Next book underway!

I try to wait a week after writing my last book to start on the next one, but… I surrendered to the temptation. And just finished the first thousand words.


Because my next book is called Kung Fu Zombies, that’s why.

In my next eight months, I shall be looking intensely at Zombie Tropes, Kung Fu Tropes, and Romance Tropes and gleefully destroying as many of them as I can inside of 120 000 words.

I already have lined up:

  • no indication of love interest’s reciprocal interest until the sudden smooch-reveal in the middle of the movie

  • zombies are walking corpses

  • training montage of awesome

  • three guys and a token girl

  • token sassy POC

  • exploding cars

  • REM’s End of the World must play

  • only the ‘proper’ people survive [aka: the disabled, the queer and the POC get it before any white cismen do]

  • technomage asians

  • foreign mysticism is better

  • the armed forces save our central band of heroes 

  • the sole survivors are the hero, his love interest, a kid and a dog

  • deus ex machina at the end

If you - yes you - have any hated tropes that fit the theme of the book [and I bet you can guess the theme of the book] feel free to use that ask button to send me the trope of your nightmares. I will then tell you if it’s on or going on my little list.