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Saturday, Plague Day 19, Time Sucks

Time is pressuring me, and there's not enough money for all the nonsense that needs to happen. Kait's truth day - her coming out anniversary - is approaching and I really want to get her a present and buy her a cake for the party.

Jolie still needs her dental seen to and that's a three figure bill and I had thought we need only wait one payday, but nah. Other bills eat money.

BUT - not a lot of dosh.

I want to have all my potential publishers lined up before I flick my books at people. But I can't really wait that long.

I might have an 'out'.

One potential publisher has a turn-around window between three months and one fucking year. That could either tie up Adapting for an annoyingly long time or a relatively short one. I have another one that's got a window of ninety days. Those are the known factors. The rest will be assigned an arbitrary window of six months without any further data.

I can begin my Domino Strategy1 with the year-window mob, move through the arbitaries I found so far, and then go for the ninety-day lot.

All the time adding to my list of potentiates by the ongoing filter process. I will rearrange the list as further information is gathered.

If I get accepted - win. If I don't... I'm still working on it.

It's still even more stress on my system.

In personal health news, I am still on the roids for at least two more days, following today. I will have to enquire about the puffer whilst also talking about the referral. Which will probably end up being more money down the drain if things go ahead.

Oh. And there's also wedding 2.0 to plan and arrange and I haven't even done the art upgrade for the outfit I want to wear to the thing. Kait has to pick out a dress and we have to find a venue and... AAAAUUUUGH.

Some good fortune would be nice.

  1. Step one - fling Adapting at one publisher. Step two: Upon rejection, fling next book at same publisher. Step three: choose new publisher for step one.

Challenge #03505-I217: Offer of an End

A very, very, powerful old magic user finds a way to cure those who wish to give up their immortality and become mortals again. A special crystal they developed and make several of such crystals, which the immortality is placed within, leaving the person mortal once more. But how many are truly brave enough to give up their immortal lives, knowing that they will, from the point they are now at, live a normal life span and die of normal old age?

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Friday, Plague Day 18, Fucking Stress

So today's disorganised from the get-go. So obsessed with taking my meds that I forgot to parent this morning. Rushed kid ready anyways so yay there.

I have Post Covid Cough. Fun times. The steroids I'm on should fix that. [Should is not is, far too frequently in my book] But also I have some lingering tremula. Shuddering and shaking like a little wet dog. That interferes with many things.

Mostly including strength checks, but I find my way around it. Thanks,

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Challenge #03504-I216: The Right Teacher

A young wizard politely asks Wraithvine to teach them how to duel for self defense. -- Fighting Fit

The problem with immortals is that they get a reputation. Strodius had been through five mummers so far who claimed to be the immortal Elf of lore and legend. They would hear him out, listen to his cause, and then attempt to charge gold for their services.

The real Wraithvine would do no such thing. Gold did not enter into an equation where the

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Thursday, Plague Day 17, Medical Intervention

So I'm on steroids now, albeit temporarily. I might have taken an overdose because New Puffer Who Dis. I have learned all the same.

I have new pills for five days and a new puffer for a time period that I have temporarily forgotten. And I have already apologised in advance in case I grow another foot in height.

I doubt it will happen, but it's a fun joke. Because that's exactly what happened the last time I was on 'roids.


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Challenge #03503-I215: Gunboat Immunity

A species is found that is immune, not only to the immunoflu, but to all other known diseases. Their immune systems are insanely adaptive and very quickly, once one being contracts and survives an illness, the entire species soon develops the same adaptation. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In humans, being apparently immune to everything is an early warning sign for Multiple Sclerosis. Not recommended]

Of course they were Deathworlders. Havenworlders wouldn't have a reason to have such an immune system, and those

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Wednesday, Plague Day 16, Wordpress, Date Night

So much to do, so much to see to, so many appointments happening today. It's going to be fun.

My oxygen was at 99% before the nebuliser, this morning. Yet I still feel like my throat is trying to strangle me 9_9

I don't know what the fuck this is, but I do not want it either.

I'm currently taking a dose via Max and I can already feel it in the pinkie side of my palms. A little bit of

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Challenge #03502-I214: Last Warning

“This breaks our immortality deal,” the being slammed the butt end of their staff on the ground, causing the palace to shake and the floor began to crack around him. Some poor souls were blown away from the room while the some of guards were barely able to hold their ground while the rest collapsed. Ten beings were all that were left standing wearing some very prestigious clothing. “Please forgive us, this may be an error in our side. We would not

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Tuesday, Plague Day 15, Patreon

I'm still battling with clogged bronchii and I'll be doing some time on the OPEP to get some of my ability to breathe back. Or at least shake loose the clinker that's still in there.

I have done three self-cares this morning. Trying to get back into some kind of routine with those. Namely - Took my preventer, brushed my teeth, and did my face-care routine.

I'm re-establishing my gut biota by ingesting Aldi's Yakult-esque in the form of a fruit smoothie.

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Challenge #03501-I213: Blessed With the Ability to Curse

They were born with heterochromia and when their canines grew in, they grew in long and pointed. Yes they were human, it was a genetic anomaly. But hey, they loved how it scared pirates when they smiled fully and showed THOSE teeth!

[While I don't have heterochromia - a condition where the person is born with one eye being one color and the other eye being a completely different color, when I lost my eye-teeth, aka the canines, as a kid, the

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Challenge #03500-I212: A Rare Kind Touch

Do you know what it's liked to be hugged, when before all you ever knew was a hard hand? Do you know what it's like to have someone hold you and tell you it'll be alright, when before, all your life, all you've known is to be told you are worthless? I do. Thank you for your warmth, I love you, too. -- Anon Guest

It had been quite a chase. It had been quite the revelation. The mad lord in morning,

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Sunday, Plague Day 13, Game Night

Looks like not many people are playing, tonight. I will finally get a guide to Drekki's spider spawners and get a wriggle on with making the grinder because string is a commodity we all need.

Me especially, because scaffolds are essential to my building process.

I have already created the story for this week's Tale Foundry challenge. Pruned and ready for reading. Of course my Patrons get a peek at the unedited version. With maybe a link to what the finished product

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Challenge #03499-I211: She Demands Her Tribute

They're trying to get work done, they're at their desk, there is a pile of paperwork, but the local cats are being absolute cuddle-bums today! -- Anon Guest

[AN: With reference to Meet Lilbit]

Two kind hands are not enough for one cat. There were times and civilisations when cats were worshipped like gods. Neither cats nor Wraithvine had forgotten this. The kitten was just a little bit of fur with claws and teeth attached, thus earning the name Lilbit.

This became

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Saturday, Plague Day 12, Game Night?

There might be D&D with my fellow Brisbane Lunatics tonight. There will definitely be games with my International Lunatics tomorrow night, because my voice is back up to snuff.

I start streaming my daily tales on that Long Monday. Whee.

Here's hoping I make it through.

This, my readers and friendos, is the acid test. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. I might be slow about it, but I can still do the things.


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