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Wednesday, Wordpress and Rejiggering

I have little idea what I'm doing for Wordpress today, so it shall probably be copypasta of more fanficcy edition of A Devil's Tale.

Unless I find something else to be tetchy about, today.

I'm going to put my other activities on hold until I've worked out what the heck is up with Stream Elements. What I need to do about that, and so on. Other streamers can use little sound bites, so I know I can use something of the like without lawsuits. Or attracting the wrath of megaglobocorps.

...I can hope.

I like streaming at the top of the hour because easy to track. Remembering to do it, on the other hand, seems to be the bitch.

See you on stream soon?

Challenge #03614-I326: Soup and Nonsense

"¡Por favor, no me toques, tengo miedo!"

La persona recién liberada miró alrededor de la estación desconocida con dolor, terror y necesitaba ayuda con urgencia. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated to English by DuckDuckGo- "Please don't touch me, I'm afraid!" The newly released person looked around the unknown station in pain, terror, and needed help urgently.]

Strangers. Strangers everywhere. It had been a long trip in the cold with poor oxygen and worse food. The Culpeo running the ship had charged too

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

Today, one of my primary goals is working on my Twitch channel. Not just for my morning Instants, but also for the other stuff that's behind the curtain.

Working on my novel, tagging fics, prepping the pre-publishing nonsense, and the dungeon building for the upcoming second part of the campaign I'm running.

That's a lot of my day, all things considered.

I should also be working on sound bites and gimmicks for people to play with when I do stream. I might

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Challenge #03613-I325: A Kindly Cut

A thief sneaks up behind Wraithvine while they are meditating, and, with a scissor, cuts some of the very long hair and tries to flee with it. -- Anon Guest

People think that Elves are insensate when they are resting. It's easy to believe. After all, they seem unresponsive to any sudden disruption in their environment. The truth that very few know is that Elven meditation is a means of connecting with the world around them. They are very aware of everything.

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Long Monday No More?

Usually, Mondays are a long day for me, but that may no longer be the case. I shall see how I fare today.

The nap is still planned for between the stream and the Tale Foundry readings, but after that, I have no expectations beyond experimentation.

Time will definitely tell.

I might even ponder having a stream somewhere towards the afternoons. But not that hard.

Stream soon. Story posted when I wake up.

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Challenge #03612-I324: Cirque de Sade

The child is found to have wandered off deep into the woods. The ones that had her held other intelligent beings, though these were mostly adults, in cages as a traveling freak show. They demand Wraithvine give their "exhibit" back. Wraithvine shows just how peeved off a parental, even if the child is still new to them, can get at such cruelty. -- Anon Guest

The music lead Wraithvine to the carnival, but the very sight

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Sunday, Game Night and the Future

I'm playing with my international maniacs, tonight. Which means I have less expectations. I don't even have to worry about Miss Chaos being ready for school.

Tale Foundry will start in a few minutes, and I will FOR SURE be trying to write the story entry early. I love doing that.

I finished another chapter of A Devil's Tale yesterday. Another one for MeMum to complain about. I might make progress on another one today. Still no ending in sight. I want

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Challenge #03611-I323: A Small, Alarming Encounter

A small child climbs onto Mr. Sunshine's lap as he sits and paints. The parents apologize, profusely and nervously, for losing track of their toddler. -- Anon Guest

He didn't notice the child until a small and piping voice said, "Dassa ki'y ca'!"

Mr Sunshine would have come to a standstill if he wasn't already sitting down. As it was, he froze as if someone had pressed his pause button. Staring at what was obviously a very small Human neophyte.

They usually

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Saturday, Parkrun and Organising

I almost got to 4K on the Parkrun this morning, but I did also get some paragraphs in during some waits.

With Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee for brunch.

...I just got Taste Demerits from MeMum.

My immediate PLN is to do my stream and then reply to all the comments on my entry for TaleFoundry this week. I've had stuff in the way before now.

I should not have stuff in the way next week.

...fingers crossed.

After I do all

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Challenge #03610-I322: Safety is Guaranteed

A person once asked, on a sanctuary planet full of predators, and a town full of therapists and other staff that live there as potential "prey", what stops the worst of these predators going after the innocents within those towns, and deliberately doing... well, what got them "recruited" into Pax Humanis in the first place? -- Anon Guest

People who hear about Pax Humanis Sanctuary Planets always get the wrong idea. They think it's a zoo of sorts for the most criminal

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Friday, Graduation & no more schedules

I am OFF the clock, as of tomorrow. No more waking up on purpose at fuck off in the morning. The only scheduled streams will be on Sunday/Monday as I have other people needing me on those days.

I might try streaming my day's activities, but for the first week at least, I will stream the story when I decide I have to get up.

There's a point in my waking up where I can't lie down any more, and I

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Challenge #03609-I320: Establishing Clear Boundaries

A brute of a man begins to try to touch Lilicoon against her will and will not leave her alone. Before Jay can do a thing, Lilicoon teaches this brute why you do not try to touch anyone against their will. Especially someone with the instincts of a wild feline. -- Fighting Fit

Jay only saw the last handful of seconds, but they were the most glorious seconds in their life.

Lilicoon raised her voice above and beyond her usual murmur. Nice

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Thursday, Round Round Run Around...

I'll run around!

Immediately after Miss Chaos is on the bus to school today, I am taking off to MeMum's for paperwork-related missions and perhaps sorting out tech issues.

All that fun stuff.

Poor Beloved came home long about 3AM so she could catch some semblance of sleep. The demo of the thing is today and after that, she needs a day off.

Which will be at least partially spent at Chaos' graduation.

Which also means I have to cancel tomorrow's stream.

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Challenge #03608-I319: A Bird in the Hand

Instructor: Today, Class, we are going to learn of how wasteful some species, like humans, got in their pre-space-fairing era, and how it is similar to deregger behaviors in our modern times. Please turn your datareader to the articles on Food Waste, and how excess food was sent to rot in refuse pits, simply to keep the prices high, and the belief that it would do more harm than good to feed those who were hungry.

(It's true, too. In the USA,

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Dinner Party

Miss Chaos has a Graduation Dinner tonight. My love and I managed to luck into extra tickets, so we will be attending with Chaos. And maybe doing some dancing if dancing becomes a thing.

Meanwhile, I have some racist ablism to go off about on my Wordpress so I could be doing a thinkpiece about this wonderful piece of news.

I'm glad there's an active community to get cheesed off about this and I can only hope that the petition works. As

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