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Challenge #03468-I180: Acts of Diminished Responsibility

A Knomira thinks they know better than the safety and security personnel, demanding they let her take her normal shortcut through the station to get back to her quarters. That area is blocked off due to upgrades being done. Long story short, Knomira forces her way in, refuses to acknowledge warning signs, and ends up in an ICU drawer.

Warning signs are there for a REASON people! -- Anon Guest

Floating on a cloud of really great painkillers. Watching friendly colourful blobs drift and collide on a screen a short distance from her face. This could not be real. That was the reasoning Valeska settled on by the time the colourful blobs faded into the face of someone in Medical Reds[1].

"You're a dream," she announced. "And kind'a dreamy. What'cha doin' this weekend?"

Doctor Imaginary was scowling and unhappy. "I am growing three new essential organs for you. While I'm at it, I might see about inserting some functional brain cells." A tap to a little badge on her chest that flashed like a mirror. "Do you even remember what you did to yourself?"

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

I was going to talk about the rights and responsibilities of the Galactic Alliance, but given recent political shenanigans, I kind'a have to go off about the hypocrisy of the alleged "Pro Life" movement.

They're not pro life. They're pro cruelty.

I will go into this in depth. Including some of the arguments they [and MeMum] use against abortion.

It's all about one group of people making decisions about other people's lives. That's all there is about it. The instant you let

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Challenge #03467-I179: Lofty Goals

What if Amatu were to go up on cliffs and up in trees and work on his fear of heights. Sometimes, even severe phobias, can be lessened and controlled through careful exposure. While they're not always overcome, they can sometimes at least be controlled. After all, flying is an incredible thing to have when being an adventurer. -- The New Guy

On the Windy Plains there was an entirely different method of play. They called it

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Tuesday, Patreon and Building Things

I have Patreon posts to make, chambers and world to build, red tape to unriddle... lots and lots of things to do.

MeMum has battled financial nonsense and why she owes Mr Taxman a huge honk of moolah. Going through the liveplay of that was... "fun".

I did offer to help with the websites and how to print emails and all other technogeek things, but she'd rather whimper in a corner. I empathise entirely. I, too, would like to whimper in a

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Challenge #03466-I178: The Rest of the World is Wrong

That push of regret was everything. But it happened, and now things were forever changed... -- Pixels By Kris

The regrets of the past poison the decisions of the here and now. Valiant Stormwight Hallowfine Whitekeep, third of the name, had watched his older brother Purity roll himself in debauchery and excess. There wasn't a girl in all the Earldom that he hadn't sweet-talked into a bedchamber or, in extremis, an alley. And why not? Bastards of the Earl's line were a

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Long Monday, Tired Bean

It's school hols so Beloved and I can spend a morning snuggling. Once I have had sufficient rest, I shall post the story stuff.

TBH I'm only posting this now to prevent anxiety in the few people who check this blog for what's going on.

Next week's D&D sesh with my international team of maniacs promises to be interesting. We might be playing Minecraft together :D Depends on who has what ready in time.

But that's a problem for later.

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Challenge #03465-I177: Missed Connection

The downside to being giant, intelligent, arachnid-like beings is that the ones you want to befriend so often run away. Even many of those lovely ones they call humans. -- Anon Guest

Sargasso stations are always "interesting" in the sense of "interesting times". They're either run by Nae'hyn who use them as retirement homes for decommissioned or retired Gravity Drives, or they are run by low-G insectoids. There is no middle ground.

Welcome to Pappus[1] Station. Bring your own gravity.


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Sunday, Game Night

It's the eve of Long Monday and I have prepared something of a character voice for my Tabaxi Rogue. I named her Curious Ink because melanistic leopard hide.

That will be happening tonight.

Today, I aim to finish the folding and sorting my Beloved left to me. She went off protesting the dumb-as-fuck swimming rule, and I stayed home to procrastinate.

If I get any content done before sleepytime, it is counted as bonus. Same rule for Long Monday.

I'm currently enjoying

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Challenge #03464-I176: Speak Your Truths

A person has invented a type of chamber that, when used as a courtroom, no one within the courtroom is able to lie. The energy waves were tested from the highest level Deathworlders to the gentlest of Havenworlders. Knomiras and Dereggers HATE it! -- Anon Guest

The Muddoks[1] called it "Truth Rays", but the Muddoks always had a negligible relationship with reality. What it truly was, was a means of harmlessly projecting mild electromagnetic pulses in tune with cogniscent brains. Those

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Saturday, Mor Laundry and Game Night(s)

There might be D&D tonight. There will be D&D tomorrow night. Either way, I am player this time and not controlling the game.

Between bouts of folding and sorting, I shall make an effort to build some chambers and/or build some world.

And also whilst I wait for Beloved to wake up and fold with me because Laundry is her system now and I no longer know where the clean and dry stuff is any more.


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Challenge #03463-I175: Adventures in Pet-sitting

A human with a new puppy is often quite tired lately. Their friends had seen them play with the animal a lot, so they understood, but wow, the happy, hyperactive, puppy had more endurance than the human! -- Anon Guest

Doug was a puppy. A neotenous canid, true. He was also a squiggly, wiggly, squirming, wagging ball of excitement with the unstoppable inclination to lick the entire universe. Human Thu had been playing with the creature for most of their day off.

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Friday, Unfuckening Ho!

We're doing laundry today! I would not ordinarily be so excited about that, but my underwear situation is getting a smidge desperate. Beloved and I will be sorting and folding and folding and sorting for most of our combined hours.

Also on the schedule is cleaning the catio, feeding my Starters and using the resultant harvest for my personal snackage.

If I get any content accomplished, it shall be counted as Super Bonus achievements.

For the record, I am rocketing onwards with

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Challenge #03462-I174: At the Grave of Ostentatious

CEO - "You MUST obey me! Now bring me food, bring me the crops, I'm HUNGRY!"

Former employees - "We're stuck on this world, too, buddy. We grew this food, we'll eat this food. You want to eat, you either start helping out, or you can eat the bland nutripaste crap the replicators make."

CEO - "So why in h--- don't you just KILL me, if you hate me so much??"

Former employees - "Because it's more fun hearing you whine, and

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Thursday, Catch-up or Slouchtime?

I have all the foodstuff I need. I didn't write any articles for Alfarell yesterday because making badges with Beloved. Today, she's going to work and I am left alone with my imaginings.

Unless Mayhem wants to talk about stuff and things.

I might focus on finishing my Elf stuff. I might not focus at all. I might stumble into playing Factorio all day. Time will tell.

I am having a lot of fun with A Devil's Tale though, so I might

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Challenge #03461-I173: One True Sin

Why make a ship's engine sentient given how many ships end up abandoned out in space with the engines, damaged and unable to move, stuck alone drifting in the emptiness with nothing but their thoughts.. and often a lonely, unmourned, death? -- Anon Guest

[AN: You're confusing Gravy Drives with engines. Though some do serve the same purpose. When a ship is abandoned, the Nae'hyn serving her never leave the engine alone if they can help it]

This is space: it has

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