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Why I keep on going

Once upon a time, my URL was a fan-site with fanfics and a board for like-minded fanbods and people who liked my hobby-work. When that board was running, I had frequent suggestions to start writing my own books.

It took me a while, but I learned how to write a novel. By that time, most of my fan base had moved on and only the dedicated few remained to find me anew.

It was disheartening to realise that the income from my writing never matched the expenditure I went to in order to produce a novel. I'm still determined to make the investment pay off.


Because I freaking LOVE writing, and I want to make it pay off at some distant time in the future. And I can't GET to that point if I don't keep trying.

So... I'm trying. Very trying. And if nothing else, I'll have a huge volume of work available to point at and say, I did all of that.

And I'll keep on trying until I can't try any more.

Words that don't exist, but should: Inanism

Inanism (n): [in-NAYN-is-um] 1. a saying, malapropism or phrase that is inherently inane. [eg: “Working hard or hardly working?”] 2. a means of filling the air with noise under the guise of conversation. [eg: “Sure, we talked; but it was all inanisms.”] orig: Inane.

Why this word needs to exist: we seriously need a word for the verbal nothing that spouts effortlessly from the mouths of those loud, annoying people in the office/workspace/elevator.

Endorse the word.

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ponyconfessions: You should all be really freaking ashamed of yourselves. #Thingsthosepeopleshouldn'thave: Beauty. So they can understand...


You should all be really freaking ashamed of yourselves.

#Thingsthosepeopleshouldn'thave: Beauty. So they can understand what it’s like to be as ugly as their personalities are.

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Quick diets and why they fail

I’m more aware of them, now that I’m trying to lose weight. The advertisements. The shill proclaiming their new product and ONLY their product will help you reach your target weight and stay there.

It’s all bullshit.

Especially the ones where they claim you -yes, you!- can drop an extravagant number of pounds/kilos in an amazingly short time.

What they never tell you is that you -yes, you!- inevitably yo-yo back up again

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What the Flying Heck?

I’m new to drawing on a tablet device and my art skills are not the best.

That’s why I chose to fingerpaint some ponies as humans and share the results with you.

Each humanised pony took about two hours for me to get right. And I still hate what happened with the hands and feet. I suck at both.

By the time I was done focussing on the important part, I was all fgsfds when it came to

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