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Challenge #01043-B311: One Very Bad Day

Lewis Pepper and Fluttershy (tiny ghost choir optional) -- Gallifreya

Lewis' form coalesced as his consciousness returned. Ow. That hurt. He let himself linger in invisibility while he took stock.

Okay. One of the unsolicited exorcists had banished him to another plane. That was -haha- plainly evident. Everything here was bright colours and cheerful curves. There was a small town, just beyond the forest. Also brightly coloured and almost offensively pretty.

So he was currently a floating, purple vapour. Good. People might dismiss him. Assuming they could see him.

Okay. This was beyond weird. The people in this village were horses. Rainbow-coloured... small...

Oh God, no.

The exorcist had banished him into some bizarre reality where every pre-teen girl's dream had come true. If he was less confident about himself, this entire realm would be an affront to his masculinity.

And that was when one of the Pegasus ponies dive bombed straight through him. The horse could not have known that there were detrimental side effects to walking or travelling through a ghost. Primary of which is a distinct chill.

On the upside, he had more energy, but on the downside... those feathers had iced up and the pony was about to crash land. He dived down to ground level ahead of them and used what telekinesis he could to slow their fall.

Unfortunately, that meant manifesting in the visible spectrum. In his default 'skull-head' form.

Which happened to upset one of the natives to the point where they dropped. Stiff as a board.

Lewis sighed and sat on the bright grass. Of all the creatures he had to accidentally harm... It had to be something that would make his baby cousin upset.

"That! Was! Awesome!" shrieked the blue one with the rainbow mane. "You saved me some serious hospital time, there. Whatever you are. Thanks a bunch."

"Lewis," said Lewis. "I'm a ghost, and I've been exiled to this plane. Sorry about the fuss."

The blue pony nudged the yellow one with the pink mane. "It's okay, Fluttershy. He only looks scary."

The yellow pony approached at a terrified crawl. "You're not like any animal I've ever seen."

"Yeah, one of the side-effects of being dead," he said. Inside, he was thinking, I am talking to horses. In English. Multi-coloured ponies of a different colour that talk. If I'm not in another realm, then I must be going insane. And then he thought, The sad part is that I'm getting used to this. "I can show you what I looked like when I was alive, but... It's gonna get a little cold, here."

And when he did... the ponies were agog. "You look like one of those 'peepul' things from the other side of the Crystal Mirror. Twilight is going to go nuts!"

"...i don't think he is," murmured the yellow one. "Their skin was coloured like pony hides... his... is a really odd colour. And the eyes are wrong."

"Thanks, niƱa," he said with some sarcasm. "Of course it won't be that easy for me to get home. Vivi and Arthur must be beside themselves... How do I even start to get back to my Earth?"

"I might not know all the way," volunteered the yellow pony. "But there might be someone who can help. Um. How do you feel about robots and dragons?"

Well. My day can't get any weirder. "Eh. About par for the course, the way my life's been going."

It was a long journey. The yellow pony -Fluttershy- preferred to walk everywhere. Which slowed things down a great deal. Apparently, there was a cave in the Everfree Forest that lead to a place called Kazooland. And there, he would find a pink, steam-powered robot who was becoming a dragon. Her or one of her robot friends would then direct him to the nearest place where he could return to his reality.

Okay, thought Lewis. I was clearly wrong.

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