Challenge #03973-J321: Sufficiently Enforced Motivation

I ordered my people to send OUR product out disguised as THEIR product. They caught us, then those BRUTES descended. It would take longer to describe what they DID to me before they threw me in that cage and to the CRC than it took them to do it. I'm terrified of chocolate now. -- Lessons

Honestly? After what they did? The minor dismemberment was a relief. It was only pain. It wasn't as relentless as the other experiences. They took three Standard Weeks[1] for them to take me to the judgement facility.

It felt like thirty years.

I would do anything, literally anything to stay away from Pax Humanis' wrath. When they teach a lesson, it sticks. You don't forget nightmares like that. You don't forget things like, All your suffering is your own fault.

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