Dry run day today

It’s Friday. The last school day before I’m off to strange lands.

So, of course, I’m making Hubby do everything I usually do whilst I’m here to supervise ‘cause I’m a paranoid B.

So far he’s woken up Chaos [Autistic, age 6] to come on a walk with him, Mayhem and the hound, and then left her lag behind 'cause I was there to hold her hand. Not encouraging, Hubby dear.

He also somehow managed to ninja some cereal into the house under the guise of bringing fizzy drinks home. I applaud that. Anyone who out-ninja’s me is worth a gold star. It means I have much more to learn about being an urban ninja.

FYI- No, I do not do any of that shuriken, wasabi or fu-jitsu. I’m just talking about being sneaky. Whenever I’m a step or three ahead of whomever, I show off the evidence and calmly announce, “I am ninja.” Fun.

It fits well with my passive ability of Blend Into Scenery - something that always happens when I’m trying to make an inquiry in person at the info desk… But I digress.

It’s very hard for me to sit back and watch. I’m a Mum. Meddling is what I do. I have to fix, twiddle, tweak or otherwise make sure others are going in the right direction. Or the right direction according to me, if I have to be honest.

From the sound of things, breakfast went off without a hitch and lunches are in progress. I’m fighting the instinct to get up and help Chaos get her clothes on.

That’s Daddy’s job, today.