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Challenge #03741-J088: Makes Scents

A pleasant scent to you may be offensive, or even dangerous to others. Please be careful about how much perfume you wear. -- The New Guy

Personal hygiene is, in the Galactic Alliance, personal. The most many expect is to keep the self-generated pathogens to oneself. That said, there are many who equate hygiene with the simulation of hygiene. Makeup, scents, wigs, flashy clothing, anything and everything but actually keeping clean.

Most of those methods are harmless. Except in the cases of the over-scenters.

It's an easy mistake to make. Use an artificial scent to mask a natural one, grow 'nose-blind' to the artificial scent, and then use more to personal acceptance. The end result is a personal miasma that will, at minimum, offend anyone in the same room. One over-scenter did more than that.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Recovery

Because we were off seeing Hamilton, I was out until the wee small hours of the morning. Because I'm a very tired bean, I am not expecting much out of myself in regards to behind-the-curtains activities.

So I shall complete my daily offerings, and then figure out what I'm capable or willing to do.

It probably won't be much.

It's a feast day, so I have squirreled away a bunch of noodles for a later treat. My love and I are going

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Challenge #03740-J087: Neurotransmitter Teeter Totter

A ship's human with a history of aloof behavior and carefully planned schedules (and rapid improvisation when called for) abruptly becomes cheerful and bubbly and five times as effective. When asked why... they explain that, for the first time in their life, they have proper medication for brain chemistry balance, and that EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE SO FAR has been without sufficient neurotransmitters, and that they don't see a reason to work less hard just because all of life suddenly got much easier.

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Tuesday, Grand Night Out

My Beloved, KIABIL, a whole passel of rainbow-coded people, and my good self are going out to catch a live performance of Hamilton.

Which means I really need to focus on my offerings today or y'all will be left short.

I shall be taking public transit because FUCK trying to find a parking space in Brisbane, these days. But also because public transit, I have a fine opportunity to work on the ever-growing WIP known as A Devil's Tale.

I'm in the

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Challenge #03739-J086: Better Than Waiting it Out

They are an immortal, and they have the gift of a healing touch. Their goal is to heal any and all who are in need and find medicines to treat the sick. They do not wish for thank yous, just to know lives are saved. They meet Wraithvine and ask that they may travel with hir a while, in their quest to aid in saving lives. -- Anon Guest

Bibrid had been pushing on the last rock in his way for a

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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

The reads are going on as I write this. Tomorrow, my Patreon peeps get a twofer on the $5 tier. Because there was the prompt we voted for, and then our host sprang a trick prompt on us because April Fool.

I have NO idea what I'm doing on April 1 this year. Probably a pun storm. I dunno.

Most of my internet prank ideas involve too much effort on my part.

Best to not.

I shall focus on the offering, for

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Challenge #03738-J085: Gently Pressed to Service

Wraithvine, along with hir apprentice, Gikka, and hir cat, walk into a city that has recently suffered a major natural disaster. Instead of greetings, the group is pressed into service as people are rushing around trying to treat the injured, rescue the trapped, and save as many lives as possible. The guard knew it was rude, but this was an emergency. -- Anon Guest

"You lot! You're walking! Get over here and help. A Kobold! Wonderful! Please, the biggest need is this

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Challenge #03737-J084: Salty, Fatty, Sweet, and Deep Fried

It makes me wonder, as I sit here looking out the port at the stars. How are the Alliance handling the idea of the Thranityr, especially the Vorax subvariant, no longer being a major danger ever since us humans came along to teach them the foods that we, ourselves, are constantly being told to eat in moderation? -- Anon Guest

It was an old argument against Deathworlders. Let one in and more will follow. And now it seemed to be coming true

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Challenge #03736-J083: Hateful Consequences

A magic user abuses their gifts. They are young and acting stupidly. They are taught a harsh lesson in being responsible for their own actions. -- Anon Guest

The thing with being inherently magical is that one can cause a lot of trouble with simple mageworks. The ability to conjure sounds, surface-level illusions, or small and temporary objects creates a great deal of opportunities.

Many opportunities to do good. Or many opportunities to create mischief.

Sanborn had taken a misliking to the

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Friday, Further PLNs

Tonight, Friendo Awesome is staying over because helping her fam and distance issues. So tomorrow will be "interesting" when we all take off for the parkrun.

What's also "interesting" today is the fact that I wrote a whole chapter of A Devil's Tale before I got out of bed.

Expect whingeing about borked wrists tomorrow.

I've already cleaned out the catio, and will shortly commence feeding the starters and making The Bikkie.

After that, I get on with the other stuff. Since

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Challenge #03735-J082: Strangers With Candy

A teen looking around furtively hands Jay and Lilicoon a large box of chocolates and asks softly. "Please, help me." Before hurrying away. Not long after, two large individuals claiming that the person "belongs to them", demands to know where the runaway has gotten to. -- Anon Guest

"Delivery," said the kid. They didn't appear to have anything amiss with them upon first glance, but Jay knew how to look beyond that. It was all in the eyes. Eyes made to open

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Thursday, Let's get GOING

Offerings today are:

  • [X] The Writing Wonders meme on the Fediverse
  • [ ] The daily tale

The behind-the-curtain activities are:

  • [ ] Tagging a week
  • [ ] Summarising a chapter
  • [ ] Set-dressing more dungeon (Turns out there's more chambers than I thought there were)
  • [ ] Even more writing of _A Devil's Tale (Pro Version)

It's already gone ten in the morning so let's get on with that.

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Challenge #03734-J081: Found Destination Anyway

They looked like a human, but could change their form. Their natural form was that of a spider almost the size of a young teen. But how do you make friends when you can't be true to who, and what, you really are? -- Anon Guest

Ragnu Pauk[1] had joined the adventurers as a hunter and trapper. All ze had to do was wander into the woods as the rest of the crew was setting up for camp, and return some

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Progress

I should be finished set dressing map 16B, all things going well, today. Which means my next task is making counters for the eventual game.

A day of messing around with BS in GIMP. Yay.

It's a slight pain in the bum, but I gotta do it. Blargh.

Also on my agenda today is the usual week tagging and chapter summarising. And of course the offering of A Devil's Tale [the fanficcy version].

Following that, my dear readers, I shall have myself

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