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Challenge #03849-J197: Liminal Encounters

As Jeremy walks though the abandoned pizzeria only accompanied by the hollowed footsteps and the memories of the forgotten place, he pause to stare at the empty stage of where they once were. So full of joys, such fond memories. Suddenly there was a gust of wind slamming the doors to the entrance shut. Jeremy rush to the front of the pizzeria. Locked. His spine tingling as if someone, something was staring at him. The stage behind the teen didn’t feel so empty anymore. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am not doing fanficcy stuff so I can legitimately put a suggested price tag on my annual anthology. You know, so I can pay the bills. Also, I only know about FNAF via osmosis, so this will be inspired by everything you put into this prompt]

This used to be his playground. This used to be his childhood dreams. Now that he was on the night shift patrolling this place, the perspective was damn near dizzying. Also... mildly terrifying.

Places like this should be full of people. Full of kids, certainly, with their guardians in the coffeehouse next door as the kids screamed their lungs out in the play centre. During the night shift, after a tired staffer had cleaned out the ball pits, it was eerily empty and seemingly haunted.

Jer' had to walk through it all, checking the plastic labyrinths, just in case some kid thought they could have an endless playtime by hiding in one of the niches somewhere. Fortunately for him, he had the keys that made it easier for him to check those niches. Good news, no kids were trying that shit. Better news, no guardians would be meeting with Child Protection Services because of that shit.

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An announcement

Firstly, I would like to thank Neil Gaiman for the idea that wound its way into my head and did what ideas do best: mutate into near cthulu-esque proportions.

See, the kind and apparently flamingo-like Mr Gaiman came up with/publicised All Hallows Read, an event in which people who celebrate Halloween [and even those who choose not to] can give away a spooky book to friends, family or complete strangers.

So I wrote a completely new story. From go to whoa,

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