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Challenge #03806-J154: One More Chance

He had been human. He knew he had died. Why was he awake? Why was he moving? His body ached. And who were these people treating him like a small child? -- Anon Guest

This should not be happening. Of that, they were sure. There had been a risky skii trip to get -in retrospect- a silly little treat.

They couldn't remember what that was any more.

They could remember... A vast hatred in their spirit towards some people. People who had been different to what they were. They had been Human. Yes. The others were... exactly like the giants around them.

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Friday, Shenanigans Afoot

I managed to wrangle a day for my Beloved to go visit MeMum and thereby sort out some tech issues that I could not unfuck on my own.

The problem with this is that it's also the day that Mum's offski to do shopping thanks to an Elderly Care Transit System.

So I have to be ready to take off at a time of convenience.

Which means that I will likely be working on my Starter on Sunday [Wilson the Wholemeal Starter

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Challenge #03805-J153: Got 'Em!

Power goes out, kids are whining about having nothing to do. And whine even louder when the parental says, "Well, at least we have books." -- Anon Guest

Rennie took three deep breaths as Kody and Vince continued their howling. Of course, being forced to do reading was tantamount to homework and therefore the worst torture in the world.

"The other option is housework," said Rennie, immediately calming the boys down about their immediate future. "We can make it fun."

Kody and

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Thursday, Endorphin Chase

Had a wonderful date night with Beloved, had some revealing discussions about where I am on the queer spectrum.

The word is "DemiRo" short for Demisexual with a focus on Romance.

The rest of it is between my partners and I.

...yeah that's not a typo. Beloved and I have formed a Queer Platonic Partnership[QPP] with a third party. Everything else is none of your business. I shall refer to partnership stuff with QPP and generic family stuff that could also

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Challenge #03804-J152: Up For the Challenge?

Some giggling individuals who've eaten them plenty of times before, challenges Wraithvine to the equivalent of the Deathnut challenge. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I thought this was a thing I wrote about for a hot minute. You can imagine me frantically searching my archives for the thing. Anyway. Death Nuts are a brand of snack that include injurious amounts of capsaicin]

Allowing oneself to experience new things comes with its own risks. Since Wraithvine was gifted an eternal existence, ze was willing

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night, and Snuggle Time

Beloved is home again tonight and it shall be part of my plans to pick her up and then take her out. Powers only know what else I am doing in the evening. Besides cuddling, I mean.

For the day, I make my offerings, and send them forth into the interwebs. I work on my WIP for as long as inspiration strikes and then fuck off and fool about on games.

Chapter Count: Made it past 2/5ths of Chapter 279. Fingers

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Challenge #03803-J150: Handy Crafts

Work has gotten so boring lately the human has taken to knitting to alleviate it. -- Anon Guest

The best thing for a Ships' Human to have is a boring job. That's what the old hands tend to say and the younger ones tend to puzzle about. Time tells all of the truth.

Human Dee was just starting to appreciate having a dull job. On the other hand, they still needed something to do.

The scientists were as safe as they could

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Tuesday, Onwards with the Offerings

Yesterday was a marathon.

  • Load the car with the full orange bags ready for a cans run
  • Get ready for the day, including Torture Shoes for the betterment of my train wreck body
  • Do the Tale Foundry backup reads
  • Take off for a long, long drive to the cans place
  • Two trips with the trolley to cash in all the cans, come up $20 shorter than normal because someone didn't crush their containers
  • Offski to Costco to fetch TP and Nori
  • Thereafter
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Challenge #03802-J149: Whoopsie Doopsie

Some children are playing, and a ball goes flying and accidentally hits a Havenworlder child. The parents, new refugees, are terrified their children will be thrown out an airlock, but the Havenworlder parents know, as does the medics, that the injuries are not severe, and it WAS just an innocent accident. -- Lessons

It's never easy to have shared play spaces for a multitude of cogniscent species. Though children easily learn about taking care and being gentle, there are still mishaps.


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Monday, Running About

I have to go to Costco to fetch TP, and while I'm there, I might as well do a cans run and pick up some Nori while I'm out.

And since I'm out anyway, I might as well go forth to the shops and fetch a few things for the fam.

But first, there's the Tale Foundry backup reads. Which will take a lot of the morning.

You might not see any story out of me until later in the evening.


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Challenge #03801-J148: For My Love

A human makes an alcohol substitute that has the property that, no matter who drinks it, the person starts to laugh. That's all it does. Tastes good, but it's called giggle juice for a reason. -- Anon Guest

Dagoburt Gluv had a great love. As an innkeeper, he saw a lot of people, and knew a lot of things by pure osmosis. He also knew, and wished to keep Samara Oatbeard as both friend and wife.

Samara came by once a week

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I spent another night alone because Beloved was off helping Friendo Awesome fend off a house inspection yesterday.

I get to cuddle her again when she gets home at noonish.

And that I shall enjoy.

I shall be working on my offerings via stream today. Just as soon as TaleFoundry has finished the reads.

I might even write a little bit of a chapter at a later hour. Speaking of...

Chapter Count: Finished chapter 278 and about to launch 279. Hooray.


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Challenge #03800-J147: Wanted Dearly Elsewhere

They went from village to village gathering children no one wanted. No matter what the species were. Where they went after? To a special village just for them, where they grew up knowing nothing but love and kindness. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows that Dragons have hoards. What's not as well known is the fact that some hoards are... non-standard.

Tambaga the Gleaming gathered hir hoards in the night, when people were prone to getting rid of them. Some were left in

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Saturday, Parkrun and Game PLNs

I managed to get Miss Chaos to come with, though she had to sit at the first bench. She gave it a good go and we shall see whether she's amenable next week.

Looks like KIABIL is super un-enthusiastic about doing the parkrun. He's not really scheduling his rest cycles to make sure he can participate.

ANYway. I have offerings to make, and some WIP to write and perhaps some dwarves to micromanage.

Let's see how that goes.

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Challenge #03799-J146: It Ain't Broke

The dragon's scales would drop and turn to gold, and the village used it to make their coins. The one thing the dragon demanded was the village not get greedy about it.

The elders teach their children "Betray not the dragon that guards our homes, and allows us to live free. For if your heart grows cold and cruel, the dragon will forsake thee." -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Gilded Hills, here there be Dragon. Not a multitude. One is plenty.


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