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Challenge #02426-F236: Trust Us On This

First meal of the day, in a 'Greasy Spoon' Space diner. -- Anon Guest

There are some spaces that are eternally stuck at one hour. In most casinos, it is eternally early evening - just after work, so there's plenty of time to kick back and relax. Shopping malls have a similar atmosphere, but generally put themselves earlier in the afternoon so one doesn't have to rush to collect the kids. In diners, it's always a little late, but not that late. Plenty of time to get a bite and a coffee and maybe some witty reparté with some guy named Bob who apparently lives there.

It's never breakfast-time. It's always a late dinner-time. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can wrangle a late-lunch. The point is, you should probably never ask for scrambled eggs and a fried slice. Cake or pie, the best breakfast-type food is probably a bagel, but only if it's one of the fancy ones. Spoiler alert - diners are never the fancy ones. If you want fancy, you don't go to a diner.

The newcomer to the Unsuitable Food emporium known as Joe's Dinner (yes we spelled it that way on purpose) had obviously not got the memo. The Bob on the corner and a few of the truly determined stared at the fresh-faced newbie who was very obviously Not From Around Here, who had emphasised the point by saying, "Any chance of scrambled eggs and a waffle?"

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