Kitten plus Disco Ball == me

So many Gottas. So many Dunwannas.

I gotta:

  • do this blog
  • instant story
  • 500 words
  • house cleaning
  • send off a copy of Adapting to Baen Books

I Dunwanna do any of those. I'd much rather wind up that one fic that's been possessing my soul for months now. And then start posting it so I can revel in the suffering of others.

I'd much rather nap all day because wet and miserable weather. And have hot soup and fanfic in-between bingeing my fave podcasts and just... napping some more.

The fun has to wait until the weekend, though.


On the other hand, my permanently fucked-up internal alarm clock proved useful in letting me do work on that one fic... Yay?

If only I could convince my creative juices to have fun with the profitable stuff. Even if you count a fraction of a cent per day and roughly $20 a month as profitable, I should be focussing on the stuff that at least earns me a little scratch.

And it literally took me seconds to export a file as an RTF. No big deal. I just gotta draft a cover letter for these lovely people.