Wednesday - Day Two

The three little idiots who brought the last breakout into Queensland are now on trial and I have to admit that the schadenfreude is delicious. They're looking at five years' jail and $13K in fines. I hope that's each and not cumulative. The main charge is fraud since they profited from providing false documents. I'd slap on a layer of public endangerment as well, since this plague seems to be incrementally deadly.

Experts are saying that if "virgin" states/territories like Queensland get complacent, they could be facing a hugely deadly outbreak. Other experts, of course, are clamouring for a re-opening of the borders because business.

Sociologists are saying that antiplague measures could hang around for ten years[which means it will be a new standard in the next generation]. Which means wearing masks in public when prone to coughing and sneezing, regular and habitual hand-washing, and otherwise being a bit more germ-phobic. I say that's great. Maybe we'll finally beat the "it's going around" rhinovirus by acting sensibly about it. They also predict a lot more working from home from now on, and tracky dacks being acceptable workwear as nobody sees you from the waist down.

We're going to be more physically distant for a long time hence. Telecommunication and telepresence are going to be big things for a while.

I'm going to have to get a cam for my gaming compy. It's going to become my work compy if the extant one karks it. Sigh.

Everything's held together with spit and wire.

Speaking of - I got the catio walkway fixed with florists' staples. I now have no fear of the kitties getting stuck in the cage grid. I got it fixed like last week but... y'all know about my memory issues.

I got the NDIS tangle untangled, so now I know who to bother and when about the next step - finding the ducks. We will get them to march, darnit. Chaos is going to need the NDIS for reals.

And while I'm on the topic of memory, I should update my Patreon. I forgot yesterday because NDIS nonsense.

Onwards ever onwards.