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Challenge #02471-F281: Double the Experience

They were twins, identical to the last freckle. It brought them no end of joy with playing pranks on friends, or on unsuspecting galactics, when they wore the exact same clothes and hair styles. Very few have ever seen humans that looked, sounded, and acted so similar that they could practically be ONE person in two bodies. But they were in space for a reason. To learn new foods, new cuisines, new inspirations. They wanted to open a restaurant that could one day be famous through-out the universe. Problem is, just what were the tastiest treats around? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: So very tempted to do Taako and Lup IN SPACE! but they've already been there, sooo....]

There was a big lump under the bigger warming blanket that had one Human head poking out, looking around anxiously. Like all Spacers, this one had their hair cut short and the barest minimum of protections against random infection on. In this case, the only visible safeguard was a breath mask. In a handful of moments, the head would duck down, the lump would shift around, and the head would apparently pop back up again.

Finally, at last, their contractor arrived at the meeting place. Only then was it revealed that there were two Humans under the warming blanket, which they folded in a co-ordinated dance. Apart from the fact that there were visibly two of them, they were apparently completely identical. Only their nameplates distinguished them apart. One was called Tash and the other Kel.

Captain Krasq startled at this. Ze had heard legends, for sure, but this? This could easily be chalked up to an emerging phenomenon known as The Humans Were Right. Which was a list of reports and footage from assorted beings who independently confirmed things that the Humans had been stating as truth for years, even decades. The N'Ozzies really did a number on Human-Galactic relationships.

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Beloved forgot to give me the Ashwagandha. I still cannot brain well, but I nevertheless managed to get my nonsense out regardless of shenanigans.

I have four more days before the potential week in which I get my order to come in. It might take the entire week so I have to remember to menace Beloved for my dang braining pills.

Not looking optimal here since I need brain to get braining pills.

Fun times.

I was really hoping to be back

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Challenge #02470-F280: Fluidity

A genderfluid human whose sexuality changes along with their gender, attempts to explain how they experience life to someone with very little context, save for that this particular human is sometimes interested in them and sometimes... just wants to play video games together. -- Anon Guest

Humans have so many labels for things. It could be amusing, were it not for the multitude of those who struggle with those labels and what they mean to them. Prefixes and suffixes and interfixes, oh

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Wednesday Already? Wow.

Today, I have to come up with something for Wordpress. Today, I also reach the bottom of the chocolate stash my daughter-from-across-the-water sent me in her last care package.

I owe her the good stuff, no joke. I just gotta scratch it all together.

Speaking of, I also need to scratch together today's content.

Here I go.

[Addendum: For those of you tracking my brain meds, I'm still waiting on the shipment]

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Challenge #02469-F279: Close to the Skins

Tighty whities, saggy and baggy, or not much there at all... your wash tells a lot about you. -- Anon Guest

Of all the mysteries of Human existence, the concept of 'clothing' and 'decency' are the pinnacle of Human attempts at civilisation. Primary amongst the examples trotted out for debate are 'underwear'. Human underwear has gone from articles of clothing to protect the outer clothing from assorted bodily excretions, to hardly anything at all designed to cover intimate portions of skin from

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So we had some hail. Light hail, thank goodness. But it served to wake me the heck up and make sleep impossible for me since.

On the plus side, I did get another story edited for episode 15 of Inter-Mission. I'm that little bit further forward on that count. Yay?

The best news today is that my Beloved will be bringing me an emergency supply of Ashwagandha so I can brain during the rest of this week. It's almost time to be

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Challenge #02468-F278: Tougher Than Tough

"What's wrong I heard screaming!?"

"Oh, hey can you help me get my hand out of here?"

"I was practicing with Australian Bull-oak and made a hole."

"What were yo- by the stars you're bleeding!"

"I know that so help me!" -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed the spelling of Buloke so people could read the prompt a smidge easier]

Humans with a fascination for martial arts -especially fictional martial arts- are more insane than

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Once more around around again

It's Monday, and I have the usual shenanigans going on. Only this time, I have to schedule a trip to the post office because Capt S. Forgot some important things at our place and it's easier to mail them down.

Watch my forgetful ass mess this up in so very many ways.

I shouldn't forget the money run. If I hang around after getting the cashola, I should - underline should - be able to do the mail thing.

...except the Aussie

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Challenge #02467-F277: Human Jae's Video Log

Up next, the top 10 questions you'll get from your intergalactic crewmates. -- Anon Guest

Hey, out there, infonets! It's your friendly wandering Human Jae! Living large on the Edge of the Galactic Alliance, yeeeaaaahhhh... Have no fear, I am mostly harmless, I swear. That thing with the Vorax scout troop was a fluke I have yet to explain. Promise.

So I've been doing the round robin thing, escorting the. Absolute. Cutest. Havenworlders on their scientific excursions, and oh my God I

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Fun times ahoy

My brain is back to being like a sieve. Even more so than normal. Well, what passes for normal when I'm actually on Ashwagandha.

Bad news: I gotta wait a week before my order is ready. Y'all know this.

Good news: Beloved apparently has a stock of Ashwagandha at work. Enough to see me through until the eventual delivery day if there are no further complications.

Bad news: Beloved is not back to work until Tuesday because they were working on Saturday.

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Challenge #02466-F276: One Game Round

"I won't let you harm this child!"

"It's not even your kin, why would you protect him?"

"His mom will whoop my ass if I don't." -- Anon Guest

Of all the occupations in Human history, childcare has to be among one of the least respected. It is expected to be easy. It is not. Especially when the child being cared for is not one's own. Especially when that child has a fae-wrought destiny.

For those unfamiliar with the Fae, they are

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So. I ordered my Ashwagandha, but... the place I ordered it from is out of stock.

I have to wait a WEEK to brain properly again. At minimum.

On the plus side, a parcel from the states arrived and I'm busily attempting to figure out all of the assorted nonsense within. The cat toys have been distributed to my little fluffy friends. Everything else is a matter of my int rolls at the time.

Not looking good on that count for next

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Challenge #02465-F275: The Folly of (Rich) Man

with a wave of his finger and flick of his wrist, he cracked his neck and grinned like a bitch -- Anon Guest

[AN: Ugh, the prompts that make me think about my new D&D character who didn't exist when this was submitted... Not doing that noise. Keep it professional...]

There's two ways to go when the forces of fate conspire to brand you for the sins of your father. One, of course, is to sink even deeper into sin,

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I can handle this (I think)

I did order myself ten months' worth of Ashwagandha, at a hefty knock to my wallet. I'm... "fine". Sort of.

I can cope. I can deal. I can make it.


It's gonna be tight for a little while. I can squeak by. I'm avoiding cash purchases this week, but that's me punishing myself for making a purchase that is more than my weekly budget.

...I should probably stop hurting myself like that.

This is another scar from growing up poor and

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Challenge #02464-F274: No Ordinary Fool

Master Chef in SPAAACCEE!!! -- Anon Guest

Chefs tend to treat certain groups of people differently. Professionals who mess up are far more likely to get the chewing out of a lifetime than a small child or a student who is just beginning to learn. The most famous of them who held this philosophy has managed to spread it memetically through most of Human space. Now, every Human chef follows the same philosophy.

Now, because of the Train Wreck Phenomenon, cogniscents all

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