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Challenge #01960-E136: Playing With Alice

The lines of reality cross and a childhood print character is in our world. -- Anon Guest

Be careful what you wish for, they say. They know what they are saying. They've had to fight this sort of thing before.

But nevertheless, now that magic has returned to the world, some wishes have power. Some words are uttered in full faith. At the right time. On the right leylines. With the correct pose. On the correct night.

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight...

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Busy and cold

I am in the process of kicking off this lurgi. For those interested in my chunks, they are slowly, gradually, getting smaller, paler, and less frequent. Yay, I guess.

Last night's sleep was spotty at best, and frequently interrupted by chunks. The good news out of that was I managed to get a piece for my Wordpress.

I got the whole cleaning day thing, and the usual writing to do. And figuring out something in the order of dinner.

I'm thinking -

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Challenge #01959-E135: Something Blue

Pick a cartoon character from print media, and the lines between reality cross. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I couldn't pick just one]

"Unglaublich..." said five voices at once. Various incarnations of Nightcrawler were staring at each other.

"Hail and well met," said another blue figure in a ridiculously tall hat. "This is not the markets I was in a second ago, not racially profiling, here, but... did anyone do anything... eldritch?"

"Fear not, citizens," said a big, beefy, man beef in a

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I slept through most of yesterday and I feel a lot better about my place in this torture session called life.

I'm still coughing up chunks, but it's looking... good. For limited definitions of 'good'. In terms of chunk horking, there's less chunks, smaller chunks, and the colours of said chunks are giving me hope.

GROSSNESS WARNING: Colour chart for phlegm

  • Clear/transparent/white - nothing is living in your bodily fluids, you're good. For limited definitions of 'good' because you're still
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Challenge #01958-E134: The New Terror

They warned us about AI, aliens, the government... but nobody expected the ducks. -- TheDragonsFlame

"That's not exactly true," said one of the survivors. "Alfred Hitchcock tried, but it didn't quite get there."

Sandy fed another page of a glossy magazine to the guttering flames as she tried to work this out. "You mean The Birds?"

"That was full of crows and seagulls and pigeons, though."

"Yeah, well. Ducks are hard to be believable as a threat. Or they were."

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The lurgi's got me good. This morning's highlights included me exuding mucous.


Coughing up lumps.

Such fun.

I have a small hope that hydration and rest will shake this off, but... If it's still clinging around, I'm going to have to get myself on antibiotics.

Not my funnest eventuality.

And when I'm done with today's story, I shall likely attempt to sleep this thing off.




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Challenge #01957-E133: If it Works...

person one: human do you have a plan?

person 2 : yes

p1: a good one?

p2: a TERRIBLE PLAN! -- Anon Guest

G'roz stared at the human. "How can you have a plan that is terrible? Do you not say that a plan that works cannot be terrible."

Human Steve sighed and said, "It's terrible in that you'll find it upsetting, stressful, and with a high danger potential."

And it was telling how long G'roz had been around humans, because ze said,

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This bug... clings.

I just can't shake it like I'm used to doing. And Sneezin' and Wheezin' season is not helping.

I have three sticks of cinnamon. I can plausibly make cinnamon/ginger/citrus tea. Lord knows the Shamdy didn't help as much as it should have. But getting a good ginger garlic chicken soup going is going to have to wait until I have more money.


I just want to sleep. But I owe y'all a fresh story and a

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Challenge #01956-E132: Impressive, But...

"Hmm... I'm impressed."

"I/We thought you'd like it."

"I said I was impressed, not that I like it." -- TheDragonsFlame

There are certain things that were just... impressive. A cellar full of drunk middle-schoolers chanting Fuck da police whilst a policeman is present. Singing, This is me giving a shit, in front of a man who has the power of life and death over you after he has just attempted to insult you. Staging a resistance against a superior force, alone,

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::Static Noise::

Chaos' birthday, so of course I had carbs.

Sweet, delicious, crunchy carbs.

And of course I have the "hangover" today. Increased Lurgi symptoms. Supremely fuzzy head.

General "fuckit I'm spacing out" attitude seems to be mandatory too.

If I make it through today with anything in relation to work done, I am counting it as a miracle.

Caramel mud cake was totes worth it though.

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Challenge #01955-E131: Good Morning! Good Morning!

From the "Coffee Zombie" Human to the "Warmth Seeker" Reptilian, the earlier hours of the morning can be amusing. -- Anon Guest

Of all the phenomenon in known civilisation, slow starters versus morning people is one of the most universal. The people who spring from their slumber, fresh-faced and cheerful and raring to go are both treasured and hated in equal measure. Treasured, because they are the kind of people who can be relied upon to make the coffee or hot beverages

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Happy Birthday, Miss Chaos

My darling little girl is now a Difficult Teen(tm) at officially thirteen today.

I haven't got her anything for a present just yet. But she does have free license to pig out on whatever she wants, today. Which is going to include dinner at Hoggies, cupcakes at school, and a caramel mud cake in the evening.

On the plus side, I do have all day to wander around and figure out what might gain miss Chaos' interest.

Or I could give

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Challenge #01954-E130: Surrogacy of the Beast

Are you mad?! You realize you basically just made a deal with the devil, right? Literally!” “Ah, you weren’t paying close enough attention. I did not just make a deal with the devil... No, in fact, the Devil just made a deal with me.” -- Anon Guest

"Now. Mister... Scratch," said the lawyer. "I understand that you wish this particular event to proceed, but my client wishes to have some... guarantees."

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Angel of Lies, the Fallen,

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Lurgi, Wheezing, and Other Noise

Lurgi: The seasonal sniffles of the It's-Going-Around have definitely hit, if my crunchy eyes are any indicator. Still living on Shamdy and hoping for the best and peeing like a champion.

Wheezing: The curse of the season has bit me on the arse and I actually horked up a small bronchial cast this morning. Gasp. The bad news is, I swear I had some atrovent nebules somewhere and I can no longer remember where the hell I left the fuckers. They have

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Challenge #01953-E129: Lost in a Hellscape

A couple who have no recollection of how they got there find themselves in a lethally dangerous environment where every creature and several of the plants seem to be trying to kill them. Being religious, they realize they are lost souls and this must be hell.

Then the search party finds them. They were vacationing in Australia and had wandered off after someone gave them roofies.

But what happened in between that would make and amnesiac tourist decide that they were just

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