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Challenge #03592-I303: Behaviour Modification Strategies

It's amazing how well people behave when they realize the station is protected by security officers who are Pax Humanis members! -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Given the general sociopathy of Pax Humanis, these would have to be the milder cases]

Welcome to the Edge Territories. Welcome to New-held Station. Things can get a little wild whilst the Alliance protocols do some catching up. To that end, every cogniscent in this newly-acquired area has access to a full explanation of the Alliance's rules. Including some that are plastered over every available surface in every known language[1].

In nice, big, friendly letters, it says, Removing an adult Cogniscent's freedom to make rational decisions is a punitive offence. This will be enforced by Pax Humanis.

They're easy to spot. Not only do they wear the Security colours of Purple (for the rule of law) and orange (for Station Personnel), but they also wear the hazard colours of yellow, red, and black. The uniform of Pax Humanis. Deadly contents here.

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Challenge #03591-I302: Intervention

A person who was lonely, severely depressed, and thought they had nothing left to live for, saw the colorful vest of Mr. Sunshine and begged the man to kill them. Mr. Sunshine got the person tied up and carried safely to therapists. Then proceeded to find out why this person was self-destructive and... deal with it. -- The New Guy

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the most severe form of self-harm, also cogniscent trafficking]

Stuart was tired of being terrified. Ever since the

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Challenge #03590-I301: Do Not Follow

Had you ruled in my stead, I’d feared that your demise might mirror hers, I could not let that happen. Not again. But if I let you choose your destiny, would you instead spend it resenting me? -- Anon Guest

There's more than one kind of King who never wanted the crown. In the case of Prince-Constort Kanutus, beloved of the Warrior Queen Haalvig, having the crown and the throne meant the death of his wife. Known far and wide as

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Challenge #03589-I300: For Every Trash...

A polity has developed a policy of shooting off ALL waste products from their planet, not to a garbage planet, but to the center of their galaxy, to a black hole. Instead of recycling. It gets interesting when they start running out of resources in their solar system to make new materials, because waste goes to the black hole, instead of being recycled. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Even at ludicrous speeds, someone could catch that thing before it even reaches a black

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Challenge #03588-I299: Unkindness in the Deep Woods

This (link) -- AmberFox

Marilene was lost. Mama had sent her to gather 'enough' kindling and, with the help of some reeds and grass, now had a bundle of twigs bigger than her on her head. That was the good bit. She was being a good daughter for Mama.

The bad part was that she had been so determined to get the mostest sticks in the world that she lost track of the way home. And now the woods were getting spooky.

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Challenge #03587-I298: The Wreck of the Hopes&Dreams

I am an AI, this body looks humanoid because its the most convenient. My senses are far, far, more powerful than a being that is flesh and blood. It's why I'm so good at my job. Now, please, I can tell by your expression and vitals that you are quite ill, stop trying to hide it and let me help you, before it's too late? -- Anon Guest

"You have no rights to invade my medical privacy," ranted Passenger Els as she

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Challenge #03586-I297: As Well as Expected

Rescued Crewmember: I thought you said you couldn't do strenuous physical activity?

Human: I said I couldn't do strenuous or high impact physical activity without hurting myself.

RC: You just carried me, at a dead run, through the entire ship and to cover before going back for more.

H: And I have hurt myself.

RC: ... and we're still in danger.

H: I will need so much physical therapy after we get rescued. -- Escla

Human Quyl has been wearing her bracers more

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Challenge #03585-I296: Rescued Twice

Do you know what it's like running a pet grooming service on a station where people can have pets from all over the universe? It's not easy, but it's very rewarding. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Given the general similarities between cogniscent species from one area and pets in another, all grooming and beauty services tend to mesh together. Same with medical practices.]

The small creature was shivering in its carrier. The concerned Human opened it to let the creature out onto the prepared

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Challenge #03584-I295: Teaching Good Manners

A child is petting Lilbit and tries walking off with Wraithvine's sweet kitty. They are gently taught to ask permission before touching other people's pets, and to not try to take them. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine was arguing history with someone who drank deeply from the Well-Actually. As one might imagine, Immortals get into a lot of these fights.

"Well, actually, the diaries of Wraithvine are the most common subjects of forgery and are therefore spurious sources of alternate history," droned the

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Challenge #03583-I294: Sufficient Motivation

A Tiefling learns how the people that some disparagingly called "Naga" all but worship Tiefling-kind. And eagerly take in any such children raising them well. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm moving this to Alfarell where the devilish children of "darkness" are called Hellkin]

Kala gave up on humanity at age five, when someone tried to chop off their tail for the eighth time in their memory. Having learned to read in the gutter schools, they sought any and all information about places

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Challenge #03582-I293: Unlikable When Angry

Going aboard station, they took a deep breath and reported to security. They asked to see medical because they had a problem. A bad temper. They were normally very kind, but when they lost their temper, they had a very hard time stopping if they started to swing, and last time, they hurt someone very badly. They were looking for help, because they were afraid, if they got mad enough, it would happen again. -- Anon Guest

"Anger. Inhibitors," repeated Medik Fleam,

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Challenge #03581-I292: Weighted Memories

Other than times on official duty, our human often wears a backpack with small, but very heavy, metal balls. Especially when they were on the small exercise area set up for them that included some treadmills, exercycles, and other equipment. We wonder, why burden themself like that while exercising, especially since it's a normal 1 grav environment already? -- Anon Guest

Humans, it is widely known, are strange. Human Xia is stranger than most. When not on duty, she purposely weighs herself

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Challenge #03580-I291: For Want of a Toaster

A person is watching some old, archived, videos of humans Pre-Shattering. Some videos showing a place called Amerikka and an event called "Black Friday". Where hundreds of humans end up trampling some others, injuring and killing some, just to get into a store to buy cheap, disposable, items. -- Anon Guest

The theatre marquee declared it to be Archival Footage Viewing and Classification: Pre-Shattering Terra. Which should be enough warning for anyone. Curiosity, an almost fatal Human flaw, drew Kam in like

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Challenge #03579-I290: Rewarded Benevolence

They'd lived most of their lives scratching up just enough Time to survive, even with the jobs they took on. Now they, and their beloved "fluffies" had incorporated because so much Time was rolling in by the decades they didn't know what to do with it. Then came the Idea! A charity, carefully disguised, siphoning time off to Dereggers who were struggling just to survive. Giving them a chance to escape the oppression they suffered.

It is from this. https://peakd.com/

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Challenge #03578-I289: Creatures of the Night

Yes, we are vampires, that's true, but we do NOT take from the unwilling. No BUTS! Yes I'm aware of our nature, and that we must drink blood. We only take small amounts, enough to survive, and only from WILLING DONORS!

Fortunately, you left them alive. You will IMMEDIATELY treat their injury and we will make restitution. And if you pull this stunt again, I will, PERSONALLY, hand you to the Watch to be stuck in a sun-cage, understand me?? -- Lessons

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