals."

It hadn't meant much, at first. Her goals had

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