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Thailand soon!

It’s the 13th of April. Nine days to go until I’m off to Foreign Parts.

I need to get a letter from my doctor explaining the meds I’m taking. I NEED a tetanus booster.

I need to get fresh meds so customs doesn’t go after me for having partially-used meds. Lord knows how I’m going to hack the trip BACK… The obviously can’t remain sealed y'know.

I need to find some colloidal silver that I can travel with without trouble from customs.

I need to make a list of everything I’m packing.

I need to print out my insurance papers.

I need to get a copy of my glasses prescription so I can get some cheap frames while I’m over there.

I need to wash my shorts so I have clean clothes to wear on the plane trip.

I need to find three hessian shopping bags in good nick and pack them.

I need to practice being normal so I don’t get the once-over from overzealous airport guards looking to find a little something illegal inside my personal apertures.

And I need to get it all done in nine days.