A 3-post collection

Almost done!

So... the quest to get my hair recoloured didn't turn out great. I was used to the warnings that came with Fudge, which stuck around for ages. I didn't expect stains to act exactly as they said on the tin.


The good news is that there are (allegedly) three sources of Fudge hair dye that are relatively nearby. So post-unfuckening, I will be off to two of those because...


I know for a fact that one of those sources is horseshit.

If they all turn out to be a wild goose, I shall order the colours online and mutter 'F the establishment'. In the meantime, I have some stopgap colours that should do if I can't get Fudge before Yule.

(grumblemutter only good dye brand why is it nowhere grousegrizzle)

Major unfuckening will continue, today. Moving shit we want to keep and getting rid of shit we no longer care about. I will include an enormous cardboard box that is just taking up space in the carport. I am getting rid of that mofo, all it does is get in the firkin way.

Meanwhile, the house is looking three hundred percent better just for moving some clutter into a nonpublic location. Yay.

It's time to watch for the bus. Let's see how far I get today.

Dry run day today

It’s Friday. The last school day before I’m off to strange lands.

So, of course, I’m making Hubby do everything I usually do whilst I’m here to supervise ‘cause I’m a paranoid B.

So far he’s woken up Chaos [Autistic, age 6] to come on a walk with him, Mayhem and the hound, and then left her lag behind 'cause I was there to hold her hand. Not encouraging,

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Now the internet is fixed...

I’m not diverting the ponies. They have served their purpose in keeping a nice, long queue for me.

Besides, I’m likely to fill up my queue with Thailand stuff anyway.

Got Hubby to walk the dog with me, this morning. As always, his ideas of hound control and mine differ greatly. And as always, his are super effective. When I get back, I’m going to have to use them.

In the great field of canid-related expenses,

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