Yoiks and Awaaaaaaayyy!

I got my first rejection, yesterday. The agent I sent a sample to, sent me a "thanks but no thanks" letter. I can't let that get to me, but at least I'm not set up to fail on my birthday.

And today, sometime between getting a heart-monitoring harness fitted, fetching a new battery (or more) for my sleep monitor, fetching the kids, arranging dinner, writing my book, etc.... I will fling another sample towards another agency and set my timer for potential success.

Hence the title.

[Shown: Daffy Duck as Robin Hood, repeatedly smashing himself into a tree]

I know it's going to feel remarkably like this before I finally sell a novel.

So I'm setting up a spreadsheet thing to keep track of which novel has gone to whom, with names, URLS, and statuses as necessary. Organised, within agency, in order of the guesstimated likelihood of their liking my work.

Yes, I currently ONLY have KFZ ready for the presses, but I am prepared for that to change. And when I get near the bottom of my current list, I will search up more agents to flick my writing at.

There's hundreds of them.

Once I'm done with New York, I shall try London. Once I'm done with London, I may flick it at Asimov's sci-fi zine. Depends on how I feel by then.

Only once I am done trying to throw it at agents, will I put it up on Smashwords and Amazon. I don't surrender easily, folks.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way.