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Challenge #02416-F226: Pheromone Formula Number Nine

H: "oh SHIT"

I rushed in as soon as I can, noticing a pink liquid spread across the floor as I slipped on it.

H: "you should lock yourself in you sleeping quarter for a few hours"

My body began to heat up, as the human helped me up they look different form they was a moment ago, Breathing heavily.

M: "why should I?"

I was on the floor again, pulling the human down with me.

H: "Its a universal aphrodisiac" -- Anon Guest

Realistically, it shouldn't make sense. So many species had different body chemistry, different pheromones, different fertility cycles, different plumbing... Yet it was happening anyway. I was feeling in the mood for some solidly beneficial haptic feedback. Human Jaz was the same way, I could tell by their dilated pupils and elevated breathing.

"This is wrong," said Human Jaz. They were fighting their call of the wild and I had to wonder how. Truly, these creatures were as they said - space orcs. To resist something that powerful. They had to be powerful and I had to have them as my bedmate.

"Is it?" I challenged. "This feels just right to me. I can make it feel right by you." I couldn't understand how they could resist. The feeling was overtaking my brain. Some part of me still protested that I couldn't possibly mate with a Human, but that was a dull whisper compared to the part that was screaming about how I could find a way to make it work.

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Looking forward to chaos

Tomorrow is Game Nite Friday. I am stoked. Mayhem is stoked, but also under orders to keep his virii to himself.

I do not want to catch the Ekka Flu. Those things are arseholes.

Today, with luck, I shall record some tales, since the 5-htp is working to help me maintain a sound night's sleep. On one hand - yay. On the other hand - now I have to find a new time window for recordings and maybe build an improv sound

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Challenge #02415-F225: Getting the Message

Depending what you listen to it can affect your mind and body drastically. example being that rush of adrenaline while listening to Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats by Billy Talent and calm mind while Nocturne from String Quartet No. 2 plays in the background. -- Anon Guest

Shayde had either been picking up outdated slanguage or she was trying to say something without the correct words. She said, "Music is mood," out of nowhere. They had been enjoying a companionable silence on

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Hello, Ekka Flu...

Goodbye art...

Mayhem's contemporaries in math class shared their Ekka Bug(tm) with Mayhem and I had to drag his arse home in the middle of the day. He wanted to repeat this performance, thus ensuring the spread of the plague to further corners of the globe and disrupting my day.

However, I have an ace up my sleeve - I didn't wake him up. Sick boi needs sleeps, so I let him sleep. I will likely see him in the afternoon,

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Challenge #02414-F224: Livin' in the Fridge

I remember when my roommate raided the fridge, it was horrifying. -- Anon Guest

Let me get one thing straight - when you're riding the poverty line as a student, you will accept anything. Books cost a shit-ton of money. So does rent. So does the internet you need in order to do research. Food is always the biggest thing that gets cost-cut when you're a student. Dumpster diving is big amongst the student crowd. Or it was before the corporations throwing

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Okay. NOW I can do stuff...

It's been a sideways kind'a morning, starting with a fresh dose of Cyclone Migrane [thanks NSW, for having all those blizzards] and a solid side of disorganisation because my last 48 hours were like this:

  • Run out of my own battery power at like 7PM
  • Take a 5-htp to make sure I get a good night's sleep
  • Can't sleep (WTF mate?)
  • Beloved stays up because they have to be at work at 1AM (server nonse)
  • Kittens having a dinglefest until the wee
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Challenge #02413-F223: Forbidden Prize

My soul longs for it, craves for it. I want- no need it! -- Anon Guest

It's always out of reach. Beyond my grasp. Close enough to see. Too far away to touch. Tempting. Always tempting. I want it, I need it, I love it from afar, but I cannot even hope to touch it. It is beyond my means. I know this, yet I try anyway.

There are a thousand plans. Deception and trickery. Argument and debate. Ingenuity and engineering with

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Week 6

I did some calendar math (with some help from Google) and this is the final week for the person who said they might like my stuff to get back to me. So far, its' just as Poe wrote: Silence there, and nothing more.

I have five more tries before I just surrender and put this thing out on Smashwords. Which means commissioning an artist to draw my headcanons, and oh dear. Shayde is hard to draw.

I should probably do some preliminary

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Challenge #02412-F222: One Little Slip

(Kid is getting in trouble for deviating from the timeline after an accident involving wild magic led to them seeing the results of following what the (some evil and some doing what they feel they have no choice but to) grown-ups in their life want them to do, when the god in their bedroom doing the yelling is panicked because they're supposed to be responsible for the timeline going the way it should, since it did result in eventual victory over things

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Changing My Hair

With all going well, my hair should be a bright new shade of purple by this evening. This entirely dependent on both my Beloved and I actually remembering to do the thing.

It's been three months since I started the Kitty Kondo project, and I was overdue for new dye then, so you can picture what a wreck my hair is by now.

Soon fixed, though. Just need to remember to do the thing.

Yeah, I'm gonna have frosted tips on long

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Challenge #02411-F221: Take the Baby Steps

(after an AI with a soft spot for humans somehow terraformed Five Minutes In The Future's Pluto into a 1G habitable world, while keeping it the same size and distance from Sol)

At this point she may as well just terraform the rest of the system. Maybe Luna first. Then Venus. Like a trail of breadcrumbs.

"Come on humans! You know you want to~" -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Happening in a close neighbour to my Amalgam Universe]

Well. Would you look at that?

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A Day Off?

As far as I'm aware, I have nothing planned. What I do plan to do is enjoy it. I got myself a fanfic prompt as well as the Instant to write and after that? Well, it's all Critical Role and playing with the kittens and lounging around in my kigu and fluffy socks.


If Beloved actually has PLNs to drag me off anywhere and do anything, there are going to be complaints. I shall make them pick out my clothes and

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Challenge #02410-F220: The Visionary

Personally I thought it was a ludicrous idea, but once again we have been shown to never doubt the power of a mad scientist with a blank chequebook. -- RecklessPrudence

I'm not crazy, as the song says, I'm just a little unwell. Actually, I'm not mad, either, just... vexed. Like the entire world has this illogic to it that I just can not understand ever and it annoys the living snot out of me. Obviously, if we were not in mixed company,

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Are You Ready?

Well too bad. Episode 6 of Inter-Mission is live! Since I noticed that episode 5 got zero views for a fortnight, I figured I should tell the globe. So watch out, everyone on all my social feeds ever. This is out there.

Today, as well as unfuckening the house and soothing the nerves of the poor little beasties after the vacuum has been through... there shall be fanfiction. People have started prompting me on TAZ again and life is good.

And, because

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Challenge #02409-F219: Escape From a Hell-Planet

It's also worth pointing out that [Name] and Considering Long Term Consequences have a distant, if cordial, pen-pal relationship. -- RecklessPrudence

It's hard to think long-term when your long-term is what other people call 'tomorrow'. Living through the day was challenge enough on the world I used to call home. Planning a week ahead was madness. If you had asked me, there and then, what my plans would be for the weekend, on the day before it... I would have stared for

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