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Challenge #03985-J333: Countermeasures

Spellcasters hate this fact but if you just stick your fingers in their mouth while they're casting a spell with a verbal component it's literally more effective than a counter spell. This also works with pinning their hands against the wall when they're trying to use somatic components.

Basically if you make out sloppy style while pressed against a wall the spellcasters can't do anything -- Anon Guest

[AN: And I have to keep this story PG. Thanks Nonny. Not]

Adventurers don't have to do advanced magic to counter a wizard. All they need is enough proximity and a blatant disregard for personal boundaries. The Bard, Rickard Cagodor was just one of those Adventurers.

It was a winning strategy, but not the most heroic. The best words to describe it is "problematic at best". In brief, if there's a wicked wizard trying to kill them all, Rickard would get within grappling range and suck face. With an option for aggressive hand-holding as well. None of this with any permission.

It's bad manners to make out with anyone without their permission. It's worse manners to do that with a plan to literally stab them in the back. It makes a lot of vengeful ghosts, to say the least of it.

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Tuesday, Patreon and Payday

My PLNs today are mostly to stay at home and get on with getting on. Such as recording more chapters, making my offerings, posting my Patreon stuff, and maybe even finishing the chapter I started yesterday.

I gotta do my stretchies before I get into that stuff though.

That's the good thing about watching videos whilst waiting for my painkillers to kick in [oh btw I got a cyclone headache]. It gives me time to do those stretchies in full.

We get

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Challenge #03984-J332: Early Access

A young mage just learning her magic makes a set of lovely gifts for Wraithvine, Gikka, Lilbit, and their traveling companions. What are they? A special bracelet, or for Lilbit a collar, that scares away all biting insects, fleas, mites, and other such vermin. A great thing for traveling near waterways in warm months when the mosquitoes were getting bad. -- Anon Guest

"It's not much, but it's the best I can do in gratitude," they young mage presented a set of

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Monday, Doctor's Appointment and Supplies

I got the quack's today because apparently you need to constantly top up your prescriptions every firkin year and I haven't done that since 2021.

Temporally challenged. As far as I'm aware, I just got a prescription a couple of months ago. What the fuck? TWO YEARS? No firkin way.

This happens more often than you may believe.

I'm not going to get better about this.

But the story will not be happening until after I've done all of that and shopping

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Challenge #03983-J331: Snow Falls Fast on the Crown That Cares

"Those who actively seek power, seek a throne, will end up having neither, nor do they oft deserve them. Those who have such thrust upon them unwilling, and then seek to use them for the sake of others, realize the true weight, and are needed there." -- Anon Guest

Briar very rarely used her full name. It took up too much time and the people of U'ah had a long tradition of an 'urgency' eke name. "Baroness Henriette Bri'arillain Kalamitee U'ah, get

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Sunday, Streaming Nonsense

I have done my stretchies, I have run some more dungeon, and I am about to do my story stream. Once I'm done learning about this one thing I'm watching.

And when I'm done writing this blog. And have published it.

I might be able to do a little more than normal now that I'm waking up at 4AM rather than 3AM, but results may vary. Depending entirely on my ability to want to do anything.

I may yet spend today catching

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Challenge #03982-J330: Fishing With the (ex) King

"Uncle Kosh, what is the Blood Throne?" Asked the small child sitting at his side as they quietly fished together. -- Anon Guest

Kosh looked twice at the little Hellkin 'nibling[1]' sharing the riverbank with him. He hadn't thought he was that far from Trispire and he certainly wasn't outside of what used to be his kingdom. Hells, since he retired to the title of Baronet of Arachis, he didn't need to wear any kind of insignia. He avoided it

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Saturday, Called For Rain

Adorable doesn't like walking in wet weather because long history of lung infections and consequential pneumonia. So we didn't parkrun today.

Did enjoy breakfast and did a little running around for the QPP.

I think a day without doing very much writing might actually help me today. We shall see.

Story and the other offering very soon. I shall attempt to commit some literature later on. Depends on my mood.

Upcoming: Planning for Crimbo, talking to the kids about gifts and meals,

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Challenge #03981-J329: Unexpected Defences

Mr. Sunshine and Jay are on a station and see a human bullying a havenworlder. Before they can interfere, the havenworlder grabs the human and flips them to the ground like the, now very shocked, human was a rag-doll. And how proud that havenworlder looks when security takes the bully away! -- Anon Guest

Everyone agreed, it all happened so fast. Things always happened fast in the Edge Territories. Especially those on the very cusp of becoming fully part of the Galactic

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Friday, Busy Bean Again

Okay. For realsies. THIS time, I'm going to go out and get my Ashwagandha, some Crimbo shopping, and household essentials.

Not going to be saving a lot this pay cycle.

When I finally get back from my excursion, I have to remember my stretchies or I shall hurt myself by writing.


I am just so firkin tired already. AND I still have to unfuck my habitat.

The house is still a shambles and I can feel time running down. Grr.


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Challenge #03980-J328: The Most Treasured Thing

The one thing the dragon coveted in their entire hoard was not the gold, the gemstones, or the fine tapestries. It was a plain, wooden, statue given to them when they were but a hatchling. If someone came, respectfully, asking for aid, they did not mind sharing the rest, but don't anyone dare touch that one precious item. -- Anon Guest

A Dragon's Hoard is not what the legends keep saying it is. More often than not, they are things the Dragon

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Thursday, Busy Bean

So. Last night, I discussed arranging a means by which MeMum could cock a snook at the people cutting her off from Doctor Who and other things for the sake of profit and profit alone.

Lots more of us will want to know about that for sure. Watch for cautionary posts telling you what not to do so you don't accidentally commit a piracy. Coughcough.

One of the essential tools for that sort of thing is a Smart TV. Be very careful

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Challenge #03979-J327: Soft Hearted

Human to furry deathworlder.

"Can I give you a hug?"

Deathworlder to Human

"oh... kay...?"

Human hugs deathworlder with tears sliding down their face.

"Thank you, I needed this." -- Anon Guest

Ty looked down towards the slowly growing wet patch on her chest. The Ships' Human, Seph, was breathing erratically. His hands tangled in and clinging to her fur. Even though Ty had never taken Companion training, she had read the most important parts of the manual. So she petted Human

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Wednesday, Date Night, Busy Day, and Nonsense

I have the Offerings to make, five chapters to read [I just finished Chapter 345 of A Devil's Tale btw] some plots to work out, and we're going to visit a new place tonight. Yay.

Beloved is five chapters behind where I'm writing and I have a few ideas with the proceedings and eventual war. With maybe a side of Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal for the traitors.

I'll see how things go as they develop. I've made some decisions, so

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Challenge #03978-J326: Fel Fortunes

My fate is to be a demon king. Just like my father, and his father before him. But I don't want to be a king. I am a demon, but I just want to live a peaceful life. Kind wizard, what do I do? Can you help me change my fate? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is a difference between Actual Demons, who would never say this thing, and Hellkin, who are called demons by the ignorant public]

"The one in Whitekeep

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