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Challenge #03397-I109: PEBKAC

I love my job, really I do. But these cats will not stop trying to nap on my workstation. I love them too, but I really need to get back to work. -- Anon Guest

"Aw come on, guys. Not again. Off! Off! Pssst!"

Companion Zan watched as her assigned human shooed a cluster of Skitties[1] off of their workstation console. The Skitties that didn't immediately scurry off to their corners were lifted gently off and placed on the floor. Which lead to a mobius exercise in which Human Utz placed one cat down whilst another hopped up to take their insolent ease.

Skitties tended to flock where warmth was. Which meant that Human Utz had a heat issue somewhere in the vicinity of their console. Zan placed an inspection order on Utz's behalf, citing the swarms of Skitties slowing them down. Then she went to help remove cats.

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Quick diets and why they fail

I’m more aware of them, now that I’m trying to lose weight. The advertisements. The shill proclaiming their new product and ONLY their product will help you reach your target weight and stay there.

It’s all bullshit.

Especially the ones where they claim you -yes, you!- can drop an extravagant number of pounds/kilos in an amazingly short time.

What they never tell you is that you -yes, you!- inevitably yo-yo back up again

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