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Challenge #02324-F134: Quill Dip'd in Poison Vile

Humans write a Letter in the style of Titus to Joseph Stalin to an Alien-Aggressor.

Fun for the Humans. Nightmares for the other Race. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have immense trouble getting that style, but I shall attempt the spirit of it]

From: Admiral Eddington, Commander in Chief, Vanerio Colonial Armed Forces. To: Lord Commander Warchief Xyrkyrkyz, Head of the Vorax Raiding Fleet.

Sir, we had left you alive in Panrinton, chiefly so you could warn your fellows in regards to our presence and determination to maintain said position. You have clearly not performed the duty allotted as price for our mercy. You have, instead, raised some significant forces just beyond the reach of our long-range weaponry. This is an unprecedented act of hubris and gall.

Hubris, because you assume the range of our longest-range weapon, and gall because we did warn you. Obviously, the reputation of Vanerio Space Marines has yet to reach your... whatever you use for ears. We are undefeated. We are well armed. We are now pissed off.

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Almost Done!

I've been doing 1K a day so I have all the more time for other projects and worldbuilding for my next WIP.

Speaking of WIP's, I have made a beginning on editing Ep4 of Inter-Mission. Which means I'm one episode closer to actually publishing these mofos. If I put them out on non-game-night Fridays, I have an occasion I should easily remember.

Should is not is. In this case, 'should is not will'. It's not a guarantee, it's more of a hope.

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Challenge #02323-F133: And Then They Kiss

You cannot tell me that there wasn't at least a SMALL group of humans who took one look at the Karmorp'se and got super happy! There are people who LOVE horror movie monsters! I bet SOMEONE was excited! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt references this thing for those of you who don't want to do an archive trawl]

Humans have an astonishing number of sayings about their own mating habits. Just one is: Love is many things, none of them logical.

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Today's agenda started off somewhere close to fuckoff in the morning so...

  • [X] Finished editing together episode 3 of Inter-Mission - two more and I start publishing these mofos
  • [X] Published stuff for my Patrons over on Patreon
  • [X] Wrote a decent half of the 1K words I had pln'd for today

Yet to do:

  • [ ] This blog
  • [ ] Instant story
  • [ ] Flash fanfic
  • [ ]┬áThe other half of the 1K words I have pln'd for today.

So... yeah. I'd better get rattling. I'm just about

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Challenge #02322-F132: Unexpected Reaction

One human captain has a very, intense, reaction to adrenaline. Thankfully, the crew is understanding. (I was thinking crying/sobbing but if you get a better idea then that's perfect.) -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline is a powerful chemical. It does not, as many expect, make Humans violent. This is just one way for Humans to react. The typical reactions caused by Adrenaline is one of two: Fight... or Flight. Without emotional direction, the side-effects include nausea, an urgent need to vacate the

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Heading For the End

This is the last week of writing B'Nar. Yeeks. The last 3K. This is terrifying and exciting and invigorating at the same time. After this, after a week off to fart about and maybe work on some fanfictions and definitely worldbuild...

I am about to embark on my biggest project yet.

An entire trilogy. Not a baby one like Hevun's Child, but a big-arse one. Three books of 120K each. 360K words over three years. Likely sweating cobs the entire time.


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Challenge #02321-F131: It Says 'Dood'

What if crop circles were just that species' way of leaving a calling card? -- Anon Guest

When tumbling along uncharted byways of Space, it's considered polite to leave something in the way of a marker. A tag, a sign that you were there. A temporary message that will soon be absorbed by nature, lasting just long enough for others who may follow to see... I was here, or, I'm headed this way. All the better for finding your way back if

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A Day of Rest

Sunday. As far as I'm aware, we have no plans. Which means I have a chance to go nowhere and do nothing. It's a rare treat to have that.

Beloved and I have designed the skeleton of the future Kitty Kondo(tm) and we will be making plans to go to a Tradie's shop during the week so we can acquire all the mats.

That's "materials" for anyone who's never played World of Warcraft.

Next on the agenda is designing the walkway

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Challenge #02320-F130: Little Souvenirs

Tattoos are a big part of some Human cultures.

Others see it as an expression of their youth.

And some see it still as a thing, that should only be worn by prisoners and sailors.

How react Aliens (especially Havenworlders and other Deathworders) when they first make contact with a Human and their tattoos? -- Anon Guest

Human Stef was favouring their right arm, being very careful about it colliding with random surfaces. This was not the first time that the Human

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Not a Sausage

Aussie polls used to have cake stalls. They used to have craft fairs and stuff to earn money from the school where they were. Up until really recently, there was only a sausage sizzle as a fundraiser.

You can't get a snag at the polls any more. Dangit.

Thank goodness for Bunnings, which knows where the money's at.

I did not vote for Jon Snow, King in the North. It was a close thing. The really close thing was deciding which one

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Challenge #02319-F129: Not Paranoia If...

A ship's captain is particularly paranoid and adds stun guns to all areas of the ship, for emergencies. -- Anon Guest

In the years that ze was captain of the Twitching Whisker, Thragaak was derided as a delusional paranoid with a persecution complex. Now, we know hir as visionary who was years ahead of hir time. Plying the sargasso as ze did, surviving close calls with Deathworlders and unfamiliar peoples, it was, perhaps, wisdom to believe that They really were out to

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GAME NIGHT! Woot Woot!

After a month of deprivation, we're back in the game :D I'm stoked. The ur-game of D&D is back on for sure.

Every player, consciously or no, plays "break the DM" because making your DM laugh is such fun. Likewise, making them say, "What the fuck?" or calling on their deities in any tone of voice.

I actually do want to make our DM a third-eye hat. I just have to find the mats and then twiddle about with them

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Challenge #02318-F128: We Don't Eat That

In the Time of Spring, Easter Grass is often sold for little Money.

It's nearly completely without Problems. All it requires are Water and Light + Heat

(i even Recall someone saying, that it would also grow in zero G, If provided with the above).

Ideal for the Use as easy to eat Food supply for Herbivore Aliens and their tiny children...

Another Product from Earth with high success. :-) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I looked this up and even a minimum amount

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Chaos Birthday!

On this day, fourteen years ago, a tiny new Human was surgically extracted from another Human and began a very interesting life. On this day, a pair of very bright eyes began assessing the world for chaos potential.

My little girl is fourteen, and we're having a feast day. I've already binged on chocolate :D I also sent her along with little chocolate cupcakes. We will be shopping for a birthday cake after she gets back from school, and going for a

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Challenge #02317-F127: Unexpected Mineral Deposit

Toilets are necessary. Each species their own. Some don't even produce waste, because they literally use EVERYTHING they have. Others recycle.

Toilets in outer space are subsequently vital for Most species of Aliens and so as Clean as they can only be. You could AND can literally eat from them.

However, they didn't realise the hygienical nightmare of an outer space toilet in an Asteroid used by Humans.

(I think everyone knows, how a toilet on an interstate section with Zero Maintenance

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