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Bad news, good news

Seems to be the way whenever I'm working on KFZ, that things gang aft agley.

This time, MeMum's compy has decided to do its impersonation of a second-hand lawnmower and play up. Or break down. Which means that she calls in instead of sending an email.

On the same weekend that I am potentially available to help with that, my Beloveds parentals are planning to pop over and celebrate the marking of Mayhem's trip around the sun.

Chaos is still crook, so I have made arrangements to drag the poor mite to the local quacks. But her illness also falls on a day that we had planned to talk about her eligibility for free braces. Huzzah. Can't go spreading Lurgi all over a dental van, of course.

So I also have to call the dental van people when I'm certain they're awake and tell them that Chaos is still crook and, with all good luck, there might be a chance to talk to them next week sometime. Assuming they're not booked as hell for another two months.

See what I mean about my life going sideways?

I've done the synopsis. I've closed the files (for now), but I still have to check my primary choice's checklist for anything else I might have to do. I already put the elevator pitch in the first few lines of the synopsis.

I probably still have to do my desired blurb and author bio nonse. That shouldn't be too much trouble. Right? HAHAHAHA who am I kidding? The editor for my posts has gone do-lally again and won't accept a tag until after I've posted it.


I'm not inviting anything to happen and I'm hoping to heaven that the mishaps that are -well- happening... are just a co-incidence and it completely fails to spread. I don't want anyone else having a sideways life.

I wrote a cursed book

Well, that's the half-joke. During most of 2014, I was working on a novel entitled Kung Fu Zombies, which threw a lampshade on every zombie trope and every kung fu trope I could make fit. And possibly a bunch of American survivalist tropes as well.

For all the fun I had writing the bloody thing - my life went sideways in a big way. Disasters big and small plagued my life. Culminating in the death of my father barely a week before

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Calling all beta-readers (this means you)

I only have ONE beta-reader’s opinions and suggestions back to me.

The sooner you get back to me, the sooner I can polish this firkin novel. The sooner it’s polished, the sooner I can flick it at agents and publishers and the sooner (I sincerely hope) it can be out on bookstores near you.

I need you all to get back to me. Even if you couldn’t keep reading - try to tell me where the point was and

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It's DONE!

I just wrote the final words of the alpha draft of KFZ.

Kinda waiting for a meteor to fall on my head at this point. It’s been one hell of a year for real life to interfere with the progress of a book.

I’ve already made up my mind on the dedication:

For Mayhem, who gave me the best worst idea ever.
And for Dad. I wish you could have read this.

IDK about the formatting tho.

This is it.

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Next book underway!

I try to wait a week after writing my last book to start on the next one, but… I surrendered to the temptation. And just finished the first thousand words.


Because my next book is called Kung Fu Zombies, that’s why.

In my next eight months, I shall be looking intensely at Zombie Tropes, Kung Fu Tropes, and Romance Tropes and gleefully destroying as many of them as I can inside of 120 000 words.

I already have

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