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Wednesday, Rant Day and Running Around

I have two... "interesting" loaves of bread on the rack, today. After the shenanigans, I shall wrap them up in paper and pop them in the fridge.

I have just enough bread for today. Tomorrow, I can open a loaf and wrap the both of them in plastic.

Loaf tax:

[Shown here: Two photographs of homebaked bread, each loaf is made of two sections. Each loaf has split along the side, instead of splitting along the scores made in the top. The second loaf is resting on parchment and has sesame seeds on top]

Second loaf has the sesame seeds on it. A visual mnemonic I use to make sure I use my bread in order.

I am excited to do my rant, today. Going off about Autism done right, at least in my opinion. About how it's done right and is good representation. And about how better representations could be done later on.

Spoilers: it's the gender stuff. It's always the gender stuff.

I might just start working on it as soon as I sit with my main compy. BUT... I also have to ferry Mayhem around and do some finance for my next pair of glasses.

Gonna get on with getting on. I still have to torture my feet.

Challenge #04153-K135: To Breathe Clouds of Joy

Wraithvine, Bibrid, and Lilbit enter a town that is cursed, or blessed, however one may view it, to have an hour each day where everyone, from oldest to youngest, suddenly feels great joy and laughs. Once that moment fades, it leaves a lingering feel of contentment and whatever injuries or illnesses the citizenry has, has healed just that much faster. Though severe illnesses or injuries still take a while, it doesn't hurt as much. -- Anon Guest

The bells rang before a

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Tuesday, Optometrist and Expensive

I just finished the furforal for today. Stretchies, foot torture, and an appointment at the optometrist. Followed by fetching some meds and then retreating home.

Because new glasses cost four figures. Ooof.

The good news is that I can pay them off at our own speed. Starting tomorrow. By the time they're made, we should have enough to pay the rest.

[Should is not is, and I quietly fret]

I have a loaf proofing in the incubator and the ovens preheating. If

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Challenge #04152-K134: Postgraduate Course

They "graduated" from being "taught" by a Pax Humanis member, to being in a cell on a prison station run by the Alliance and going through therapy. They still screamed in their sleep and woke up gasping, while clinging to their pillow and wanting the lights left on. -- Anon Guest

How far is too far? How ethical is it to torture someone who once spent people like people spent tissue paper, before the Shattering. How

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Monday, Backup Reads and Considering Bread

I am almost out of my artisinal bread. I also have an appointment tomorrow. It takes absolute hours to do bread. But I am also about due to run out of bread.

I think I can wrangle stage one - mixing and proofing - today? I might have to spend two days baking later on.

Time, as always, will tell.

I'll figure it all out in the end. If I start the starter incubating close to now it won't be ready for

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Challenge #04151-K133: Flying Free

An old, struggling, barge manages to dock with an Alliance station. The barge was widely reported as stolen from a deregger system. Who ends up tumbling out of it? Dozens and dozens of young individuals, especially kids. Who do they credit for being able to do this? The video they saw on the info nets. -- Anon Guest

When something's stolen from Deregger space, it's generally code for "destroyed for the insurance money". If it doesn't

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Sunday, Mother's Day and Stream

I've been having fun with the VTTRPG's over the weekend. Call of C'thulu last night - our DM keeps turning us away from our goals, and me running Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

I added the threat of the eldritch influence to the Horn my players are fighting over. Hopefully, I can influence the story we're building to lean into my plot intentions.


I gave my Beloved an emotional overload, this Friday gone. Rainbow chat didn't help. The genderfucky group were

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Challenge #04150-K132: Blame the Bully

A kind individual helps a younger individual learn that the bullying and mistreatment they've suffered is NOT their fault, they didn't do anything wrong. The ones who were in the wrong were their bullies. -- Anon Guest

"Devilborn! Devil-bred! Go and cry and wet your bed!"

There were worse things the children of the town could be doing to him than their daily chant. They could throw anything, including punches and hard objects. Or soft objects.

If he was fast enough. Wily

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Saturday, Parkrun, Sore Feet, and Very Tired

I messed up parkrun by getting my wires crossed and finishing before I did the full 5K. Unfamiliar course, already sore and tired. Not inclined to remedy my mistake.

So now I have a Fake Personal Best(tm).

My bad.

We went thereafter to the West End Markets, and I'm glad to see that West End is still a melting pot despite the efforts of Yuppies and Gentrification. Lots of cultural exchange going on.

I am very footsore and very weary. So

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Challenge #04149-K131: Judge Not - or Else!

The new young Watch member gets a sharp lesson in judging others. An apology is to be made first, and then they must learn to observe others, and get to know them, before making judgement calls. It's a rather... interesting piece of disciplinary action. -- Anon Guest

Officer Pembroke was learning, almost against his will. He had already learned that short-haired Elves aren't necessarily criminals. He'd very recently learned that the Halfbred Harukh walking around with

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Friday, Catio and Beloved Time

So far today, I have: finished a chapter (#419), done my stretchies, tortured my feet, had my coffee and pills, and cleaned out the catio.

Beloved was still lounging naked in bed, last I looked. Her day starts in a handful of minutes.

Today, I am going to shrink the assets I have for Pseuducku. I'll try 256 pixels square so they can still be 'readable' as the art I've already accomplished.

If that doesn't work, I'll try double that.

Results will

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Challenge #04148-K130: One Link in the Chain...

A village lost to time, strange and beautiful to behold./ Only one to escape the place before the cataclysm did unfold./ Harmed by those claiming the light the child is forced, fearful, to roam./ The village, the cataclysm did not destroy, but obscured the young way's home./ Evil there to bar the way, fools the light to their crime.../ Until one not of darkness, not of light, guards safe the child./ And the evil pays the price, upon vengeance will the child

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Thursday, A Little Catch-up, and Listlessness

I'm already on low-batt status and I haven't started my daily shenanigans. I have some corrections to make for the background of my game boards. I mistook construction pieces for whole elements and that was my mistake to correct.

I'll be doing that after I make my offerings today.

I've taken my preventer in case this is an oxygen problem - and no it isn't. I'm still feeling like I'm operating under 1.5G's and that's the trial du jour.

And at

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Challenge #04147-K129: Eldritch Intimacy

A: Hey bard have you seen my Necronomicon?

B: right here. It’s was an interesting read.

A: You read it? The Necronomicon?

B: Yes, I found some wonderful inspiration inside. Shall I ordain you a tune? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link to the video includes rude language, sexual language, and the generic horny bard. Dead dove, do not eat]

Certain tomes should not exist. Some should never have been penned. Some are loaded weapons, waiting to kill again. In these cases,

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Wednesday, Rant Entry, Shopping, and Great Sleep

It's ten o'clock and I have yet to put pants on. It's a great morning because I actually got a sound firkin night's sleep. Yay. I didn't wake up until after sunrise.

I feel great.

The financial complications regarding the council-related email are sorted, I got Baldur's Gate 3 running in LinuxLand for an entire hour's worth of game time.

Today, after I finish my stretchies, foot torture, and cat feeding [Most important!]... I shall have to go shopping because Wednesday is

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