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Challenge #03973-J321: Sufficiently Enforced Motivation

I ordered my people to send OUR product out disguised as THEIR product. They caught us, then those BRUTES descended. It would take longer to describe what they DID to me before they threw me in that cage and to the CRC than it took them to do it. I'm terrified of chocolate now. -- Lessons

Honestly? After what they did? The minor dismemberment was a relief. It was only pain. It wasn't as relentless as the other experiences. They took three Standard Weeks[1] for them to take me to the judgement facility.

It felt like thirty years.

I would do anything, literally anything to stay away from Pax Humanis' wrath. When they teach a lesson, it sticks. You don't forget nightmares like that. You don't forget things like, All your suffering is your own fault.

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Challenge #03772-J119: Therapeutic Anger

Your painful tortures will not break me. Each day you force me through this, and my will, will never break. One day I will escape you. One day my legs will carry me, and I will walk away, free!

Havenworlder to patient - "Alright, it's time for physical therapy again. Worry not, your legs will recover from your accident, I promise." -- Anon Guest

Another day, another session in the torture room. Human Isle had to do it, even though ze hated

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Tuesday, Patreon and Aftermath

Jolie is back from her dental work, and is on soft food for an entire week. Which means that Pippi is also on the soft food.

I've yet to see if Jolie has forgiven me for my horrendous sin of taking her to the vet in the first place.

I have a TaleFoundry story to share with my Patreon peeps this week. Huzzah. Yay.

Helps me feel a little less guilty about not having so much content, given everything else I have

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Challenge #02221-F031: The Wager Motivation

Humans have a way of betting that causes the right people for a particular challenge to attempt what is at the time seemingly impossible.

An Inducement prize Contest like the "Ansari X prize" for making the first reusable private Spacecraft, or a Wager like the story of "Around the world in 80 days", even just friends and the ole "Hold my beer".

Humans strive to do the impossible because they like to win. It's in the DNA -- Adam from Darwin


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Kitten plus Disco Ball == me

So many Gottas. So many Dunwannas.

I gotta:

  • do this blog
  • instant story
  • 500 words
  • house cleaning
  • send off a copy of Adapting to Baen Books

I Dunwanna do any of those. I'd much rather wind up that one fic that's been possessing my soul for months now. And then start posting it so I can revel in the suffering of others.

I'd much rather nap all day because wet and miserable weather. And have hot soup and fanfic in-between bingeing my

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Challenge #01965-E141: The Life and Death of Maninsuit

Why oh why do giant apes, insects, arachnids, have this overwhelming desire to trash iconic buildings and bridges? Thoughs on 'z' grade movies. -- Knitnan

It woke. It felt strange. Different. In pain. Angry. These little things that once were larger were the source of its pain. It knew this. Instinctively.

It had more brains to think with. Some things merely scaled up, but others... scaled exponentially. More neurons meant more connections. More connections meant greater learning. Greater learning lead to a

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Challenge #01885-E061: Motivation

Undyne tried to get Sans to spar with her. -- TheDragonsFlame

Sans slept like the dead. If you'd pardon the pun, because he was in fact a living skeleton. Only one thing could wake him up and that was the smell of ketchup on a warm hotdog. He leaned towards it, only to have it lift away. By the time he was sitting up, his eyes were open and he could see Undyne with one of the best hot dogs in the

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Why I keep on going

Once upon a time, my URL was a fan-site with fanfics and a board for like-minded fanbods and people who liked my hobby-work. When that board was running, I had frequent suggestions to start writing my own books.

It took me a while, but I learned how to write a novel. By that time, most of my fan base had moved on and only the dedicated few remained to find me anew.

It was disheartening to realise that the income from my

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Can they see me?

Neil Gaiman said something interesting on his Tumblr, today. The whole post is here but the meat of it is this:

Your job isn’t to convince your teachers that they are wrong, just as it’s not your job to accept their prejudices. Your job is to learn enough from them that when you become a famous writer, whether of fantasy or of something else, they’ll have to be proud of you anyway.

And it's a lovely, inspiring message. There's

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I can do this...

I'm getting better, so that means it's time to get right back onto my self-maintenance. But not so harshly that I fall over again and cause an endless cycle of sickness and recovery.

I did my first morning walk since I got ill, last week. Just around one block, and at a nice, leisurely pace. Chaos came with and was inappropriately loud for 6AM. Repeatedly.

But I did hatch some eggs, and that's good enough for me. [for the record, I got

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btprincessgirl: herrmedic: lollipocalypse: sublimesublemon: These are... actually pretty inspiring. Cool. Forever reblog. "you are...





These are… actually pretty inspiring.


Forever reblog.

“you are never taller than when you stand up for yourself”

thats just awesome

“You’re the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success; F***ING ACT LIKE IT.”

My fave right there.

My eldest has taken up “When life gets harder, you must have levelled up,” as his motto.

Since I’m a writer, I have to go with “Reach the finish line: keep

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