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Almost There

I'm headed into triple figures with B'Nar, which means I'm seven weeks away from writing the last word on this thing. Seven weeks until the legitimate hard work begins on the story beats for a fantasy trilogy that will mean THREE FUCKING YEARS of just... writing one book, starting on the next, writing the middle book, starting on the third, writing the third book, etc. etc.

And the editing. Sweet merciful Powers That Be, the editing. It's not going to be just one hundred and twenty thousand words. It's going to be thrice that. Three hundred and sixty thousand words. World building, character creation, style decisions, names... all that jazz.

I have a Trello created so I can keep stuff organised, but I'm using all the free features, so I don't even know if there's stuff I could be doing with this shiznit to keep it all together.

What I do know is that my Google Drive can't contain that much of a MarkDown document, so I'll be working in Google Docs for the duration.

I've already decided that my primary character is going to be (1) Black, (2) like really Black, (3) transfeminine, which will (4) be her driving motivation for going on this long-arse quest business in the first place. This is, of course, a big, fat middle finger to all those people who say you can't have Black or Trans people in sweeping fantasy. I already have a silica-based lifeform as the central plot point, so I'm really hemming and hawing about including all the other Fantasy Races(tm).

It's easier to write a trilogy with communication and learning to understand others as a central theme, when there's only one peoples who have their own prejudices already. It's also easier to have prejudiced people when they can honestly believe they are the only people who count.

Then there's terminology. Should I use the historically plausible 'Blackamoor' for fantasy flavour, or make up my own term? Or do I - a whiter than milk author - allow a Black character I invented name herself via my fingers? Instant tar pit.

Or I can look up what [BORROWED CULTURAL IDENTITY I CAN RESEARCH] called themselves and use that. Weigh in, folks. I want to stay the fuck away from the bad racism whilst also showing white people how they can casually be nasty to people of colour without realising it and -sometimes- without realising how they're being nasty.

Obviously, I'm going to need people with that perspective to help weigh in on that stuff. I follow lots of lovely POC and lots of lovely Trans folk, so I know about the microaggressions. I think I'm pretty good at travelling through other ppl's heads... but I want to make certain? That, and I don't want to be That White Person who takes over a marginalised narrative. So... yeah. Head-hopping pretty much has to happen through the main characters. Once I work out who the main characters are.

If I do a main boss big bad countering my heroes, I feel like I should make them a whiter-than-wonderbread incel sort. You know, since they're the consistent badguy in the modern world.

For those of you wanting to defend these folks... the last ten multiple massacres of defenceless civilians have been performed by whiter-than-wonderbread incel types.

I'm still making decisions on lots of this, so I'll probably end up adding text to Ee the Changeling while I'm busy worldbuilding this epic.

Also - this is Fantasy. Trans and POC might not want to read a hero suffering microaggressions, so... yeah. I gotta consider that. As well. If I do do some gritty reality, it's more like medieval hygiene and food spoilage than people being nasty just to have people being nasty.

I'll run it through my Tumblr Peeps. They have their finger on the pulse of the mood. I don't want to be cringe, over here. Likewise, I don't want it to get dark and I've been in a very dark mood of late.

I want to try and be the change I'd like to see in this world.

One Day, a Difference

I'm currently involved in an email debate with someone over my hurting rich people's feelings with a few words versus their ability to literally ruin everything. I will continue to call out the wealthy for their bad choices until they make a whole fuckton of good ones to prove me wrong.

Like, on the Wealthy People Agenda of things they could be doing but choose not to:

  • Demonetize the medical industry
  • Pay all employees a thriving wage
  • Promote and employ alternative energy
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Long Term Development

Since Murder Dollhouse is currently slated for the late 2030's [subject to change depending on audience anticipation] I'm going to take my sweet time getting the nut notes together.

I think I'll post updates and whatnot to my Wordpress account. Powers know that thing is almost dead.

It's hard to network and I don't know how it's done, and I keep thinking that all I have to do is keep pumping out content and the peeps will come. And because of that

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Every avenue I have to share knows about my Patreon. I might have to pop a regular reminder on Twitter, tho. I need to make my lazy arse dial up the agents-in-potentia and work up an order. I might be done with this list by early next year.

Honestly, agent-hunting is the most nerve-wracking part of this for me. No wonder I'm off in fanfic land with the adorable elf. It's way more fun than adhering to one set of arbitrary qualifications

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So I fucked up, yesterday, and didn't post the paragraphs and shortcut to yesterday's fresh story. As far as I'm aware, only ONE of my readers even bothered to point this out.

This site is pretty much me whining about stuff and occasionally pointing at other cool things I've done.

Other things I did not do - work on SESP.

That's right. I farted most of my day away and didn't look at my email or even do much that was productive

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3:30 AM

I’m editing One Leap Year of Instants and pondering the nature of the Bechdel Test.

See, I’m also writing Kung Fu Zombies and the very low bar of the Bechdel Test is, for the first time ever, a very hard bar to clear.


Well… my protagonist and sole POV-holder is a self-absorbed, self-centred, self-important, white male. Age twelvish.

And he doesn’t get his head out of his arse until act three. The last third

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mrpeabodyandsherman: internutter: Maxxie03 Tumblr.: Translation trailer 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' maxxie03: Black man: Mr. Peabody,...



Maxxie03 Tumblr.: Translation trailer ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’


Black man: Mr. Peabody, you’re nobel prize winner in physics


Black man: Famous explorer


Black man: And Olympic champion in broad jumping. Are you ready for everything that needs to be done to raise a human…

I replayed the ad for a bit [ich kann nicht verspreche Deutche…] but I’m pretty sure the Princess’ name

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I am mulling and mentally milling an SPG fanfic.

Yeah. A daily story, a trilogy to finish [YO! Beta Readers! Get the flip back to me, OK?] and I’m pondering fanfic about a merry band of robot troubadours.

…about Rabbit becoming Bunny.



Now. Given my past in the Realm of trying to write bad ideas and having them mutate into fantastic ideas… I think this is a bad idea.

Maybe I should leave it percolate

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Now the internet is fixed...

I’m not diverting the ponies. They have served their purpose in keeping a nice, long queue for me.

Besides, I’m likely to fill up my queue with Thailand stuff anyway.

Got Hubby to walk the dog with me, this morning. As always, his ideas of hound control and mine differ greatly. And as always, his are super effective. When I get back, I’m going to have to use them.

In the great field of canid-related expenses,

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To cloud or not to cloud...

Any Apple fan worth their salt knows that Apple’s bringing the Cloud to the plebs, but what does it mean for writers like me?

Pros, cons and musings below the cut.

Pro: Convenience. A document or WIP [that’s Work In Progress for the unenlightened] can be accessed anywhere by any device, so long as you know the password.

Con: The potentiality for Fic Griefers. People who hack into your cloud just to mess with your work and cause

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