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Challenge #02528-F338: Meeting Bip and Bop

A human is always highly protective of a large front pocket of his shirt. He makes sure, when he puts on his skins, always clear ones never opaque, or his armor, that there's a space there, rather inefficient, but it's when a tiny head pokes out that people realize, he has a pet there. A sweet little sugar-glider that is his constant companion. Sure they're almost as fragile as a level 4 Havenworlder, but he loves his little pet very much. He has been raising these sweet earth-creatures since he was a child, and has never travelled without one in his pocket. -- DaniAndShali

Humans are strange. Most Galactics know this, but every now and again, they find the statistical outlier on the normal curve that just serves to remind them of the very strong stereotype. Such as Human Li. When not on duty, when 'just bumming about' the station secure zone, they wore a shirt with a pocket that they guarded with their lives. They were careful of it and nearly ferociously protective of it.

Worn over Ships' Skins, the garment was almost superfluous, and some wondered if the Human Li was somehow uncomfortable in Standard Mean Temperature[1]. As observations continued, Human Li's co-workers started to wonder if their Human had something toxic or dangerous in their pocket. So a small committee of concerned peoples gathered to figure out who would get to ask the Human a dangerous question.

The eventual loser of the competition carefully approached as the Human was gently manipulating an eyedropper to the mouth of their shirt pocket. "Human Li... we are all growing concerned with--" Grix paused as the pocket in question moved on its own. "--the pocket of the shirt you wear. You have been... alarmingly protective of it and we need to know... are you carrying toxic matter and if so, why?"

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Last Friday of School!

Following today, I have all the kiddies at home with little constructive to do. So the mayhem beginneth in earnest. Mayhem has a casual job, at least, so that promises to be at minimum partially interesting.

Today, I must unfuck the house, then go forth and retrieve nommables for the kitties since the supplies have run out.

I shall take full advantage of any discounts I can use, because these little critters get HUNGRY and they need variety.

I've started painting the

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Challenge #02527-F337: Expression Day

They had a thought. All this time the gravity drives seemed to have their own thoughts, their own personalities. But they never before had been given their own voice. It seemed a shame, really. They couldn't tell when they were upset, hurt, or needed to be fixed, these vital parts of any ship. The parts that most people treated as mere objects and often had lonely existences despite going through the expanses of space. So why not give them a voice? Give

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I think my little Tiefling is actually done! I'm still painting the Kobold, because Sisu, but that's probably not turning up on my Patreon. Because Kobolds are tiny, difficult to paint, worse to make look good, and I'm just over here trying my best.

Speaking of trying my best, I have learned:

  • How to fade individual bits in Garageband
  • How to make sure streams are recorded in Twitch
  • Even though you try your hardest not to, Kobold painting will result in spill
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Challenge #02526-F336: Every Good Boy Deserves Fondness

Hard to explain: basically this post. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I see the Terry Pratchett quote in that post. GNU.]

"So. You know about werewolves, right? Terrible curse, full moon, murder and devastation and all that shit?"

"I... think so. Um. Why are you leading me into your basement?" Gria grew increasingly alarmed as Thom lead her downstairs. "Why is your basement door made out of metal?" And from there to inside, "Why are there chains on the wall?"

"Babe... I'm a

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Getting there by bits

I've been drybrushing my dude and I put in his eye. A procedure which required retouching his guyliner for each colour applied.

I want to re-enforce my dude's eyebrows with a little dotpainting, and also add a few highlights on all that lovely blue skin. He's almost finished. I'm also working on a Kobold for shits and giggles. Little dude is looking SUPER dark right now. He needs highlights.

I have nothing to rant about this week, so my followers on Wordpress

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Challenge #02525-F335: Useful Obsession

Almost everyone has a collection of some sort. Some collect books, some do baseball cards, and others like stamps. Me? I love seeds. Every planet I've been to, and every ship I've been assigned to, one of the things I've always insisted upon as part of my contract as a bodyguard, or whatever, is this. In addition to my pay, I get ten packages of seeds. And they must be diverse packages, no duplicates. To ensure this, I give them a list

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Okay. I've got this.

A kitty's due to have some jabs today. Mayhem also wishes to get some underpinnings we can get for cheap. So today promises to be... hectic. Especially since he's due to work potentially soon after the underpinnings shenanigans.

Boy insists on wearing a hecking huge winter coat to conceal his uniform and I SWEAR he's gonna get heat stroke or something because Aussie summers SUCK. But of course he swears he's fine and doesn't need me fretting and oh my gosh, he's

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Challenge #02524-F334: An Appeal

"On this show we talk about humans, and for the most part it's scary stuff. But not today. Because there is one thing you can't say to a human, "you can't"

Today we will tell the story of a human who was told, "You can't save everyone. You will just die trying" " -- Hyorky

Go hard or go home, -- Terran saying.

The two most fate-inducing words to say to a Human are, you can't. Humans will defy logic, reason, and the

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Learnding continueth

Things I have learned since 3AM this morning:

  • I can stream live to Twitch at
  • I still don't know how to have recorded videos up there
  • Having a better brush means having better fine details on your mini
  • If you want to paint a Kobold, they are ALL fine details
  • Even then, you will have paint spilling into areas you don't want it in.

I did my final obsessive touch-ups of my Tiefling and I'm moderately certain

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Challenge #02523-F333: Joy in the Season of Dying

He promised his avian friends a sight on Earth of breathtaking beauty. All they'd ever heard of, when it came to his home planet, was the horrible animals, the diseases, the terrors of trying to exist there. Of course, he knew those things were on Earth, but he loved his home planet even if his job kept him away for long periods of time. He got them dressed in warm clothing and took them to the northern hemisphere where autumn was in

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I'm learning things!

So whilst we were out adventuring and picking up hints and tips to the care and handling of washes, and also some clues on how to dotpaint.

Which resulted in: a kit of washes with a wash brush, a fine point brush, a big-ass box to store all this shit in, and a little pot holder to hold up to three pots of paint whilst I work.

After we were done with all that noise, we tripped over one of those hot-spots

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Challenge #02522-F332: One Way to See

What if humans sight was akin to fantasy elves sensitivities to mana, “I may not have electro receptors like you but I'm able to to detect light with my eyes within the general vicinity” and they were so coy and vague describing light. Also if aliens have electro receptors imagine if they detect our nervous system. -- Anon Guest

The semi-amphibious Anatins didn't need to see light as they were evolving. They could sense the electrical discharges of predators and prey alike

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Start Your Engines...

I dotpainted my mini's face this morning, all ready for a visit to the Warhammer Shoppe with some of my other practice dudes and like 90% of my kit.

I'm also stopping by Costco to spend a honkload of money on stocking up with random nonsense. In this case: pork belly, seaweed, and hollandaise. Given how we go through all three of those things, that's going to be a sock in the breadbasket.

Mayhem starts work on Monday, and he'll be using

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Challenge #02521-F331: Fear Us

Gone are the days of monsters holding a village in fear, secure in their lairs, the biggest worry the occasional angry peasant mob rising up to pester them with torches and cries of being "abominations to God's creation".

The industrial revolution and electricity made humans far more dangerous and less fearful than they'd ever been. Inept mobs were replaced with trained police. Investigating detectives passed knowledge of weaknesses on to new generations of monster hunters...

There are not many monsters left in

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