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Challenge #03062-H154: Monkey Gonna Jump

A member of a race of aliens new to the Galactic scene holds the misconception that life can be either land bound or aquatic watches a human climb a steep hill specifically for the joy of jumping off the cliff on the other end into deep water. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have a much more capable program doing the counting for me, so today's full challenge number is actually correct. I'm not going back and fixing the others because that is full-on nightmare fuel. Just... no. I tried, I failed, and now I have a thing that counts better than I ever could. Also expect further shenanigans at the closing of the year, as my count is off there, too. There will be bonus stories for this year's anthology. All so I can re-synchronise the calendar. (FYI, I'm out by at least four weeks)]

Companion Gann had heard things about Humans. Dangerous psychotic warrior race who didn't take "no you can't" as a warning that some things were bad for continued existence. Those weird hairless apes seemed to believe that they could do anything. Worse, most of the time they were right. There remained one sticking point upon which Gann remained adamant.

"There is no such thing as amphibious and mammalian intelligent life. Mammals are not amphibious. Amphibians are. You have aquatic mammals, or terrestrial mammals. Those are the limits of intelligent mammalian life. Even your lot can't defy the rules of basic evolution."

"So..." challenged Human Aura. "If I can prove to you that we're semi-acquatic, what do I win?" This was the way of Deathworlders in general and Humans in particular. Everything was a contest to these maniacs, and there had to be a prize involved. If Humans didn't win some form of enrichment to their existence, they could sulk about it for months[1].

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Monday, Day 0, Sideways!

Plague news: Seven new cases, all imports. Twenty active cases, ten in hospital.

I have just programmed an entire feature into my app all by myself and I'm very proud of myself. It's just missing some iconography, but that's all that's holding it up IMHO.

Tale Foundry was late reading stories because Lurgi. Therefore, the assorted readers will be late reading theirs communally because the late reading put delay into everything. Similarly, I can't post my Amalgam Universe story as an offering

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Challenge #03076-H153: Charms to Tame the Savage Breast

A first contact between humans and a new species almost degrade to a war, until they hear humanity music for the first time... -- Tom

First contact is... risky. Both sides have no idea what to expect out of the other. One species' friendly greeting can be another's instant death threat, or grave insult to their grandmother. In a situation where any move could be hostile, it's safe to move very still and do one's best to try and read the other

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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Shenanigans

Plague news: 1 imported case. Domestic transmission at Day 2 without a new case. Fourteen total cases, ten are in hospital.

I am going to watch Toasty's stream in more than a few minutes. On my agenda, writing the FAQ for my app. Things are going apace. We actually have a minimally functional thing. Huzzah.

Next up: bells, whistles, functionality and accessibility.

But first... an FAQ.

Which I'm writing when I should be finishing this up. Onwards.

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Challenge #03075-H152: Life Unlike Your Own

Edda Nebulae tries to chase down Healer Allie and had confronted her trying to get her to work only for Mx Nebulae alone. Now that the person has learned Allie's demand, in order to get better access to her healing ability, Edda decides to try to do what Allie has demanded and finds just how rewarding such actions can be. -- Anon Guest

At first, ze was offended by Allie's hubris. How dare that little junk

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Saturday, Day 1, Programming Tears Ahoy

Plague news: ZERO firkin new cases! Hooray! Just wait 20 days though... Fifteen active cases, eleven in hospital.

Today, I work a BUNCH on the app in progress. There will be tears. BUT I also have a hellacious amount of carbs to soothe my soul.

I... may... have already snacked myself sick in anticipation.

In the news:

  • A star I have literally never heard of before suffers the heartbreak of finding his wife's body, poor sod
  • Muppet confirms that yes, he is
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Challenge #03074-H151: Learning to Reach Out

She'd been years, her and so many, many others, being 'deprogrammed'. Her entire life she had lived with hate. She had lived with the idea that violence was a GOOD thing. That these aliens were brutal monsters. That Pure Humans were the only true life in this universe and the rest were filth. It had taken a long, long, time for her and the rest to learn, to understand, and to accept the reality of the world.

From this prompt. https://peakd.

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Friday, Day 0, Deeeeeep Breaths

Plague news: Eight new cases, six imports. Two local... THANKS KNOMIRAS! Eighteen total, ten of those in hospital.

We have local transmissions again. Fuck. I was just starting to wean myself off of carrying my mask literally everywhere. No chance of that now. Thanks, Knomiras.

Despite some massive emotional upset, last night [I glitched and focussed on the wrong thing, much to Beloved's distress], Beloved still maintains enough faith in me to believe that I can make the end-user interface all by

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Challenge #03073-H150: Beware Their Bite

The human larva wasn't cleared to interact with anyone more delicate than a level 2 deathworlder. Companion Rix wasn't sure why... until they saw the toddler leave bruises on their mother by biting, apparently in play. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I scoured my archives for Companion Rix, but I haven't mentioned them before. Thanks for the new character, Nonny]

Human Nii seemed like an ordinary Human larva. Bumbling through upright locomotion like most of their age peers. They seemed to be of

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Thursday, Day 0, FUCKIN KNOMIRAS!

Plague News: Two absolute FUCKWITS from Victoria left lockdown and fucking DROVE to the SUNSHINE COAST to stay with family. Fucking NONGS. GD Knomiras causing another firkin lockdown, I hope they have a terrible time.

Also two new cases [guess firkin who], with eleven active and eight in hospital.

What glorious news to wake up to.

Anyway, I don't have any new scams to report, so that leaves the rest of my day free to catch up on my novel writing. Because

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Challenge #03072-H149: Artisinal Life Story

I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth is irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are -- MewTwo

Wraithvine had a saying. It went, Everyone starts the same - wet, naked, and screaming. If you were truly awful, ze would make sure you exited life the same way. It was rare, but when it did happen, the whole world heard about it. That is not this story.

This was a story

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress Continueth

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twelve active, with eleven in hospital.

Today... I get to chill, but only after I've been to the dentist, because I've been pushed up to have a thing going on today. Also, there's an APM meeting this afternoon.

Somewhere in the labyrinthine expanses of today's hours, I am going to attempt to program in a tag part of the app.

The things I do to myself.

Including: Someone's waved a shiny idea at me over

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Challenge #03071-H148: Elves and Aliens

As a species we had hoped that we weren’t the only ones in the universe. After the invasion had wiped out 75 % of the population of earth, we begun to wish that we were. But then strange happenings were being reported. The stories of magic, myths, and monsters we would tell around campfires weren’t just stories to tell in the dark. -- LatinoThor45

There was a time when we were excited that the visitors came. They came with promises. They

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Tuesday, Day 1, Patreon

Plague news: 11 total cases, ten in hospital. There may or may not be a sudden leap in these numbers because system maintenance.

It's Patreon Day again, and I have no idea what I'm posting. Yaaaaayyy...

Last night was HELL for me. I've had persistent hip pain that may or may not be caused by a killer combo of sitting very still on the kneeling chair plus sitting cross-legged for absolute HOURS also motionless. I need to be kinder to my musculature.

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Challenge #03070-H147: Inherent Hazards

The human got a new little friend, a therapy animal to help them deal with being in big crowds. The puppy, one of the breeds that would always be small in size, played happily as the human was house-breaking them, playing with them, and teaching them. The companion came into their quarters, after knocking, to visit, when they noticed several air fresheners, one in each room. They asked why that was necessary before they caught the whiff of a very strong, very

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