Liminal Spaces

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Challenge #02096-E272: Empty Perfection

A group of colonists find an abandoned city, complete with canals, solar power, etc, with only one problem -- no people -- Anon Guest

The team Human had baulked before they entered the city limits. Just looking at the city had made Human Rese go back for their highest grade livesuit. Humans had an over-the-horizon radar for trouble, so the rest of the team -ha- followed suit. Progress into the actual city was slow and careful. Passive scans only. Checking every path for traps.

Many creatures do not fear the liminal as deeply as Humans do. They do not possess the Deathworlder ability of Thin Slicing, which tells the Human in question that something is most definitely not as it should be. This city scared the living spit out of Human Rese, and they were determined to protect their team from whatever it was that had caused the wrongness to exist.

As for the Phelidd, all they saw was a perfect city. Beautiful architecture, all things within perfectly maintained. Everything crisp and clean. The water from the taps was pure and the machinery was in perfect working order. Even the food machines were stocked with crisp and delicious-looking fare. Solar power kept everything running. Plants bloomed in abundance within the garden beds. All shaped to be aesthetically pleasing.

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Challenge #01392-C297: Liminal Time and Space

Night people. Those who by choice, obligation or calling walk or work the Night Shift. -- Knitnan

Children of the night... what interesting lives they have. Those who work from dusk to dawn work in liminal time. Where the strange is not just expected, it is background radiation.

People turning up to their workspace in PJ's, half their PJ's, and minimum legal clothing are a fine example. And though everyone talks about that one time a dude came in wearing a live

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Challenge #01173-C078: My Neighbour Baq'oth'met

Steve and the antler guy -- Gallifreya

Suburbia. Realm of the bland, the ordinary. The whitebread and the boring. Or it would be if this wasn't a town named One Horse.

Steve Carol peered between the blinds at his neighbour's yard. The eight-foot Thing that lived next door gave him a cheery wave. "G00D M0RR0W N31GHB0UR ST3V3!"

"Don't you dare flip that man the bird," said Shannon pre-emptively. How she managed to do that when

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