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Challenge #02447-F257: Solid, Documented, Scientific Evidence

There has been a new thesis being passed around about this development about a new transverse electromagnetic wave that move a supersonic speed, nothing can surpass it without a warp drive, and can pass through nearly everything. A human picked up the thesis and said “isn’t this just light?” Apparently the human was in part of the galaxy where many forms of life didn’t need sight. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to the Edge Territories. Things get weird. Havenworlders mingle with Deathworlders at their own risk. Livesuits are sold on the kind of hostile environment they could help the wearer survive, and the fragility of the being who could survive in there. Where the Pterops and Crystates are meeting with a specifically safe variant of Deathworlder known as Humans.

Things were doing well on a Galactic Standard Science Vessel registered as the Sciencer EVR890 as the combined Havenworlders went about their business, studying the universe. Monitoring emissions from the stars.

"What is this?" muttered Thyrk as she listened to her readings. "This is dung! How can an emission be both wave and particle based on differing observations?" Frantic and furious interface tapping. "I can not be hearing this. It can't be real."

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I did my usual stunt with sequential numbering. Some posts in other places will not have that fixed and frankly, chasing it all down is a pain in my patoochus.

Later archive trawlers will have something to point at and go, "Ah! Ah!" at.

Also in my sucky salad this morn was a nightmare in which the kitties (a) got out and (b) got hit by a neighbours' car. Pippi came home in that dream. Jolie... didn't. Thank the Powers it was

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Challenge #02446-F256: Do No Harm

In her late teens, early 20's, she went into space to learn to be a medic. From the time she was a small child, she had wanted to be someone who saved lives. She was a Lucker with a twist. For though she never won at cards, dice, or at any game she played, when it came to the struggle between life and death, death would always lose. And she had vowed, no matter her patient be a friend or an enemy,

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More shenanigans

The day after game night, following a carb feast of epic proportions, we are fixing what is broken in the kitty kondo. In this case, replacing a hinge I cracked with my idiocy, and replacing a sheet of roofing that got wobbled to death by the wind.

That's happening as soon as I get my clothes on.

Today's fiction nonsense will be happening... later. Possibly much, much later.

Because Pippi's former guardian is also planning a family visit. Whee.

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Challenge #02445-F255: Our New Friend

We have a lot of "dragons" in our history, whether they be a legend, fairytale, myth or cultural history. Humans find that there is a dragon-like species that matches many of there historical depictions of their dragons, but are treated like outcasts. The Alliance, not knowing this, get a little worried when they threatened about the dragons. While humans try to make the dragons feel less like outcasts. -- Anon Guest

At first, the Humans thought it was a joke. Galactic Alliance

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Early cleaning == maybe time to go out and get a replacement autohinge because dummins I broke the other one... but potentially not time to install it because Game Nite plus writerly nonsense plus... whatever.

I'm planning on breaking Keto this evening and Madness Burgers are on my menu!

...also potentially a shitton of forbidden fruit, so to speak. All the things that are bad for me but taste SO delicious. I may gain an entire kilo from the feast.

Worth it.


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Challenge #02444-F254: Wilful Air Adulteration

They were out on a scientific survey of a new planet and pirates were on their tail. They knew they had at least two hours before they were caught and their ship had little by way of weaponry. They made their ship's human his favorite, but usually forbidden unless they were planet-side where there was lots of fresh air, meal. Hot dogs and BEANS! As he smiled, thanked them, and dug in to his meal, the gas masks were being handed out.

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On My Own...

I have a limited amount of plastic lattice mesh. It MIGHT be just enough to put a skin on the airlock frame. If not, it's yet another trip to Bunnings.

With judicious use of aviary clips, I should be able to cover that thing.

After that, the next trouble is putting the door on. By myself. With probably nebulous instructions. Because Beloved is back to work today and doesn't have any more days of in lieu of overtime.

Yeah, I'm certain that

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Challenge #02443-F253: The Mystery Deepens

I read one of your short story of how how the rarity of humans and elves are swapped, and thought this:

A: “Based off these texts this Human is of the European breed.”

B: “But that’s impossible the closest Human gate is in a-siá I think.”

A: “Blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin like elves. Shorten the ears and lifespan you get a European Human.”

B: “Still how would it even get here, it takes days to get here from

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I can do this

Mayhem's school hasn't called, so I am theoretically able to do an errand. Yes, folks, after Chaos is off on her bus, I am loading my car with recycling bags, and turning them in at the depot box at the local bottle-o.

Considering how much soft drink we go through, you'd think they'd pop a few of these things near grocerers. But no, you got to have a drinking problem to get your ten cents per drink container.

Since I'm out doing

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Challenge #02442-F252: Free Will

When humans went to war in the past, they created weapons that can kill their enemies quickly and painlessly. As such they banned weapons and ammunition like hollow point bullets, flamethrowers, and any weapons that don’t kill humans as quickly as possible. -- Anon Guest

They say war never changes. They lie. What actually never changes is the depths to which combatants will sink to in order to gain a victory -any kind of victory- over the other side. Germ warfare

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Mor Chaos!

Exams are over for Mayhem, which means he's home from school. I've called it in at the office and reminded them that I am ready to haul his arse up there if he still has things undone.

I anticipate a phone call tomorrow.

Today, I shall try to get my Patreon stuff out in time, as well as the usual nonsense and -barring a phone call- attempt to recycle the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RECYCLING we have just waiting to cash in.


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Challenge #02441-F251: The Mikado's Song

Puns: a beautiful amalgamation of the language it derives from, and that situation that comes forth. -- Anon Guest

Of all the atrocities committed by the English, I give you one that has passed into the levels of international crime, yet has also passed almost unnoticed by the law. I give you - the pun.

Words are plastic. Meaning is malleable. One word can sound enough like another to make the actual joke hit like a missile. It is a form of

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It's live!

Ellipsis Addiction is now a thing! And so is the first album called This is Awkward.

If just five people buy this thing, I can get my money back. Yay.

Currently in the process of telling the world.

It's Monday, so the continuing nonsense includes house unfuckening, the daily Instant, and the usual allotment of words in KOSBOB. A process made slightly more difficult by the fact that the Special Key on my keyboard seems to have gone bung.

I use that

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Challenge #02440-F250: Special Case

A: ok, bending spacetime to your will is very dangerous and it can kill you

B: you do it all the time and you just did it right now to grab your coffee mug

A:......... I’m a special case -- Anon Guest

"What exactly makes you so darn special, then?" Arloest demanded.

"Well, for starters, I've been working on this for seven hundred years," said Thalemoor. "Second, I'm actually a Silver Dragon. I'm basically a cousin to one of the oldest

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