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Saturday, Tummy Bug and Catching Up

Props to the poor sods who were literally working through the night to restore the NBN to my particular nook of Australia. Apparently, all of Caboolture was incommunicado for a good portion of yesterday.

When I went to bed at 10PM, there was a notice that boiled down to "We're doing our best, further bulletins as news warrants."

This morning, there was a notice to reboot your routers if you were still disconnected.

Champions, the lot of them.

I can't do parkrun this week because of the tummy bug is still wearing off, but that also means I can catch up with the missing offerings.

Sentences, memes, and story soon enough.

Challenge #04163-K145: Wicked Gleaming Glee

An entire room of wanted CEO's. A bounty hunter who revealed herself to be Pax Humanis. Fortunately for them? They were all wanted alive. Well, most of them. -- DaniAndShali

It was amazing to watch. Not a single one of the executives present realised that Bear was outnumbered. They were all focussed on her knife and the gleam of sharpness of her blade. It would only take five of them to take her down

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Thursday, Feeling Gravity

I'm still going through my daily doses at the moment. I've got to put myself on Max, my nebuliser because a decent part of the problem is Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season.

No doubt I will feel better about my ability to move based on my grasp on oxygen.

I'll be moving some blogs from Wordpress to my alternate today. Possibly recording a chapter from Adapting tomorrow. Beloved is self-isolating because ANOTHER Lurgi has hit Adorable's this week.

Public service equals public exposure

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour and Associated Nonsense

My PLNs to help Mum with a dodgy door have imploded. Mum's anxious about getting professionals to do that thing. Plus Mayhem somehow picked up the tummy bug I had to deal with last week. Fun times.

My PLN is still similar. Go out there, bring along caffeine tubes, help with the nonsense, go home and finish off whatever has been left undone before I crawl into bed.

I'm also taking my lappy along and doing my ultimate best to get something

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Friday, Internet Fail

The LAN is broken and our best efforts to fix it in-house have failed. Dang.

Currently, I have no idea when it's going to be fixed. If it's going to be fixed.

Add to that a tummy bug gifted unto me by Mayhem and things are not looking bright for this nerd. I have remedies to hand and hope in my heart, but... I might be sleeping off a lot in the very near future.

I'll be making my offerings, securing a

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Challenge #04162-K144: Help to All in Need

The human had helped nurse the very, very sick dragon back to health. The dragon'd had trouble laying her eggs and it'd taken a toll on her. They stayed to help the dragon, as did their family, and when the eggs hatched, the human and hir family helped the dragon raise their brood, so that all children, human and dragon, knew the love and warmth of a big family. -- Anon Guest

If you believe that all life is precious, truly and

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Challenge #04161-K143: Checking In

Bibrid, Gikka, and Lilbit meet Wraithvine's new associate, Zygorguk. Lilbit is actually the one that is least hesitant about the first meeting. Cats can just tell. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Continuity wise, Zygorguk pre-dates Gikka and Lilbit... But I can make it work]

On the side of a mountain is an old, gnarled tree. It's so tall that clouds catch in its upper branches. Advanced students weave them into treats for the novices. The hollows are

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Challenge #04160-K142: Delivery Completed

A: you salvaged a high priority package? In this desolate place? There’s barely any colony in 500 lights years. Surely you must be mistaken.

B: A, this is a human thing don’t worry about it.

A: I will, because this “high priority package” destination is tangentially 1200 LY of our original drop off point!

B: Look we’ll restock when we get there and you’ll listen to what I say, captain’s order.

Later in the ship A slip

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Tuesday, PLNs in Motion

I have a couple of Leyland's Tours in the barrel. Today, after I finish my daily doses, I take off and get shopping done.

I also have to ring the people who service our sullage system and let them know that they can actually reach the machine.

Making phone calls. My kryptonite.

Still, I braved up and did it. Yay me.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mayhem with me to help MeMum with assorted shenanigans that also involve heavy lifting. Huzzah. Part of

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Challenge #04159-K141: Bet'cha Can't

Human, why are you painting tiny pictures of animals along the tops of the walls near the ceiling?

...because my partner said they didn't think I could. -- Anon Guest

Companion Thark initially thought they were stickers. The Humans did have their peculiar little ways when they thought a space was too bland for their liking. The most popular redecoration tool was the humble adhesive image. It was only when ze attempted to peel one off the cornice that ze realised hir

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Monday, Backup Reads and Shenanigans

I need space on my compy, so part of today's mission is getting rid of stuff I no longer need on Windoze and hoping for the best. Bit by little bit.

...and then seeing if that works.

Fingers crossed.

I'll get on with my offerings and stream before messing around.

And hope I don't have another fatal freeze like the one I had last night. My entire set-up froze to the point where even the on/off switch didn't work.

...that made

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Challenge #04158-K140: In the Nick of Time

They were surrounded by attackers. Before Wraithvine, hir pet Lilbit, Bibrid, and Gikka could do much more, a warrior leapt down from the cliffside to fight, willing to die, to protect the wizard and hir friends. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine remembered thinking, I guess this is how I find out, and readying one last spell to put Lilbit somewhere far away from the strife. Bibrid was technically deathless. He would continue to exist afterwards. It might hurt, but he would continue to

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Sunday, We've Experienced Technical Difficulties

We had some admin issues that's resulted in me effectively twiddling my thumbs all firkin day, waiting for my Beloved to fix the issue.

I used to have instructions to make it go. Instructions that worked.

They don't work any more.

Either things have changed or the interface instructions need to change according to the OS. OR I just need to wait until Beloved deigns to glance at my messages.

This time it took half a day. I have waited days on

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Challenge #04157-K139: Gifts of Justice

I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but I admit, I'm also well aware I'm not strong. Nevertheless, I refuse to stand here and do nothing. -- DaniAndShali

Bravery is not the lack of fear. It is being afraid and acting anyway. It is facing down injustice knowing that it could hurt to stand up for the downtrodden.

She was an outcast, eking out an existence on the sketchier side of the village. He was meant to be fetching medicine for his auntie.

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Saturday, Parkrun and Compy Repair

Miss Chaos has her PC back! It was just the power supply that went boom. With a new one installed, Chaos is back to her usual shenanigans with gaming and youtube and more gaming.

I'm about to dive into my offerings and otherwise prep for the VTTRPG that's on early-early tomorrow morning.

I did get some good sleep so that I was able to wake up before the alarm this morning. I might be able to do it again tonight.

I'm already

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