What the Flying Heck?

I’m new to drawing on a tablet device and my art skills are not the best.

That’s why I chose to fingerpaint some ponies as humans and share the results with you.

Each humanised pony took about two hours for me to get right. And I still hate what happened with the hands and feet. I suck at both.

By the time I was done focussing on the important part, I was all fgsfds when it came to doing the backgrounds.

I had already decided to do cell-style colouring, hence the lack of shading and depth, so abstract backgrounds made a kind of sense.

Each block of text had to be put in one line at a time, owing to the restrictions of the art program I was using. Sometimes, I didn’t get it quite right.

And why did I post them once a day?

So I could plump out my post queue, of course :)

That, and someone has to encourage the less-brave artists out there who aren’t confident about matching some of the eye-popping pony artists out there. If I can share my sack of suck with everyone, you can have a go, can’t you? You may be pleasantly surprised.