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Thursday, Day Zero, and more running around

There is only one thing missing from my home, now. Olives. Between the cats, the car, and Beloved's birthday, my personal economy is looking more than a little shattered. $800 just for the car is a sock in the guts, dear readers.

Yeah, I needed new tyres.

There's a new case today, from overseas and detected in quarantine, leaving us with ten active cases in Queensland alone. South Australia is battling the nonsense of another outbreak, leading the potential for borders open by Christmas to be in heavy question.

Yulemas is going to be interesting times, just like the rest of this year. The plague has been going around for an entire year, now, plus change. This is major league yikes territory.

The good news for me is that I managed to sleep through until my alarm. Yay. The bad news is that it's currently almost bus o'clock and I may not get through the headlines in time to post before Chaos leaves. Ah fun.

In the news:

  • Muppet's lawyer claims the wrong thing in court case regarding votes
  • One persistent medic responsible for identifying SA outbreak before it got heinous
  • Pfiser now claiming their vaccine is 95% effective in response to Moderna's 94.5% claim
  • US woman jailed after serial "sexual relationships" with teenaged boys. Just firkin call her a GD pedo and get it over with
  • Outbreak in SA caused by security guard moonlighting as pizza chef
  • G20 could be interesting with "Lame Duck" Muppet
  • Man kills neighbour because neighbour liked feeding the rainbow lorikeets
  • Sydney woman leaves $7M mansion to go jogging, hasn't been seen since
  • Georgia memory card resurfaces, as do several others. It's going to be embarrassing if the Muppet STILL faces defeat after that
  • Plague out of control in the States
  • Grill'd trolls KFC with HFC, Healthy Fried Chicken. Offering it free to KFC employees
  • Caveat, they're frying their "HFC" in olive oil, which is carcinogenic if used for deep frying
  • Border controls in Australia controversial
  • Kids can engineer antibodies on the fly, say experts, but I raise an eyebrow at the claim that kids don't catch the plague. THEY DO.
  • Big W is short for Big Woolworths
  • NAB threatened with bombs, shuts down all branches

The world is going banaenae. Can I exit into a reality of my own making?

Wednesday - Day Two

The three little idiots who brought the last breakout into Queensland are now on trial and I have to admit that the schadenfreude is delicious. They're looking at five years' jail and $13K in fines. I hope that's each and not cumulative. The main charge is fraud since they profited from providing false documents. I'd slap on a layer of public endangerment as well, since this plague seems to be incrementally deadly.

Experts are saying that if "virgin" states/territories like Queensland

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...that lay in the house that Jack built.

We need to bend wire to make the walkways to finish the kitty cat shelter. To do that, we need to make a Metal Bending Brake. To do that we need to learn some metalworking skillz like... welding.

To do THAT... oh boy.

  • Obtain some li'l extras that required the unpacking of an Aldi's brand MIG welder Beloved acquired five-ever ago
  • Return home and assemble everything according to instructions
  • Aldi's brand MIG welder has the motor going the wrong way. It's supposed
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Big day ahead

I have to get a lot of money out of the bank, this morning, because today is the day of a four-hour clean with my distractible self helping everyone out. That's part of the deal.

So, if today's story is late, please forgive me. I'm being knocked onto my arse by more cleaning than I have the spoons for.

I will try to slot it in, but 'try' is not 'succeed'.

And then I have to do 1000 words whenever there's the

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Smol Dramas

Once again, I have to rant about a few things because life is hellishly inconvenient and everything costs too much and I slightly want to scream.

First up - ISBNs.

So I was thinking that once you got an ISBN for one book, you could use the same ISBN for the SAME CONTENT. I couldn't find anything about this on Lulu, but Smashwords insisted on one, so I thought I'd better check with Lulu just to be sure.

And dummins me went

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I was really hoping for the crises to be done with by today. I wanted to talk about the Fighting Fucktoy trope with y'all.

But no. Life has intervened and I need to bitch about stuff for a bit.

Before you fret, Chaos is fine. Her tooth is still nice and shiny and she's eating okay. Today's threat to the return of normalcy is... Mayhem.

Yes, folks. Disasters come once per little darling in this house, and it's Mayhem's turn to fuck

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Yoiks and Awaaaaaaayyy!

I got my first rejection, yesterday. The agent I sent a sample to, sent me a "thanks but no thanks" letter. I can't let that get to me, but at least I'm not set up to fail on my birthday.

And today, sometime between getting a heart-monitoring harness fitted, fetching a new battery (or more) for my sleep monitor, fetching the kids, arranging dinner, writing my book, etc.... I will fling another sample towards another agency and set my timer for potential

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There's a cartoon that's shared often on Tumblr, and I relate to it greatly today.

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In my case, I've got anxiety, depression, and malaise all queueing up behind the aches and pains. Along with the usual self-doubt and defeatism that makes my life such a fun, rollercoaster-esque, dizzying, mad whirl 9_9

And in the back of my head, there's this firkin annoying little optimist who insists that I can do the thing because it will be "such fun". Yeah

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