Challenge #04209-K191: In the Other's Shoes

The Academy has a Reverse Room. Every year the student handbook is given out, and one of the first warnings is that bullying is NOT tolerated. What happens to a bully? They are forced to sit in the heavily padded Reverse Room. There spells in there force them to see and feel everything they did to their victims, from the victims point of view. -- Anon Guest

Educational facilities have had various methods of dealing with bullies. The usual methods allow the bullies to do whatever they want so long as the victims don't die in the process. Some rare few merely act when violence erupts, thus allowing bullies to use psychological torments until their victim snaps.

The Academy of Better Souls has vastly improved methods. As well as tutors and staff who actually care.

Bickle smirked, feeling superior. He'd just verbally devastated the ugliest girl in his year. That'll teach her to tell him she thought his hair looked nice. He had all of fifteen seconds to enjoy the sensation before he encountered the stern robes and disappointed expression of Sibling Cyble.

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