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Challenge #04084-K066: Essential Parenting Duties

No matter how old you are, or how tough you are, when a little child asks you to sit down and have tea with them, you sit down and have tea. -- Anon Guest

It's easy to have a... Reputation when one is both devilborn and the leader of a realm. Kosh had earned his. Elipsis, italics, and all. Though most of the rumours about him were greatly exaggerated. He had become a leader to fear over half the continent. People called him all kinds of things.

Most of his... Reputation came from slicing parts off of people who called him 'teuf'. That slur would not be tolerated and his tactic certainly taught them not to say it twice.

Even his puff titles included things like "Thrice-Sworn King" and "Death of the Devil Under the Mountain" and so on. When he entered a room, everyone else already present mentally went through everything they'd done to date and wondered if he already knew about it. He could merely smile at someone and they could break out in a cold sweat. He was currently on the floor as some of his daughters fetched him more tutus and flowers. One of them had filled a toy teapot from a water fountain near the castle nursery.

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Challenge #03726-J073: A Lighter Lesson

Some children, giggling, having a snowball fight, toss a few at Wraithvine, Gikka, and hir apprentice mage. They ask the travelers to please, come play. -- Anon Guest

Winter is rarely the favoured season of the dragon-kindred. Even one with a Ring of Elemental Resistance, like Gikka did, was prone to get pouting and grumbly in snowy weather. Just as Gikka was doing now.

"You're all right," Gikka complained. "You're only in the snow up to your knees. Meanwhile, I'm waist deep

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Challenge #03542-I254: Mental Health Break

Wraithvine has had a really bad day, everyone does from time to time, but Lilbit crawls out of hir pocket, onto the shoulder, purring, trying to cheer up their person. -- Fighting Fit

Long days are even longer for Elven kind. Their hours of rest are far shorter than other peoples, you see. It may give them extra time to spend on artistry. In this case, it gave one Elf extra hours in which to be

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Challenge #02767-G210: The Problem With Pib

More Human Pib, please. -- Escla

[AN: Referencing this thing BTW ]

Havenworlders were on edge, some were seeking out places to hide. Some were seeking out places where something might be hiding. The entire crew of the Jaunty Merchant were operating under a Code Giggle.

Human Pib had escaped.

Humans Orgo and Lun were checking their entire quarters, and every nook and cranny therein. They were doing this for the fiftieth time since Human Pib had "turned up missing". The fact that

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Challenge #01940-E116: Pax Princeps

My son now has a five year old daughter. He referred to her as 'Princess' and I had to tease him. "What are her duties as a Princess? Does she negotiate treaties between her dolls and her teddy bears? Does she preside over public events? Does she have any input on new legislation?"

It backfired. Now she DOES negotiate treaties among her stuffed critters. -- Bard2DBone

Most little girls like to play Princess. Most little girls do so by wearing sparkly, frou-frou

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