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Challenge #02019-E195: Lost and Found in Space

Wait, what happens to the poor guy in space in “Show Me the Way...”???

Does he find his way home or does he make space into his new home? I’m so curious now. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The prompt throws back to this story for those who don't want to go on an archive crawl]

Personal journal: Stardate... I don't even know by now. Everyone has a different way of counting and the standard year is something I can't even figure out. These folks have pretty much given up on keeping me away from shit, and now I have some of the basic gear. In this case, it's an information thing. These folks have given up on phones and have gone for tablets.

Well. Sort of tablets. These ones are bendy and can be used to just like... read your arm. And they take dictation so you can fart around and write your journal at the same time. Hearing my own voice has helped me stay sane. Well. More sane than I should be by now.

Likewise, learning some of the lingo has helped. I'm no expert by a long shot, but people aren't critiquing my handle of GalStand Simple any more.

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Deeeeep Breath...

Today is possibly the first day where I don't have to go out and do anything or spend any money.

Well. Apart from the option of brat-fetching late in the afternoon.

My life has been turned upside-down this week because Mayhem's suspected gallstones [we still have to see whether they is or they aint] have had me all over everywhere like a mad knitter's stash.

So I forgot a few things. Didn't get around to a few things. And am madly using

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Challenge #02018-E194: After Math

And then she spoke. She was xir’s friend, xir’s confidant, xir’s companion through thick and thin. She was the one xir trusted above anyone else. But she is also dangerous, deadly, and vicious; a deathworlder before all else, a human at heart. Xir will never forget those three words for as long as xir lives:

“Actually, I can.” -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm going to take your word on the conjugation of this pronoun, Nonny. I can only handle

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Distracted, Disorganised, Disgusted

Distracted: The Adventure Zone graphic novel has dropped, and people are sharing all kinds of shiny shit.

Disorganised: Since I'd rather look at those shiny things, I am not on my A-game. At least I posted the first Blast already.

Disgusted: Miss Chaos didn't want to be awake this AM, and decided to curl up and sleep ON THE TOILET FLOOR. Save that shit for eighteen, miss.

I gave her a rude awakening and I sincerely hope it sticks, this time. One

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Challenge #02017-E193: Like a Boss

Adrenaline is a well known (and banned due to its effectiveness/danger) military combat drug.

What happens when aliens find out that human bodies produce it naturally when under stress or danger? -- Anon Guest

The V'rithi had known Human Jak as a 'team mom', constantly fretting over their collective wellbeing. Making sure they had rodesnax[1] and clothing that would protect them from the elements. Human Jak was constantly gentle and kind, and -to use a Human phrase- wouldn't hurt a

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Travel All Over the Countryside...

[Ask the Leylands, ask the Leylands...]

You have to be (a) Australian, and (b) a certain age to understand that joke. The Leyland Brothers was a docuseries in my youth featuring the titular brothers and their jeep adventures all over our wide brown land. To this day, I still refer to doing the royal run-around as "a Leyland's tour."

Yesterday was seeing the doctor, making appointments, and doing more shopping. The day before was seeing assorted doctors, getting scans done, and stocking

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Challenge #02016-E192: Minder's Manners

“Why not?” Is probably one of the most dangerous questions in a humans repertoire, ESPECIALLY when followed by the response “Because fuck you that’s why.” -- Anon Guest

Humans are a contrary bunch. Obstinate. Stubborn. Determined. Tenacious. And most definitely vexatious. They ask questions. The second most-annoying question in the Human repertoire is, "Why?" But number one on the list is, "Why not?"

"Because I don't want you to," is not a sufficient answer. Humans much prefer reasons that make logical

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That Went Well

Here's my yesterday:

  • Attempt to get little darlings organised and pointed at school
  • Mayhem complains of gutsache and throws up
  • Book doctor's appointment and call school for Mayhem
  • Get Chaos off to school minus hitch
  • Do a cash run
  • Have five minutes to self before running Mayhem up to the doctor's
  • Hurry up and wait
  • Get recommendation for a CT scan (!) after bounce test doesn't give encouraging results
  • Paperwork
  • Hurry home to do what work I can in the interim
  • Rush off
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Challenge #02015-E191: Party Time on No-Longer-Tranquil VII

On the wall was posted the human regiment’s code of conduct/safety instructions:

  1. Do not subtract from the population.

  2. Do not add to the population (looking at you Jared).

  3. Do not end up in the hospital, the news, or in jail.

  4. If you do end up in jail, establish dominance quickly. -- Anon Guest

It was a set of rules above the airlock door. Entitled, When Visiting. And could be summarised as, "No killin', no thrillin', just chillin'." Which every squad

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Just Another Maniac Monday

Mayhem threw up. Sigh. Which means he gets a free trip to the doctor's and I get more running around than I should be due.

I don't have to do the brat run, but I do have to get cashola [and sort out my squirrelings] and some fresh veggies. And since shepherd's pie was the one thing that Mayhem didn't throw up during the week, some more of that noise.

And I'm fresh out of sheep mince. I shall have to find

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Challenge #02014-E190: We All Fail Sometimes

How do aliens react to sayings such as “to err is human”, “it’s fine, you’re only human” and multitude of others like them? -- Only Human

[AN: I fixed that first saying there. I've never heard it the other way around]

It happened a lot, whenever a non-human was talking to a Human about a survived mistake. "We're only human," the Human would say. And then their brain would catch up with what their mouths had said and they'd amend,

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I have to make certain my little darlings are off to their respective schools. Tomorrow, I am cleaning up the massive mess of post-shepherd's-pie and post-roast kitchen apocalypse. Tomorrow, I begin sorting out what the flakk this years' novel is about.

This is a first for me. I honestly threw B'Nar into the mix because it was another B-name planet that could be fun to play with. Welp. Now I'm about to have fun.

I stood in this swamp and now

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Challenge #02013-E189: Order in Court

Not mine, but by randomacts13.

“Humans survived the volatile early years of their species rise through community-bonding. They put the needs of a group of individuals over all else; hunting as a group, eating as a group, raising families as a group, and sometimes dying as a group. This tendency to form strong bonds means that while a human’s signed contract can always be trusted. It also means that a human cannot be trusted to not rip that contract up and

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We just paddled up to the organic butcher's and got ourselves half a cow. An entire cardboard box of which is full of 500g baggies of mince.

We'll have fun gnawing that lot down to nothing. And in the meantime, we have a lot of steak and chops. And approximately seven kilos of mince. Whoops.

Given that my little darlings and I have put a dent in six kilos of chicken thighs, this past week, I don't think it's that much of

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Challenge #02012-E188: Human Inhumanity

Spies are sent to earth, disguised as historians, to find earth’s weaknesses and strengths. Know thy enemy and all that, but they who know the past control the future.

To see what these people have done to each other... They are horrified at what they find. -- Anon Guest

So far, Terran colonies were the only civilisations interested in any kind of negotiations with Earth. And even then, those negotiations were lawsuits. Some of the bolder civilisations were starting to wonder

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