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Challenge #04128-K110: Unwelcome in More Places

Several humans from a larger nearby polity, learning of the city of Middenden, try to go and subjugate it. It's filled with "filthy monsters" after all and "devils". Their heavily armed soldiers, and their leaders, quickly learn these beings are not weak, and are tired of being treated like this, they deserve respect too, damnit! -- Lessons

The real problem with People of Import is that they have a great influence on everyone who knows them. Lies Hashu could be very vocal, as all the citizens of Middenden well knew. She bullied her way into the attention of Duke Urbicandol Koyunlyr, who had an impressive army and a low tolerance for self-important trumpeting.

Those uppity types had to be controlled. Taught their place. Otherwise, they'd all get ideas. Think they could govern themselves. And then they'd get stronger than they deserved to be, and spread corruption and deprivation all over the known world.

She didn't even need a third chorus of, "Think of the children!"

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Friday, Attempted Moving PLNs

Everything's in order. Everything's lined up and about ready to go. I just need to clear up space so I can make a partition and set up for the big switch. I've made a list of all the programs I use regularly, and I'm about to start sorting ALL my tabs [and pruning them] so I can plausibly swap operations to the new setup.

And I have managed to tick off Beloved about how I follow instructions and -yeah- I am a

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Challenge #04127-K109: Well-Earned Trust

Abandoned by the crew, nearly friendless, so she thought, the human took her to get therapy, recognizing the ill health stress had caused. After a long time of therapy, and the human keeping open their friendship, she, tentatively, began the process of trusting again, though the human was obviously not happy with the crew that had filled her head with horror stories before telling her to flee like that. -- Anon Guest

It's easy to be

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Thursday, SIDEWAYS!

I was actually awake at 6AM, but I had Other Things to Do (tm). So after I washed and dressed and managed a majority of my stretchies, I was offski to the depths of The City [dramatic music sting].

All to see an expert about my hormone nonsense so I can achieve some personal presentation goals. Better to do this stuff under supervision instead of messing around with it on my own.

Since I was in the "neighbourhood", I also decided to

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Challenge #04126-K108: You Want to What?

Nils asks about buying more shed fur, at a rate higher than what the recycler was paying. In return, the show the knitted and crocheted handicrafts he had been working on after plying and dying the long fur and turning it into yarns and threads. They even offered to split the proceeds of selling these crafts with their friend 50 / 50. -- Anon Guest

"Baby clothing," repeated Lech.

"And non-allergenic accessories," clarified Nils, "and some furnishing

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour, Shrink, and STUFF

I need meds, I need to acquire foods and maybe a few other things. I need to check out all the White Goods PPL in my zone to help MeMum narrow down brands of washing machines she needs.

So I'll also be asking to see their dumbest washing machines with a priority on a separate spin cycle. And real buttons.

It's promising to be an expensive week, this week. My flight path today includes Costco and Petbarn and that's how you know

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Challenge #04125-K107: Consequences of Ignorance

A notice is put out just outside of, and within all zoos and other animal exhibits in the greater Galactic Alliance.

"Notice to all visitors. There are safety and security barriers for a reason. Any individual, or group of individuals, attempting to bypass these barriers to interact with animals not marked safe for interaction, will be charged Time for the resultant medical intervention. These individuals will also be required to serve one standard Year of Community Service, and undergo rehabilitation along with

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Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and Patreon

Mum needs help and hand-holding. IIRC, there's furniture involved and there may or may not be a technical issue somewhere.

The SSD thing is solved at last. Beloved got back to me about my concerns and I am no longer a wet, pathetic beast.

Anyway. I went to bed early yesterday so I could do all the other nonsense this morning. I have learned that I do indeed need to do my stretchies. I also know that, despite my sleep, the B-complex

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Challenge #04124-K106: Go Touch Grass

A human built a full VR system in their quarters on the station. Their friend had to remind them that there's life outside of that world, too. -- Anon Guest

Virtuality is a hard habit to break. Rescued from a planet in which reality was too harsh for emotional health, Xae spend most of hir waking hours with a screen directly in front of hir eyes. Hir habitat was worse, with the walls showing virtual environments in the rare moments that ze

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Monday, Backup Reads and Big Move PLNs

I skipped my stretchies this morning, I haven't tortured my feet. The most I've done for self care is taking my coffee and pills.

I've been having A Day since yesterday afternoon. There's a long Tumblr post about it, but long story short...

I need hand-holding for certain tech things, but Beloved left off giving me instructions so now all progress is halted until she gets back to me.

...which is just now happening. After I've had a breakdown about it.


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Challenge #04123-K105: Fel Fiancee

The letter was written as Wraithvine suggested, the princess visiting the new young, very nervous, king. It's good to make friends one's own age to talk to. -- Fighting Fit

King Kosh was apparently a tight-fisted monarch. Not spending very much on appearances, pomp, nor circumstance. The Princess Optimism Caibanise Ayoka Whitekeep arrived on horseback, in travelling leathers, and had an Elven 'grass' blade at her hip for defence. Her staff were similarly equipped.

Only her

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Sunday, Limited Beloved Time, and PLNs

Because limits, Beloved has to return to Adorable this afternoon. It has to do with her laptop, transportation thereof, and the logistics surrounding such. Followed by having to take it to work, tomorrow.

So this afternoon, I shall be taking her to the train station so she can get where she needs to be.

I've seen the scar where the doctors cut her open to install the hardware. That's a very impressive line. I doubt she's going to get a second one

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Challenge #04122-K104: Fragile Goods

"You're worthy of life."

"But they said I was worthless."

"You're alive, now, are you not?"

"Yes... I am."

"My job is to make things un-alive."

"But... you didn't kill me."

"Because you're worthy to keep living. You just need their help to heal." -- Lessons

They wore a pretty plaid dress, at least on first glance. A second glance would reveal that the overlaying lines were in black, red, and yellow. Pax Humanis hazard colours. The other thing that stood out

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Saturday, Parkrun, B12, and Assorted Shenanigans

As I write this, my Beloved is having a nap. I am stocking up on some internal caffeine because the B-complex I'm taking only stretches a little further than 24 hours after I took it.

Translation: my energy levels are still shit.

I expect this shall be sorted out in a week or two, but in the meantime I have to deal by other means.

I've seen another image in which it's revealed that Beloved has even more hardware in her arm

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Challenge #04121-K103: What You Give...

A cruel lord tries to make the temple of helping hands illegal. They come to regret it and repent. -- Anon Guest

"Encouraging vagrancy and generating an atmosphere of listlessness," Pastor Tolerance read the highlights of the notice in her hands. "Sheltering the criminal element... if the building remains, I'll be arrested for masquerading as a woman of the cloth?" She passed it to Bathild, the Priest of Freja.

They had to don their reading glasses to examine the myopic script. "Charity

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