Tuesday, Patreon and Aftermath

Jolie is back from her dental work, and is on soft food for an entire week. Which means that Pippi is also on the soft food.

I've yet to see if Jolie has forgiven me for my horrendous sin of taking her to the vet in the first place.

I have a TaleFoundry story to share with my Patreon peeps this week. Huzzah. Yay.

Helps me feel a little less guilty about not having so much content, given everything else I have going on.

I think my peeps on the $10 tier are going to get the finished summaries when they are done. Since I'm not actively working on Alfarell, that seems like a fair exchange.

Plus it might encourage me to actually start on the other firkin summaries.

I'm overdue. Taking another week is not ideal for my goals.

I. Hate. Summarising.

Stream soon. Story thereafter. And then I get on with getting on.