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Friday. It's time for bread

So. This morning so far is:

  • Feed cats
  • Consult with Beloved visavis bread making [it's white loaves this time]
  • Feed starters
  • Make pancakes out of harvest for Chaos
  • Realise that Chaos wants to eat them at home (fml)
  • See Chaos off to school
  • Finish making the pancakes
  • Prep for bread [weighing, sifting, containing]
  • Finally have coffee and pills
  • Unfuckening the house
  • And now I get to sit down and work for a change

It's been a busy morning, and I still haven't begun creating dough.

There may be bread tonight, there may be bread tomorrow. It's up to the leavening and whatnot to tell me when it's ready to be bread. In the meantime, there are pancakes of dubious quality because I am still learning about how our new mixing machine behaves.

For now though, I attempt to stay sane and write story.

Challenge #02689-G132: Step by Step

The gods have sent you a message. For you it’s just scribbles, but if you tilt your head and squint your eyes, the message reveals itself. Ayy lmao. But something feels off... -- Anon Guest

I don't know why the gods chose me. I'm a nobody from nowhere and honestly, I'm lucky to have made it to sixteen. I only know how to mine slate. I don't know how to read, I can barely count to fifty, I keep my head

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So Far...

It's headed towards the end of the week and I'm incrementally progressing on getting things done. This week, I managed to get all of my scheduled output online on time instead of derping out and forgetting for a majority of the time.

Tomorrow promises to be bread day(tm) and I'm actually pondering doing a wholemeal run and a whitebread run consecutively because some dough just rises quicker. The problem is - I no longer have proper lining for my proofing baskets.

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Challenge #02688-G131: Big and Loud

In the depts of the Archive, a Song was found. It was made Public property.

Naturally, Pax Humanis found a good use for it....

(Sorry, Not Sorry!) ;-) -- Mike

[AN: Warning for ten-hour video. Please don't do that to us again?]

War is an endless cycle. Tactics circle around and come blasting back from the past. In such cases, the siege turns an impasse into an endurance test. Of course, there are strategies to

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Good News, Bad News, Meh News

Good News: We have found a place that sells the good stoneground flour.

Bad News: I have less than $20 in the bank, so a purchase is going to have to wait.

Meh News: Two weeks after France opened its schools, the plague is having outbreaks again.

Schadenfreude News: The Muppet is reportedly taking Hydroxychloroquine.

You know, that non-supported drug that he has a financial interest in that turned out to kill more Covid-19 patients than it saved? Yeah. That.

So he

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Challenge #02687-G130: In Memory of-- Oh Wait

Human: What's everybody so upset about?

Crew: You're here? But you told the Last Lie!

Human: Don't you know me by now? I really hate lying. -- Anon Guest

"Wait," said Human Jef. "Are you mad that I'm alive?"

This quickly turned the mood, but not by much. "Of course not," said Companion Ryl. "We were mourning your loss when you turned up at your own memorial."

"And you were saying such nice things about me until you said, Oh flakking hell,

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I feel better about today

I didn't get my coconut milk, yesterday. I was just too darn exhausted to drive to Costco and get it. Beloved could drive me there, but I had to remain conscious for two further hours.


I fell the heck to sleep.

After a decent night's rest, I shall be venturing to the shops later on in the day. Costco doesn't open before ten and, now that I can stay awake until the afternoon, I shall do that and go get my

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Challenge #02686-G129: Small Messy Disruptive Creatures

It goes about on all fours, eats kibble, and gets into the trash to chew on things. Is it a dog, or a human infant? The answer is yes. And in this instance, we're very glad it was the baby, because there was cocoa powder in the trash can, and she was chewing through garbage to get to it. -- Anon Guest

Human Diz was looking even more tired than normal, and they had been tired for almost a year, but this

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It's an INTERESTING day!

Woke up at a quarter to midnight and realised - hey, Toasty's having a stream and if I go back to sleep, the alarm is just going to wake me up grumpy and useless.

So I got up and pootled around [finished a chapter of Lust of the Demon Lord, to be posted on Patreon this week. Yay] and enjoyed some GOOD GOOD THIRST ART which is tickling the shipping receptors in my brain. This is a good thing.

Also today -

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Challenge #02685-G128: Little, Yellow, Different

She was heavy-set, had a constant cough, but otherwise was very quiet. The human that signed aboard the science vessel was younger than they'd ever had before as an officer. The only reason it had been allowed was her parents had signed a statement saying they agreed to allow her to go and all tests indicated that she could handle the job. Botanical scientist. Her friends always called her "botany geek", to which she'd smile, laugh, and then cough. When the medics

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Beautiful to Look At...

I finally made a beautiful-looking loaf:

[Shown here: A sourdough loaf still in the Dutch oven. It has risen like an angel]

The downside is that it feels worryingly dense and I fear we will be making some very pretty bruchetta with it. Ah well. I did everything "wrong" but at least it looks like it turned out lovely.

I used up the last of the White Wings wholemeal flour making this, and this is a list of the things I did:

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Challenge #02684-G127: Winner Winner?

I don't know if this even a thing in other parts of Earth, but in my country very popular thing is eating cartilage from chicken legs just like every other part of meat. Foreigners are saying that this sound is the most disturbing one they ever heard. It's like very loud cracking bone.

What if herbivore heard this sound and automatically just started to look for predator in absolute terror? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Oh holy freaking Powers That Be, my daughter

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Happy Birthday, Chaos!

Miss Chaos is fifteen today, and we have cake, noms, and no rules because the world is ending. I'm deliberately avoiding news today because I don't need any more anxiety.

I don't want to learn what additional fucked up shit is happening out in the world. People are filling up their entire card for Apocalypse Bingo. The hell with that noise.

Today is a day to feast and be happy. Therefore, I am not searching out things that make me feel bad.

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Challenge #02683-G126: Best For Charisma Cults

Since time immemorial the world has been blessed by the gods. But over the centuries the populous received less blessings as time goes on. Soon it just stop. The gods were sad they were unable to reach to them anymore, but it was for an experiment; to see a world that have no need for gods. -- Anon Guest

The deities used to walk the earth with the mortals. This is known. It is there in the histories, it is there in

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Hello, Rock. Hello, Hard Place...

The two week grace period is nearly done. If there's no signs of coughs or sniffles, I am sending Chaos back to school and doing the decontamination noise when she comes home.

I've encountered a further embuggerance as my Medium account is under investigation and I can't post until things are fixed. I'm moving as lickety-darn split as I can, but I'm also editing THREE YEARS OF INSTANTS so that the sig no longer contains solicitations for funds.

Honestly, it might be

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