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Challenge #02850-G293: Roll Up, Roll Up...

You enter the circus tent, doesn't look all that different from any other. Bright and colorful. You notice something in the corner as you approach something that feels weird. You checked the corner, and you found nothing. You check again, nothing. You check again, nothing. Again, nothing. Again, nothing. Again, again, again, again, again- "for sure, without fail, certainly, something wonderful wil̸̜̟͕̘̙̯͕̥̩̓̓̇͆̔̐́͝l̸̲̱̬̞͈̜͚̻̳̘̖̻̓̊͊̏̕ happens. Believe me, this i͔̠̖̠̱̟̦͍̿̐ͩͦ́ś̜͙̗̖̜̘͝ ̱̲͓̹̾̄̄̀ẉ̳ͧ͛́ͨ͟ó̡͙͓̦̫̖͙̻ṟ̷̯̊͒ͬt̞̖̰͚̯͐̃̍̐̀h̓̆͏̗͖͚͍̫̺̣̝ a lot more than you paid f̙͈̲̆̚͜o̵̬̺͇̱̾ȓ̼̮̻̫͔̅͟. that's i;̷̢̢͕̗̱̘͕̮̝̪̥̭͂̽̊͑̊̇̆͒͑̓͋͛̓͋'̴͔̥̌͋;̸͙̽͋̇̽'̷̡̹͎̍̊͝;̸̣̞͈̖͈͙̮͖̰̫̺͚̂̄͌̍̉̒̓͊̋͆̽̓ͅ'̴̦̤̙͔͓̰̲̟̻̖̳̤̤̄́̌̕̕:̸̡̨̓̎̒̄͒̓̆͆͋̾̀͌͘"̶̡̏̈́͂̀̏̿̈́̓͒̈́̑̔͝͠:̸̛̤̦̣̖̐"̷̨̧͍̯͉̭̪͔͕͉͖̈́͂̐͋̽̍̉́̄͐̔;̵̥̘̣̠͙̩̓͋̈̂̎̑̊̍̓̇̓̈́̓̚͘'̴̡̢̜̪̙̮̝̗͇͍͎͔̻̩͖͐̾͊;̸̡̥͠ -- Anon Guest

The carnival was fun. Everyone agreed. The circus tent and its colourful satellite attractions were awesome. The problem was... nobody could remember a single thing that happened inside any of the tents. They spent their money. They went in... and then they were walking away with happy hearts, some fatigue, and no memory of what occurred within.

It was so very good. Everyone agreed. Well worth the ticket price. Everyone said so. They were primed for a good sleep and then they'd go again tomorrow. And again tomorrow. And again tomorrow. And again...

Everyone said it was great in there, except for Aena, who was always weird. They were the one who always announced when the things everyone liked were 'problematic' and spoiled people's fun by pointing out sexism, racism, exclusionism, ableism... the list went on. People rarely expected much joy out of Aena. They liked very strange things.

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Thursday - Day Zero

Two new cases from overseas and detected in quarantine. Augh. Including the five active cases, that's me practicing paranoia for a further fortnight because of the One Arsehole Theory.

According to some email, I might be getting my replacement flour today, so part of my day will be watching my phone for the all-important AusPost text telling me that something is in my parcel locker.

IF that parcel arrives today, I shall also use the opportunity to grab some extra cream from

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Challenge #02849-G292: Deserving of Love and Mercy

They called him Sap, but he had another name once. Like almost all of the rest of his kind, the world looked down upon him due to what he was born as. Due to what he is. A Tiefling. All he'd wanted since his childhood was a little bit of kindness, some understanding, maybe to find love one day. A dream he refused to give up on. Then there was Cleric Lachasse. She saw the struggles he went through even as she

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Wednesday - Day Four

The Senate has confirmed a blatantly pro-life judge and "cruelty is the point" advocate for the supreme court, which is now 6-3 in favour of absolute evil. Two weeks before the election. They have all stated that they're going to let the Muppet do whatever he wants, throw out the postal votes, and ignore any tally that comes not-instantly after the polls close on the actual election day.

Fascism is real in America.

Today, rights formerly fought and won will erode.


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Challenge #02848-G291: The Punk Choice

They are preppers, but not the type people think of. They did have places of safety, yes. They did have a way to defend themselves, hunt, fish, and all the usual equipment, though instead of firearms they had crossbows and regular bows. And instead of tons of expensive fishing equipment, it was basic rods and reels, fishing lines, hooks, bobbers and sinkers, no expensive lures, nothing like that.

They did have some dried and canned foodstuffs, things that could be eaten and

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Tuesday - Day Three

I have posted my Patreon nonsense - lots of Tiefling Tales today. I have a PLN to go out shopping for some things, but not all the things, and I have words to yet pour into my novel-in-progress as well as an Instant to write.


There's an election upcoming and I don't know if we're early voting to avoid the crowds or going in person and me in mask. Because I won't go anywhere without my mask when all it takes

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Challenge #02847-G290: Worthy of Story and Song

Hey, have you heard? Ymir, the crimson adventurer? Dead! I know! Now his brother is on a rampage across Brakvob looking for the killer, swearing that once he finds him he’ll- oh shit that was you guys... - Anon Guest

Ymir saved so many. Ymir did so much. Ymir, like most Adventurers, laid a path of wreckage around him in the process. The grand quest looked spectacularly optimistic when viewed from the winning side, but... There are always victims, even to

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Monday - Day Two

It is the day of the Great Unfuckening, which promises to be expensive because I spent an ENTIRE WEEK noping out of smaller unfuckening tasks. I get what I deserve and the consequences of my inaction.

I still have to get the following:

  • Coffee
  • TP
  • Cream
  • Heat lamp bulbs [not red coloured because OMG]
  • new shoes for Miss Chaos
  • new shorts from the uniform shop for same

And SOMEHOW save enough cashola to pay for the bathroom rennos because the bathroom sink

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Challenge #02846-G289: Autologged Specimen Number [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

A: Wait you can teleport?!

B: Not exactly, my bloodline is able to slip into the realm between realms, and your mind can’t understand what’s happening so it’s sees nothing at all. With a little bit of focus I can slip though walls as well.


B: Let me put this this way, just because I’m able to swim though lava doesn’t mean you can. -- Anon

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Sunday - Day One

I have to make Beloved cut my new loafs so we can wrap them and freeze them for the later on of great need. I have ordered new flour because we're almost out of the dang stuff.

Sourdough eats flour. Even keeping it alive at the rate of half a cup of flour a week gnaws away at the supplies. It took me a while to get through ten kilos, but it all goes away in the end.

I'm writing a story,

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Challenge #02845-G288: Mimicry of Comfort

It is a well-known fact that humans, especially human young, are excellent mimics. However, in addition to mimicking sounds, young humans also mimic words and phrases. While the ship's adult humans set about repelling an invasion, the crew had to hide with their offspring, a human too young to do battle, but still old enough to repeat back everything their parents said when they were scared...

"It's OK, I'm here" and "they can't get past my 'rents!" and "you take deep breaths,

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Saturday - Day Zero - Bread Part 2

Two cases again from overseas, on a boat. No word as to whether they're staying on the boat or what. Blargh. My dough is thawing on the dining room table as I write this blog.

I'm leaving the Wordpress results of the troll up. It's a part of my learning journey and that kind of documentation might be important at a later date. Whatever. It is a piece of my past nevertheless.


It's Saturday and we're out of cream, I'm running

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Challenge #02844-G287: Therapy For Monsters

I've been wondering how the Galactic Alliance treats pedophiles who want help with, well, not being pedophiles anymore... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Eliminating pedophilia in its entirety begins with not normalising the sexualisation of younger bodies, infantilising sex play(and partners), the eradication of most, if not all, adult characteristics in adult partners, and so on. Once it's not culturally normalised, the entire predilection may also vanish. So let's take this as a statistical anomaly in the future of my dreams]


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Friday - Day One - Bread Day

This morning I fell for a troll, fed my starters, and measured out the stuff to make bread with. I have confirmation that the ducks are marching towards a final destination of getting Miss Chaos on the NDIS. I have made The Bikkie and am eating chunks of it as hunger nibbles at me.

I have yet to take my coffee and pills, but all in all, it's not bad for being awake since 3AM. I'll take the positive. The thing I

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Challenge #02843-G286: Storm Damage

The tour-group had gone to the plains of the region known as the United States and was at a museum that told of such things as the Great Depression, and how humans had caused such damage to their lands that this region even suffered a catastrophe known as the Dust Bowl, when a loud warning blared out. A particularly large tornado was on its way.

Fortunately, the place had shelters to survive even an F5 so no one was hurt, or killed,

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