The Internet

T’reka (or some other inquisitive creature) discovers the truly staggering amount of porn on the human internet.

(#00646 - A281)

“Ha. I have found an archive of human mating rituals.”

Krezlor peered over Brixik’s shoulder. “This does not appear to be a documentary…”

“[Oh no,]” said the definitely female human on the screen. “[I can’t pay for the pizza… there must be some way I can… trade…]”

“[Do you like a lot of… sausage… with your pizza?]”

“Is this humorous entertainment?”

Bow chicka wow-wow…

“I have no idea.” Brixik opened more windows. “There are hubs for this. It must be important information. Regard the abundance of it.”

“Much of this is contrary to how humans behave in the wild. Are you certain it is meant to be educational?”

“We are bound to learn something from this. We must investigate.”

Fifteen hours later

“This is the fifth time this woman has been unable to pay for her food,” droned Brixik.

“They are different females,” said Krezlor in the same bored monotone. “Their markings are disparate.”

“It’s all becoming a monotonous blur…” sighed Brixik. “Now I understand why studying these humans is a punishment detail.”

“How many more hours of this are there?”

Brixik checked. “In excess of two thousand…”

“No human could watch all of these in a lifetime. Why do they devote so much time and energy into making it?”

“That is part of the mystery.”

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