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Challenge #02084-E260: Warned You So

It's been said, regarding history, that "Everything repeats over and over again. No one learns anything, 'cause no one lives long enough to see the pattern..."

...but what if someone did? -- Anon Guest

My name is Loth. It rhymes with moth. I've taken up variations on the surnames Smith and Jones, all over the world. I know a lot of people who do illegal things to make certain my identities are stable. See... when you're immortal, you don't always want the people in charge to know.

Try spending fifty years in Bethlehem, some time. Fifty years, unageing. Fifty years before someone who had been there long enough deigned to notice that I looked exactly the same without the kind of genes you need to be effectively ageless. Try only being released when said doctor actually witnessed you taking a fatal injury and then getting back up again.

And no, I don't know why I'm immortal. I just am. And believe me, I have perfected the art of staying the hell away from medical science. Nope. Not going near that. Fifty years in Bedlam was enough. Another century or so while modern science slices, dices, and juliennes me is not on my to-do list. But... that said, there are still times when I try to stop bad things from happening.

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Let us commence...

Yesterday was strawberry picking and this silly goof managed to nick their thumb because swiss army knives are sharp and my thumb is delicate and fragile.

Today I got an email from the nice peeps at Betabooks asking me if everything is okay because I didn't instantly post one of my works up there.

Oh honey, you got a storm comin'.

Anyone familiar with the $1 tier of my Patreon will know I have a LOT of finished books that need some

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Challenge #02083-E259: Nonhostile Takeover

Their faces were caked with color, like they had heard of make up and tried to use it, but weren't quite sure what went where. -- OohLookShiny

This is space - theoretically, there's room for everyone. The only caveat is that most times, you have to build it. This is Ambassador Jess. She is negotiating with the owners of an otherwise boring asteroid so she can turn it into a semi-profitable habitat. This is the problem - the owners belong to Greater

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First up, some good news.

  • I didn't need a coffee at all yesterday
  • Now that I'm on Ashwagandha, I am sleeping the night
  • I have discovered BetaBooks, which is an online facility so that authors can keep tabs on their beta readers.

I hope to get a stable of them eventually, but for now, the only one I count is the only one I can rely on - MeMum

I shall gather others. Leave an encoded email in the replies if you're

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Challenge #02082-E258: Limited Universal Communication

what if memes are a totally human thing?

like we meet aliens and try to explain this cultural thing, and they have nothing to compare it to, they don't have self replicating cultural phenomena. -- Anon Guest

The Human tripped on their own feet, tumbled, but tucked and rolled and recovered their footing in one nearly smooth moment.

"Sweet flips," cheered a different Human.

"Got the moves like Jagger!" The initial Human did a weird series of gyrations, causing them to hurt

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Yesterday, I didn't need coffee. But I took a couple of cups anyway because I was feeling a little worn out because new meds.

Today, when I don't have to drive, I am having a No Coffee Day. If I wish to have a hot beverage, I will return to my childhood comfort - tea.

There's little that can't be fixed by a nice hot cup of tea. Ask Douglas Adams and The Doctor.

For me, tea is relaxing. It's the calm-me-down

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Challenge #02081-E257: Young Game, Old Players

The thing most deserving of both respect and fear in equally large amounts is an old man in a place where they often die young. -- Anon Guest

Oort Herding is a game for the young. The ability to weave through free-floating bodies in the depths of absolute darkness, to spot a dirty snowball before the Hungry Caterpillar does, to do the necessary gravitational kicks to cometary objects and get out of the way in the correct direction, all needs fast reflexes

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I had things handled, and then my ever-reliable fallibility - my shitty memory - fucked me up. I had Chaos' stuff packed for her excursion... and then left the bag I packed at home.

I was all ready to write a piece for Wordpress, and then I ran out of energy and just plain forgot about it. Not helped by the fact that I did my 500 words in a hospital hallway so my gremlin brain cheered "work's done!" and allowed me

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Challenge #02080-E256: Station Cats

what would be a "normal" day for a cat in a space-station? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I originally thought - normal pet cat or Skitty? And then I thought... why not both?]


The day begins with the rude noise as Elith's Feedme[1] stirs in their sleep nook. Elith used her claws to show mild displeasure at having her own rest disturbed by the movement of the Feedme. Not that she could stop the bald, two-legged creature. Feedmes were much bigger

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Why panic about this?

My anxiety is kicking my arse again. Or maybe the word is "still". I don't even know why I'm so hyped up about today. Most of the things I have to fret about are pretty much taken care of.

  • Mayhem doing tests - big whoop. It's a lot of hurry up and wait followed by brief intervals of people doing their thing. We're not going to get results for ages, either.
  • Today's Wordpress thing - big whoop. I have five potential article
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Challenge #02079-E255: Minions These Days

In a lab, an avian in a white coat with 'assistant' written on it has got a test tube in each hand while the researcher does her work. "What is he doing with those test tube?" "I'm helping Dr Susie !" "I told him that I needed him to hold those 2 important test tube and that one of them is highly poisonous and the other one is an unstable explosive. He doesn't know that's water." "Why ?" "Assistant, give me the explosive one.

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Today's very special wake-up time was two fucking AM. Two in the fucking morning. That's that time of early morning or late at night where the F-bomb just has to be in there because you do NOT want to be awake at like eleven fucking PM or two in the fucking morning.



Absolutely not.

I did manage to snatch some excuse for sleep, but the results are mixed at best. Yes, I can function like a reasonable simulacrum of a

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Challenge #02078-E254: Breach

[Camera recording ○○, Research lab. Subject identified as "Wolf I think?" by Interviewer] [Interviewer enters the room, Subject emits a pulse of light, Interviewer collapses on his knees.Blue light connects foreheads of both Subject and Interviewer] [Subject] I was... created for the sole purpose of... preserving knowledge of my creators. I was... cannoned? [Interviewer, unconscious] Launched. [Subject] Launched... Directly away from our [スタル]. It went supernova. [long pause, Interviewer wakes up, Blue light vanishes, Subject suddenly vanishes] -- 誰ですか?

"Oh shit," they

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Starting positions...

This week promises to be a humdinger.

Monday: Usual start of the week furforal. Escort quest, escort quest, fetch quest, fetch quest, grinding the Clean House quest, escort quest...

Tuesday: Shrink visit! Yay!

Wednesday: Mayhem's medical testing. Yay. Also, Chaos has an excursion. Yay.

Thursday: The usual round of escort quests, fetch quests, and grinding on Clean House again

Friday: I don't have to go anywhere or do anything! ...yet...

And somewhere in all this chaos I nevertheless will summon 3K words

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Challenge #02077-E253: How Sissyphus Rolls

the Galactic allegiance was used to most of the human emotional quirks, they knew about our anger, and packbonding, our mental illnesses like depression, and how small things and gestures can bring us joy, and especially our compassion. but they had never experienced human indifference. Especially when confronted with those that had caused great pain. Humans have the capacity to just not give a damn -- Adam in Darwin

Of all the Human reactions that could have occurred when the Vol'nath Empire

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