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Your vote matters!

In things political, of course, but also for this nonsense. In this case, I want to know what you want to see out of me by this Wednesday.

Vote here and vote often. I'll be checking.

It's another unfuckening day, and I need money to bribe educate Mayhem into learning how to drive proper. Poor lad's got the quirbles again, so he's getting a minimum of one day off because quirbles.

Of course I'll be asking if he's been taking his meds.

One day, this kid is going to realise that not taking medication correlates to getting sick 9_9

One day...

I swear to heck, if this is Monday-itus, I am going to lecture that lad HARD.

...speaking of meds, I should get into taking mine.

Holidays... Mostly

School holidays commence this afternoon. Huzzah. I have two weeks of mostly living in my Kigu to look forward to.

Except Monday. I'm getting my flu needle then. For all other things, I am jamming in my toe socks and Kigu and Not Going Anywhere. So there.

So of course my Beloved has plans to get me out and make me do stuff. Which will happen with the mandatory whining.

Beloved has plans all the time. One of which will arrive today.

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Don't Panic!

I plain old forgot to write a thing for my Wordpress. Those who come here to find out what the fuck will be glad to know that I invested my time in...


Thirty seconds of animation in a music video I'm making in Adobe Animate. Yay.

I will be writing something Op-Ed-y eventually. I already have a title: Re-spec Mah Prioritah. Which is basically "I didn't do anything productive" in another hat. This hat is called, "I did something productive, but

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Maintaining focus

Friendo is going home, this morning. I'm still lacking a certain amount of vitality to my days. I probably need a few more fats.

One MCT smoothie or two should help me pep up. I hope. Either that or a REALLY good napnap when I'm done with my day.

I am attempting this thing called Self Control again. Focussing on the stuff I need to do before I get onto the stuff I want to do. I need the practice.

I do,

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For today, we diet

The hardest thing about going back onto a diet is the diet-buster leftovers. Sitting there. Being tempting with all their sugary goodness. Or badness. Depending on your point of view.

I'm planning to fast for a little while. Good old salty broth should set me right over a few days.

The hardest part is going to be staying away from those temptations until next weekend.

Today, all going well, there should be another progress video for the cover art up on my

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I just found the best motto

So I was procrastinating more than usual [it's Saturday here. Ner] and in-between playing YouTube videos and Minecraft, when I spotted this post with its equally hilarious motto.

"Whatever doesn't kill me... had better start running"

I want to wear this on a shirt. I want to have it on a cap. I want some, highly visible garment that I can firkin wear everywhere and have people read it and smirk.

I firkin love that attitude.

Even if I don't have the

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