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Challenge #02971-H048: Tools of Politics

The king's new "Knife" has been there for several months. At the end of the year, he had absolutely no intention on using his blade. He understood, now, what was really going on, information he made very certain others knew, albeit, subtly as he knew there were those who were still like him out there.

Then in the night, another knife came, but instead of the king, they met the other 'knife' living within the palace. It was time for a talk.

I thought it might be fun to have one would-be assassin meet a former would-be assassin? -- LongTalk

He lived longer than the year he had expected. He had learned far, far more than he had expected in less than a handful of months. Yet, all of this did not cure one thing that Kris had thought was another ailment in his litany of woes. He had trouble sleeping an entire night. Thusly, he took it on himself to guard the King's hallways in the small hours in which he found sleep impossible.

That was how he met a young lad named Dag. He was a shepherd, if the piebald wool of his clothing was any indicator. Like Kris had once, this spotty teen was sneaking along under the cover of the night with a dagger in hand. The boy froze in the halls, trying to figure out who or what Kris was.

"Let me guess, Your Lord of the land sent you to right a grievous wrong. You think killing the King is going to save your fellows back home and you're willing to lay down your life for that."

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Sunday, Day 0, New chair woes

There's only one new case today, putting the total of active cases to twelve. My shiny new chair arrived yesterday and I defeated the four-panel instruction set in the same hour. Yay.

The new problem is adjusting to the new kneeling chair. It's... painful. I have to get up every now and again to relieve the shins and butt that are impacted by the unfamiliar stresses of such.

Today's story is going to be a little slower as a result. Same too

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Challenge #02970-H047: The Lifelong Argument

Could we have a sequel to this one, please? She releases the animals she was holding one night and then has a fast take-off just as her people are arguing with the obstinate vegans, her people rescue her so that the small pod-ship she managed to salvage and escape in is now safely in one of her people's cruisers, and the vegans are screaming, maybe even firing at them, trying to force them to "give her back" since "she lived on our

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Saturday, Day 0, feasting ho

There's FOUR new cases, taking the total count to eleven. It's time to hide under my rock. Good news for me is that I have no plans to go anywhere and do anything.

I'm going to be posting a story as soon as possible of course, and then maybe catching up with CritRole or just bingeing something until an early bedtime. All so I can catch Toasty's art stream at fuckoff AM tomorrow.

I should be getting my fancy new chair next

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Challenge #02969-H046: Don't Try to Understand it

Many birds on Earth are unaffected by capsacinoids in hot peppers (mammals are bothered, but mammal digestive systems destroy the seeds of the pepper plants, while avian digestive systems let the seeds pass through unharmed). May we see some avian sentients enjoying a nice ghost pepper and carolina reaper salad with a flavorful habenero sauce? Eye-watering fumes that could bother any nearby mammals are a bonus. -- Anon Guest

Pretty much everyone agrees that Humans are fairly weird. They're hairless apes possessing

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Friday, Day 0, Sigh...

Every time I mention my feels about a negative review of my stuff, I attract more of them on the same theme. Guys. Dudes. My peeps. You missed the bit where the main protagonist is black. Why go off against the "queer agenda" when you could rant about all your heroes being replaced by a black teenaged girl in one obscure book hardly anyone's noticed? TLDR: You missed a bit, haters.

Anyway. The case count is up to eight thanks to another

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Challenge #02968-H045: Exit the Vandals

Proof that no matter where you are or what age it is, human graffiti always stay the same -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to some things found on Pompeii's walls. Most of it rude. It's not just Pompeii, but also there's a dick drawn on Hadrian's wall, and Nordic runes in a very high place in a cave that read, Gosh this is a long way up, or words to that effect. Humanity never changes.]

They had been excavating for months.

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Thursday, Day 2, Getting on with it

Active cases still hang at seven. I'm hoping for the best all the same.

I have learned some things about the music machine, and in an effort to churn out some chunes (tm) I shall be downloading loops ten at a time and trying to install them for use. I'm doing some LEARNING today. Maybe with a mallet.

Music might not happen but education certainly shall.

In the news:

  • Teenagers falling victim to bad relationship boys in school, send out the red
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Tuesday, Day 0, Sleep Spiral

There's two new cases, taking the total to seven. The new cases are from overseas and caught in quarantine. Yay? But the bigger problem is that I am in a sleep spiral.

It goes thusly:

  1. Wake up earlier than expected
  2. Get worn out earlier than expected
  3. Wake up EVEN EARLIER

Lather, rinse, repeat. Until I either stay up long enough to reset or figure out something to get my wakeful cycle back to what passes for normal. It's not going to be

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Monday, Day 8, On the starter blocks

There's five active cases remaining and this is the first time there's been a Day Eight in my tags. Yesterday was the first Day Seven. I'm starting to believe I might actually be able to relax and do things I haven't done inside a literal year. Of course, every time I start believing this, some Moonmelon Tinfoil comes along and just... ruins things.

This morning comes with the news that Beloved can't really sleep with me in the bed and... yeah. I

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Wednesday, Day 3, Bread

There's still seven active cases. I'm watching. This is the first Day Three we've had in a while. I'm eager to see a Day Four. But today? I am making bread.

The family likes my white-adjascent loaf so I'm doing more of them. I shall be making whole wholemeal [with extra "ash" - that's fibre] for myself so that I can have sarnies if I so desire.

Considering how often I actually desire a bit of bread, I should probably make serving-size

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Challenge #02967-H044: Our Freedom or Theirs?

People are curious as to what happens to the prisoners at Greystone. They believe punishment and harsh time is the only way to reform. But those sent to Greystone never leave. Families of those sent there are wondering where their family members are. A crew comes to ask to do an interview with some of the inmates and show the families life inside the prison.

Just kinda curious what would happen if the outside world, especially the families of inmates, would do

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Wednesday, Day 1, Continuing

There's seven active cases and I have an increasing to go off about the state of things as they are and how it's hurting people or worse. BUT I also made a promise to finish posting Destiny's Fools and I am going to do that before I already have a rant.

Spoilers and TL:DR version - Privatisation Bad.

That aught to keep the need out of my blood stream for a little bit. Destiny's Fools is going to end sometime soonish

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Challenge #02966-H043: Non-crucial Failure State

In the early days, humans had just been allowed into the Alliance, but quite a few were still wary. These were very dangerous deathworlders. Sure they were smallish, depending on the species that worked with them, and somewhat squishy, but damn were they tenacious and dangerous! It was well known they were predators, too, that could, and would, eat pretty much anything, including quite a few things that were poisonous.

However, what the crew wasn't prepared for, was during dinner. The human

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Challenge #02965-H042: Time in a Bottle

time loop -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to a looping video featuring temporal paradox. Very clever editing]

"Drink to become... something... immortal," read Thygrun the Powerful. He didn't need to think, he popped the cork and raised it to his lips.

"Don't take it," warned Thygrun the Powerful, yelling at him from across the room. "You'll regret it forever!"

Thygrun had taken one sip already. "What? Are you meant to be me?"

"Yes! The potion doesn't create eternal life. It creates

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