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Dry run day today

It’s Friday. The last school day before I’m off to strange lands.

So, of course, I’m making Hubby do everything I usually do whilst I’m here to supervise ‘cause I’m a paranoid B.

So far he’s woken up Chaos [Autistic, age 6] to come on a walk with him, Mayhem and the hound, and then left her lag behind 'cause I was there to hold her hand. Not encouraging, Hubby dear.

He also somehow managed to ninja some cereal into the house under the guise of bringing fizzy drinks home. I applaud that. Anyone who out-ninja’s me is worth a gold star. It means I have much more to learn about being an urban ninja.

FYI- No, I do not do any of that shuriken, wasabi or fu-jitsu. I’m just talking about being sneaky. Whenever I’m a step or three ahead of whomever, I show off the evidence and calmly announce, “I am ninja.” Fun.

It fits well with my passive ability of Blend Into Scenery - something that always happens when I’m trying to make an inquiry in person at the info desk… But I digress.

It’s very hard for me to sit back and watch. I’m a Mum. Meddling is what I do. I have to fix, twiddle, tweak or otherwise make sure others are going in the right direction. Or the right direction according to me, if I have to be honest.

From the sound of things, breakfast went off without a hitch and lunches are in progress. I’m fighting the instinct to get up and help Chaos get her clothes on.

That’s Daddy’s job, today.

Thailand soon!

It’s the 13th of April. Nine days to go until I’m off to Foreign Parts.

I need to get a letter from my doctor explaining the meds I’m taking. I NEED a tetanus booster.

I need to get fresh meds so customs doesn’t go after me for having partially-used meds. Lord knows how I’m going to hack the trip BACK… The obviously can’t remain sealed y'know.

I need to

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