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Thursday, Some News and Progress

Following Wednesday's weekly blog thing, and following a discussion with Beloved about a thing I said in there, I can now make a very special announcement:

Book 5 Confirmed!

Book 4 of A Devil's Tale has an official end, which means the chapters I'm involved with are now in Book 5.

This means that part of my nonsense for today will be collating the advance reader copy of Book 4, and attempting to consider ten exit questions for the dang thing.

I also have five more chapters to read for Adorable.

This is going to be some degree of fun.

Onwards to try and do all of that at once.

Monday, Bricked PC and Stream News

I currently can't run a stream today. My PC is bricked thanks to my own incompetence at doing a thing. I now must wait for Beloved to return and un-brick it because levels of technical difficulty.

I shall finish with the backup reads that are ongoing, and then get on with the important things. Feeding the cats. Creating my offerings. Trying to figure out what the flying flip I'm doing with myself for the remainder of today.

I may or may not

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Thursday, Endorphin Chase

Had a wonderful date night with Beloved, had some revealing discussions about where I am on the queer spectrum.

The word is "DemiRo" short for Demisexual with a focus on Romance.

The rest of it is between my partners and I.

...yeah that's not a typo. Beloved and I have formed a Queer Platonic Partnership[QPP] with a third party. Everything else is none of your business. I shall refer to partnership stuff with QPP and generic family stuff that could also

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Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season already?

I'm going through the tissues like they're going out of style, right now. It could be my hardy perennial self-neglect at at work, because I've not been taking my supplements... or it could be Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season.

Allergies are such fun.

I have a whole lot of sniffling and snorting and coughing and horking up linings of my bronchial tubes to look forwards to. For extremely limited definitions of "look forwards". Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is hell. And I have one

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An announcement

Firstly, I would like to thank Neil Gaiman for the idea that wound its way into my head and did what ideas do best: mutate into near cthulu-esque proportions.

See, the kind and apparently flamingo-like Mr Gaiman came up with/publicised All Hallows Read, an event in which people who celebrate Halloween [and even those who choose not to] can give away a spooky book to friends, family or complete strangers.

So I wrote a completely new story. From go to whoa,

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