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Challenge #04201-K183: Help Unwanted

They were a traveling merchant, a human and hir family. Any place they went, they were always kind, without asking anything in return, to those that were considered unwelcome or unwanted. They did not follow any gods, nor were part of any temple. It's just been their family's tradition for many generations. And it helped in times when they, themselves, needed aid. -- Anon Guest

The wagon went from place to place. Selling medicine. Selling cures. Selling a certain amount of curiosities. Some, who came in desperate need, got their treatment for free. Regardless of species.

Help for those in trouble, without cost or question. They would defraud the wealthy, but they were often their own problem and ignorant with it. Everyone else got what they needed at a price they could afford.

It was no shock that the lords ran them off their land in a matter of days.

Today, they were stuck with a broken axle on the side of a road less traveled. The strong one was chopping down a tree that would suit as a new one. The capable was cooking a meal. The small ones were gathering firewood and herbs or, in the case of the tiniest one, bringing in creatures they had caught with their net.

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Challenge #03072-H164: Surprise Change of Plans

She was hunting for them, seeking hir out. The ancient one, the magi who went by many names, the one who had a thousand children, and more grandchildren than the world would ever know, yet possibly none by their own blood. Spotting their camp, the kobold, hir, and the bugbear child. Slowly through the underbrush she went as silent as a shadow in the moonlight. Then, swiftly, she sprang. Sudden flares shot out behind her in brilliantly colored sparkles, almost blinding in

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