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Challenge #03628-I340: Populist or Perish

Wraithvine enters a village where everyone is absolutely terrified of hir. From the oldest adult, to the youngest toddler. One child bumping hir and falling down screams, while the mother gets to her knees begging hir not to harm the child. The reason? A cult going around terrifying entire villages with horror stories about Wraithvine, trying to get people to fear and shun the gentle Elven mage. What a mess. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine hadn't even introduced hirself to anyone, nor had ze had any chance to find anyone worthy of wrath. Ze conjured a sweet treat for the child and a mug of soothing tea for the distressed mother, sitting on the ground with them and paying it no mind at all.

After a few millennia, mud on one's clothing ceases to matter.

"There now, there's no need to be upset, I promise. What's been happening here?"

"Please, sir, we don't mean no harm. Don't bring the storm, please don't bring the dragons? We're simple, honest folk. Nobody's going to steal your hair while you sleep, 'pon my oath."

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour & Wordpress

Today, the PLN includes taking Beloved to the train station so she can get to work. I am also taking Mayhem to the Dept of Main Roads so he can get his replacement license and then going to the bank so he can get a replacement bank card.


I shall be posting another part of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale very soon to now because I know damn well that I won't have the time for an extended rant

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Challenge #03628-I340: Safety and Security

The tug is brought back to the station, the owners are told what happened, but are not angry at the kids, like Oz, is only greatly disappointed. However, the kids must face consequences for their behavior, and the parents are going to get a SERIOUS lesson in child-care, and a long talking-to. -- Lessons

It's universally agreed that eight and under is a bit young for Grand Theft Space Tug. There was going to be a

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Tuesday, Patreon, Lining Things Up

Guy Councilman1 came by to see what the hell was up with the sullage system and I was able to float my idea for a permanent sullage garden. Turns out that those plns will involve different stuff to the things we already paid money for.

There's going to be a trench to dig and different pipes and different sprinklers and it's going to CO$T so part of getting that all together is going to be negotiating payment rates. Yaaaayyy...


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Challenge #03627-I339: Legally Bound

“I finally created the ultimate slave contract where the victim is enslaved by their own free will, they may be able to break it anytime but the repercussion will be emotionally immense.” “My lord, these are just adoption papers

oh here’s part 2 -- Anon Guests

[AN: I can only guess that these are from two different Nonnies, but the second link supplied leads only to the first bit. Alas, alack]

Lord Aszhatt glared at the seneschal. "But they must fear

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Long(?) Monday, Chillaxing

I shall be streaming in a few minutes, then napping, then returning to consciousness for the TaleFoundry reads.

Thereafter? Who knows?

We didn't get to the sullage pipes as I had hoped, alas. Today might be the day. It might not. The hours my love and I share to arrange all the nonsense are rare and often filled with more important nonsense.


Onwards to the written nonsense.

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Challenge #03626-I338: Parcel of Peace

These creatures are DANGEROUS, don't even think of challenging them, are you mad?? They eat POISONS for fun! They drink ACIDS for refreshment! Their bodies are made so they can run for MILES before they even begin to get TIRED! DO NOT FLAKKING CHALLENGE THEM! -- Anon Guest

Who could possibly believe that a rubbery hairless biped with an internal skeleton could also be the most relentless killing machine in the known universe? Certainly not Thrith Wout, who was running for hir

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Sunday,Plott'n and Pln'n

I am streaming early today so that I have the time to go do other things. Like get the supplies of cat food up to snuff. Or finally do the sullage pipes because the hours my love and I actually share are ridiculous and it takes some mutual planning to get things done sometimes.

So after I'm done prepping for the stream, I shall be sending out the "soon to now" notice.

Watch my Tumblr for further bulletins. Or just tune into

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Challenge #03625-I337: Small Acts of Mercy

A drunk person stumbles out into the street and grabs and kisses Wraithvine before passing out from the drink. They are very apologetic for their behavior in the morning. -- Anon Guest

The morning after the night before. Where ev'ry hair on your body is sore...

Such words had never been truer for Luane Emberguard, waking up to the very concept that fingernails could ache. Where the memories of the previous evening were vague, fragmentary, and always regrettable.

Someone poured liquid into

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Saturday, Parkrun First!

I did the whole 5K for the first time in ever! YAAAAAYYY!

I will probably regret tomorrow. Today, I am proud of myself.

I shall be streaming, and then joining my Beloved for a nap. We hadn't got enough sleep, last night so catching up is priority.

I want some sleep, but I also don't want to be streaming closer to tomorrow.

Onwards towards that goal.

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Challenge #03624-I336: Welcome Deeds

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are falling, and the harvest is being gathered. A family invites Gikka, Wraithvine, and friends to join their village in the fall festival. -- Anon Guest

The little village in the middle of nowhere was having a harvest festival. The winter crops had been planted, the summer crops had been reaped, and all the preserves were stocked away for the snows.

This was the time for music and dancing, and light against the fading darkness.

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Friday, Day off?

Relax, I'm still doing my stream, but I really just want some fuckaround time for the rest of the day.

As for the tech support yesterday. It really was an object lesson in how miscommunication causes problems for everyone. I thought MeMum was confounded by bookmarks, and in a way, she was. Mum didn't know where to look when I was trying to describe what tabs were.

I had to go there and point.

Which is kind of peak chaos for this

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Challenge #03623-I335: What You Need

A cavern is found with enough gold, silver, coppers, jewelry, books, rich clothing, everything a person could ever desire. But there's a warning on this entrance. It reads "Take only what is needed." And, outside the cavern, a large hospital, where many adventurers can be found. -- Anon Guest

The Church of Kind Hands keeps supplies for those who need. They accept the gifts of many, and distribute them to the wanting. Some gift their time. Rolling bandages, chopping wood, cooking food

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Thursday, Tech Support Speed Run!

I have PLNs to sort out MeMum's trouble with GoogDrive.

Which means that I do my stream, do the publish, and then haul arse to the other side of the big smoke to see what the fuck is up with GoogDrive on Mum's ancient lappy.

Since it's also raining, I will be taking the ultimate care on the roads. There's a lot of idiots out there still driving like it's dry. And also driving like everyone else out there offends them personally.

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Challenge #03622-I334: They Foretold You So

A Deregger polity requires people to take Esper tests at a young age. Those found to be of strong talent are forced to go to special compounds where they are only educated enough to be useful, and their abilities are trained to benefit the polity. The problem comes when they start trying to force the Espers to breed to create Esper children, and people rebel in rage at being treated like mere animals. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Eugenics is bad, m'kay?]


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