Thursday, IT'S ALIVE!

The video is out and running, my lovelies!

Check it out!

I did it all on my only, with occasional input from the rest of the QPP. I wrote the story, I made the cover art, I created the background music, and wrote and performed the ad copy.

I expect to shut up about in long about November 1.

And I will be tagging various authors I know on the interwebs about it.

I got Mayhem to APM this morning and the good news is he has employment! Huzzah. Earning some of that filthy lucre will be a good change for him. Plus he's learning to drive so that means more freedom for my beamish boy.

He starts work this coming Monday. Fun.

Tomorrow, I take him out for clothing. Tomorrow, I pick up the QPP. Saturday is parkrun and getting our hair did. SUNDAY is Renfaire.

I'm a busy little bean.